nullspace four years of your life
what does it mean to you?
maybe it's just a piece of paper
or perhaps it's your validation
maybe it's your pride
is it worth what you paid for it?
nullspace body heat activated... 000216
villain daydream five years and I never bothered to get one now i'm working at target praying i don't fall off a ladder with five years of education and not a shred of official paper to show for it 041119
Paul I hate it here. I desperately want to leave. But I have to get that degree.

And you know, I'm horribly afraid that I'm going to be as miserable as I am now after I graduate, too.
stephshine whether this is good or not, other's repect for you increases exponentially, and with that, opportunities.

plus, in college and beyond you can learn mostly what you want!
hsg aye_sea 081129
what's it to you?
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