Shar I miss my little rattie-poo
Her name is Mabel.
And she is sweet.
And she is a rat.
And she pees on me.

But I love her anyway.
My sweetie-poo non-potty trained rodent.

You are so smart, Miss Mabel!
I miss you! I love you!

Love, from your mommy
startfires R-A-T-T F-I-N-K
ratt fink!
rats rats 010218
god rats 010219
Alexander Beetle Ever see "Willard"? Good movie. 010504
silentbob the other day when i washed my hair i brushed it and went to bed, and then i woke up and had a terrible rat in it. it was awful, i felt like my cat. last night i washed it and brushed and brushed and brushed until i ripped it all out. weird. 011012
bzzmel i have two pet rats!! i love them so much! 011206
anonymouse You dirty rat 021014
i said ratcock! cock 021015
rat squeak 021015
rat rat 021015
god ratcock 030621
Ratt I knew right from the beginning
That you would end up winning
I knew right from the start
You'd put an arrow
through my heart
x they don't bleezed they font arial 12 my loveerring down the hello operator baby baby baby bitch quantum level standard kittex beeswiper of maligned health and dubious portage vintage red spashel i am so spashel 030622
anonymous coward "Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat"

or something like that
inane, but funny

the rat race is a scary place
for those that think it's a dog-eat-dog world...

it's still made of rainbows, moonshine, and faerie dust, right?
(not when you automatically hope none of the above words have sexual connotations previously unaware of it's not)
freakshow ratty, ratteous, rattish, ratlessly, ratten, ratter 050704
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