psyki why won't she answer her phone?
does she know i'm trying to call?
doesn't she want to talk to me?
i'll hang up on her again if i have to.
don't underestimate my willpower.
you've got your own set of priorities.
if you're going to leave, leave now.
i've been waiting, hoping you'll call.
but weren't you going to call me?
there wasn't anything i could've done.
i can't take this anymore. i quit.
camille all this time you've had the wrong number, and she hasn't called cause your line has been busy 000311
Thyartshallshant I won't give up. Up on the love i have.
The love that is so far away, but means so much.
ladybird all the same it's better than can't 010514
TheMarryMeGirl if you love someone
but they won't love you back
it is better to set them free
or so i heard
not that i would be able to
when it came to it
americantune a varying degree from can't
but it hurts just as much if not more
pete won't hurts more than can't, because when you won't you still can but refuse too. 040704
love & hate I won't give up, i've told you a thousand times, and now our love has grown into a beautiful flower, it is even stronger and i now refuse to give up. Its not stuborness, its love. The love in my heart won't let me move on, won't let me forget, won't let me give up on you as you have given up on me. 040704
Deomis Won't you fly away with me.... 040704
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