Tess the outlines of familiarity
familiar to someone, anyway.
johnny west Held back. It can be pleasant when you aren't allowed to do something you don't want to do. And how many of us floss? Why the hell should we? Dentists are the fabric from which an afghan is made. Conversely, orthodontists cause tears in any fabric they come across. Cut my gums, why don't you? And now we've progressed to braces. Moving in this circular fashion, we should be at the other end of the world in a few weeks. 010309
aimee I honestly don't know what my limitations are.. I suppose it all depends upon situation. What can I handle and what can't I, either way, limitations are all self imposed, because people have a choice. 010310
mikey boundaries. are they like limitations? are they like rules? are they made to be broken? 010310
ClairE They're there, but we can never really know what they are.

They're what we decide we are. We can't pick them up by x_ray.

I'd like to know my own.
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phil until you figure them out, your limitations don't excist. Who else would know them? 030214
cube Everybody has limitations. For example I know that more than 4 weeks of manic activity with a maximum of 3 hours sleep per night will land me in the psych ward of the nearest hospital with delusions_of_grandeur. This means that I can push myself to 18 hour working days and still have time to order up room service and have a morning shower before starting it all over again.

Learning your limitations is how you get ahead in this world
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