Something quite profound. So profound in fact that it may surpass all other profundity combined.
inseach of is feeling o f known thought that leads to a want a touch to a friend 991226
amy beyond hierarchy
beyond good and evil
WoNDERGIRL listen once to my thoughts, and you'd realize, they're far beyond

beyond words
beyond explanations
beyond tangible meanings
you are
like rain. when the miles don't make a difference.

when i can feel your presence even when you're sleeping.

when our dreams have melted into each other.

when i feel that no matter where i am, all i have to do is reach out to touch you...
kelli crane what kids sometimes keep beyond words 020112
ClairE On the other side of the fence.

People huddle together and squint out at it.
losingit what my friends keep from me is beyond me. i think im winning. 020606
josie It took me two long hours to drive there, with the sun in my eyes. The mountains and the acreages assisted in eluding me from my fear that we'd never make it in time.

I turned around and saw the storm rolling away from us, beyond the hills. Turning back again i caught the sun.

So onward we kept on as always, overtaking the wind, even when we stopped we were always moving foward.
Rickster Lying there thinking of nothing, staring into your eyes and being happy. The only thing on my mind, is the thought of your smile. Perhaps this is my beyond, embrace it I will. Forever is only a short time, yet tomorrow will be longer then yesterday. 021226
angie beyond this life
beyond this world
there exists a bond
between us
keeping our lives in tune
allowing our souls to communicate
an undying love
beyond our comprehension
Why is there a w in answer? I've accepted my limitations. The scope of my imagination. Please stop the tough love. I'm not a powerhouse. I'm not a whore house. I'm not beyond your everyday musings. I am at your mercy. I am at your doorstep. I am crushed. Please reach down, scoop me up into your sweaty palm, and lick the salt from your tips. I want nothing less than soul survival. Don't deny me our crazed obsessions. Don't define our mystery. Live it. 040206
x twisted x go beyond all expectations 040420
Smurf What's beyond the beyond?
Do we know what's behind the beyond?
I'm not even sure what's beyond the behind.
hsg wonder music insecurity and_i_am_okay_withat

thrown into a new poolearning to swim in a water i've never known.
what's it to you?
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