uncle aussie right now! 990623
andy when - it is too late
me? lightning when you're not awake 991110
valis ... and if. 991207
silentbob when can i see you again? and when will we be alone again? and when will they be gone again? and when can i see you again? 000608
Agent008 will people see me for what i am? 010118
chanaka are you gonna............ 010119
unhinged am i ever going to.....???? ugh 010129
Chrity go to:
ladybird as much as possible 010514
marjorie i was waiting for a stone to fall from a height above my head
i was waiting for that stone to fall
but not planning on being dead
i thought the stone would miss me
miss me quite. like by a mile
but when i looked up and saw it
what i saw did not make me smile
i saw the little stone as it flew down and down
i didn't see the stone as it hit my head's crown
but i felt it oh most verily
i felt it very well
and when i opened up my eyes
i knew i was in hell
nemo is it over? 010607
JessieLee "Remember when..." Is all we ever say. 010625
Casey When can I leave this place? 010625
ClairE Oh. Now. 020116
Ariadani when will i feel complete?
when will the coldness of my body not consume my heart, but float away with the warmth around me?
when will i feel the love i've spent returned, and be able to return it completely?
so many questions.
time slows when i ask when,
and no response comes.
lizard Never forget this. Never forget this moment. 020712
blab in your dreams 030105
me I wake maybe I'll feel better 030127
krist when you smile, i smile
your smile lights my smile
joda Awww... That's so sweet, I could put it in my coffee. 030426
inanna when you gotta go
take a long walk in the woods
make some yellow snow

why bother waiting
patience is not important
if you like fainting

why put up a sign
that no one will ever read
knows about your kind

you don't care do you
that is why you will read this
we know what you'll do

just silly haiku
made especially for you
and everyone else
happy gilman when will somebody realize that what we have here is PURE GENIOUS?

it's time for a new paradyme

man, the winds are changing
the ties are turning
time is slowing
I can see

what is needed is as follows:
endless desire when i don't want to come back down
from the top of this way
it has taken to much hurt to be here
come and awhile stay. sway. sun.
one fine day.
join me. we shall dance and i will twirl.
"follow my lead"
"we are gliding"
"we are tripping"
"it all seems the same"
someone when will things change when will i be free when will i be happy 030910
reue when can i be first priority?
can i ever?
when will you say, okay.. to whatever i want to do?
when will you want to do things with me?
am i anything? i was lead to believe once that i meant something, changed how you feel about things. if i'm not that anymore, tell me. my heart says one thing, while my head says another. which one do i listen to? which one is right?
nick it was Christmas morning

about 7:00

I saw the clock, and I thought...

What have I done?

now.. I can cry

because I just told

and now I can cry

for myself

Oh my God, why?
LilyDragon during a case of the chaotic
4 o' clocks...

'Some Devil' [dave matthews]
'I just want you around' [lauryn hill]
'Cocoom' [jack johnson]

sad, sad
weak, weak
almost fucking pathetic

you sleep for days
and are given words of encouragement
from the both of us

I drink your tequila
out of your shot glass, no less
at 3:30 in the morning

I've read all your blather again
and it touches my soul
to a degree
where I would almost endure her wrath
exponetionally to what I've already done
in the past two days

(and it might just break you to do that,
by the way,
oh, the way you run)

to have us at our happiest moment for another minute

why do you discard me so easily?
can you not read your own blather?

you've fought more
(you know, that Evil One?)
this entire time
to win me over
and finally
you do

and you ask, "Oh my God, why?"

check the dates
I still love you
because of the reasons you gave

and just like with him
it likely won't matter

so when will I be green?

love always
LilyDragon it's at 5:43am
on the day of your return
that I know
it won't matter
what I say
what I do
so the smartest thing
is likely
to leave us

if I remember correctly
that's exactly
what I predicted
nick when I got it all out of my head, all of the insanity that allowed this pain to go so far and last so long, I found that all I wanted was to be loved and needed. I wanted that for the rest of my life. I had to know that I could survive the trials before me and be a hero for everyone that I drew in towards myself. I feared my patience could not last, and I loathed the weakness of my body. I tried to find blame with everyone else, but I cannot change their faults. I wanted to scream my supposed loyalty and proclaim my love to the world.

Enough is enough.

I'm not going to live for lies. I'm not going to allow myself to go mad trying to convince myself that everything's ruined.

You have spoken words that tear away my resolve, and make me see my own weakness. I won't give you anything but forever, and you have the power to raise my ire. Over and over you speak to me in my dreams, and your words drive all of my patience away. You drive me away from the home that I would make with you by convincing me that, of all things, I deserve more.

I know what I deserve, and that punishment has come from my own mind. I've been living in a world of guilt, and the knowledge that when denied you, it was because I saw within myself the urge to leave at some later time.

If I don't soon conquer the fear that someday I will be driven to leave you behind, my life will take a very different path from yours.

I regret this loss so much that I challenge this fear daily, and finding it more and more wanting for reason, I have put it to you clearly written.

What words and actions have brought me to these conclusion?

Why do I cling to the desire to achieve my own immortality?

Did I ever want this myself, or maybe I just believed you when you told me that I should?

Where can I go now?

Are my options limited, or are my eyes closed to the possibilities?

I was happy for so long. Made delirious by joy and love. Now I can't grasp the reasons for the choices I made, but I've been clinging to them like my last dollar.

I saw some pictures from a party today. I'd started to doubt that I was ever there at all. I remember feeling that all my happiness rode on tying you to some other man so that these questions would never surface.

Today I feel little and know nothing.

You have been my friend through those challenges that remain freshest in my memory. Truly all memory that is clear in my mind is characterized by that friendship. Everything before exists as if scribbled in fading pencil on yellowed pages left loose in the wind.

Am I worth that chance? With my shifting moods and unstable decisions? Am I getting better or worse?

If you want to know what I'll do, you're not alone. All I know is that I intend to maintain my practicalities, and try to make sense of my feelings.

Now I can't do things right the first time. Now I have to make them right again.

I don't know how yet.

I'm still trying to find my way
skalix NEVER! that is the answer to ALL QUESTIONS! Yes, even to the question of black or blue! 040129
Fierce It's not when
It's why
It's always why...
somebody When-
foxykid when?? how about forever...at least that's what i promised her...when i couldn't have her...now that she's finally come around...when?? how about never...it's that feeling that changes when the tides change... 050920
gooseberry yeah when ? 070308
the ungreat when will you miss me?
when will i forget,
and when will i get on with life.
when we're cold and dead, thats when.
ye when should we start ackowledging you, and ignoring the jackass you pretend to be whe you're afraid to fail at life?

you are't failing anyone's test, you know. only your own...
what's it to you?
who go