deb i just broke the heart.... so sad, but i cannot take back how i feel...

jwhitmire4: ok
Arceaon: Bec?
jwhitmire4: yep
jwhitmire4: such a depressing day
Arceaon: remember what you were going to say last time?
jwhitmire4: not really
Arceaon: want me to remind you?
jwhitmire4: dare i ask
Arceaon: yes? no
Arceaon: ?
jwhitmire4: sure
Arceaon: jwhitmire4: what? do you want to come to my fucking weddin?
Arceaon: well, i sorta planned on bein' there anyways.. but since ya put it that way..
jwhitmire4: i wasnt going to give that an answer, acutally
jwhitmire4: just because my spedometer stops at 80 doesnt mean i stop at 80
jwhitmire4: says jen
jwhitmire4: sorry
Arceaon: that's great.
jwhitmire4: well fuck you too
Arceaon: no.. seems like that won't ever happen.
jwhitmire4: no, it wont
jwhitmire4: i want to burn something
jwhitmire4: stupid clown. now i have to go back to therapy
Arceaon: hey.. you're lucky, you get someone to help ya.
jwhitmire4: what?
Arceaon: therapy.
jwhitmire4: help me slit my wrists? oh thats helpful
Arceaon: someone to help with your problems.
jwhitmire4: im sure thats what you meant
Arceaon: don't even say that.
jwhitmire4: that that that
jwhitmire4: im just being mean tonight. because im just a penny whore
jwhitmire4: says jen
jwhitmire4: come here...
Arceaon: what's that supposed to be/
Arceaon: ?*
jwhitmire4: sanity is boring
jwhitmire4: blather
jwhitmire4: is
jwhitmire4: life
Arceaon: and lie is shitty.
Arceaon: life.
jwhitmire4: lies are shitty, you're so right
jwhitmire4: monkey bastards
Arceaon: Becca, I love you all that i am. and if you want Tre back, good for you. I won't lie and say "Be happy with him" cuz, i really want you to be hapy with me.
Arceaon: since that won't happen, make the best of what you get.
Arceaon: and i'll see what i can do with what i get.
jwhitmire4: jen says she'll be your friend if youre gay. (dont mind her)
Arceaon: you get a chance of seein' him soon..maybe..
it's not like you'll see me in the next few months.
jwhitmire4: ::shakes her head:: you're making this sound like i'm doing this for some logical reason
Arceaon: you are.
jwhitmire4: oh, whats that? that you're you?
jwhitmire4: how logical
Arceaon: at least i got to hear your voice.. you said you loved me.. that was so nice... how will i ever feel that way again?
Arceaon: don't know..
Arceaon: probably won't.
jwhitmire4: ::shakes her head:: in a year you won't remember me
Arceaon: BULLSHIT.
Arceaon: i'll never forget you.
jwhitmire4: ::shakes her head:: i dont believe that
Arceaon: i can't forget people i lost weeks of sleep over.
jwhitmire4: you will find someone who is so much better for you than i am and you will fall for her and never think of me again
Arceaon: I

Arceaon: DON'T
Arceaon: WANT
Arceaon: ANYONE
Arceaon: ELSE/
Arceaon: ok?
jwhitmire4: i get it
Arceaon: you understand?
jwhitmire4: i heard you
jwhitmire4: i do
Arceaon: good.
jwhitmire4: but you dont seem to understand that i would never be as happy with anyone else as i would with tre
jwhitmire4: he is my world. when i think of him i cant think of anything else and its not fair to keep you thinking all is well when i think like that
Arceaon: ::breaks:: then be with him.
Arceaon: go with him.
Arceaon: you love him.
jwhitmire4: i am so sorry, but i cant do anything BUT be with him
jwhitmire4: i'll never be happy
jwhitmire4: all those days when i was silent on the phone.
Arceaon: yeah.. everyone has their own Fate.
jwhitmire4: that was because i missed him
jwhitmire4: all those days when i cried or wanted to slit my flesh so badly that i would never wake up again, even though you were there...
jwhitmire4: that was because i needed him so badly and i couldnt have him and it broke me into pieces
Arceaon: y'know.. I'm gonna leave now.. because this whole time i've known you.. you've just lied to me.
jwhitmire4: i cant do this anymore and im not being very fair but i cant
jwhitmire4: i never lied to you
Arceaon: GoodBye REbecca.
jwhitmire4: not once
Arceaon: don't end this with a lie.
Arceaon: I love you.
Arceaon: goodnight.
im not lying
jwhitmire4: i swear to god
jwhitmire4: well fuck you too

sweet even to the end, isnthe? now watch him end up dead in the morning... great therapy for myself, im sure
deb god, how did that happen
in the first place?

word to the wise...
don't RP..
some people think it turns to reality
WALK...dont run I am 000106
universal cynic If something's broken there are usually two things to do, brake it some more in an act of random violence or make an attempt to fix it.
I'll leave it to you to decide which is the most likely.
(violence violence)
kyvin he has no idea how i feel 000123
lotusflower "and i battered, broken, barely hoping remade token
i would crawl back to you and say
thanks i needed that
it's been a while..."
birdmad after being used, but before being thrown away 000414
starbug did u mean to distroy me?
or was it merely
a happy coincidence?
MollyGoLightly better to brake than to wind up broken, i say.. 000520
emily sometimes i wonder if i was ever really a whole person, because all i can remember is the me that came after you left--the broken me 000530
silentbob He crys out her eyes
a fire unfurnaced
the curve of her spine
is heaven unbound
but heaven is harsh
a fire unfaithful
like a bird that you hold in your palm
i know where you hang
i drive by there often
i spot on the surface
the make of your friends
heaven is harsh
a fire unfaithful
like a bird that you hold in your palm
broken eyes in your head
broken arms at your side
broken burn on that string
shake it till she sings
and you realize the suffering
by that broken baby wing
and you shake her till she sings
and you shake her till she sings
he cries out her eyes
as blue as her fingers
the curve of her ass
is unparalled
heaven is harsh
a fire ungrateful
like the bird that you hold in your palm
broken eyes in your head
broken arms at your side
broken burn on that string
shake it till she sings
and you realize the suffering
by the broken baby wing
and you shake her till she sings
and you shake her till she sings
grasshopper I am
broken and battered
weary and weepy
sad and tragic
restless and relentless
hopefully and happy
aimless and pointless
determined but tired

I will
keep going
birdmad like the Colossus of Rhodes who sleeps at the bottom of the harbor 000909
psycho insomniac Cold, blank stare;
tear glazed eyes.
I hang my head in shame
at the very thought
of speaking what was on my mind.
My heart gags my throat
and I look away from you,
so ashamed...
And I wait for your hand
to thrust upon my pink cheeks.
So I make sure my eyes are shut
tight so no tears can escape.
Because, if I don't,
you will see my broken soul...
and slap me again.
guitar_freak Here I lie, broken on the floor
I do not wish to go on anymore
The bottle of pills is by my side
I attempted to live, I really tried
I can't go on
I doubt I will see dawn
Yet, there still is a fire burning
This need for life is yearning
The bottle rolls out of my hand
And I look up to the sky
I pray for better days
They had better come soon
What if my fire fades away?
b0 fr0m my life y0u've taken me
th0ugh happy i have been
t0 my life y0u've given me
s0 much it is a sin

but n0w what have y0u d0ne t0 me
y0u've stricken me fr0m grace
fr0m heaven y0u have taken me
n0w hell's my 0nly place

this wasn't meant t0 be
i sh0uld've killed y0u first
h0w c0uld y0u break my heart
i sh0uld've killed y0u first
and n0w y0u have my inn0cence
my G0d i'm g0nna burst

i gave y0u everything i had
why d0 i have t0 pay
my life was y0urs and y0urs al0ne
y0u threw that life away

anger and h0stility
are running thr0ugh my veins
the bl00d that c0uld n0t heal my w0unds
has filled my sheets with stains

this wasn't meant t0 be
i sh0uld've killed y0u first
h0w c0uld y0u break my heart
i sh0uld've killed y0u first
and n0w y0u have my inn0cence
my G0d i'm g0nna burst

my s0ul is filled with misery
my heart lies 0n the fl00r
i see y0u laughing in my head
y0u m0ther fucking wh0re
Meara Broken...Broken heart, that is. He broke my heart. I really loved him, too. I spent months trying to fall out of love. And now he's back. I want to say no, ignore his e-mail, ignore his phone calls, and forget about him forever. My heart still isn't fixed from last time, and I don't want it broken again. But I still love him...Should I give him another chance? 010102
Budrozatva Someone broke my head
It appearantly has been broken for some time
How was I to know
I thought everyone looked out through cracks
I don't know when it happened
I wasn't given the manual
No one taught me how to use it
I just been making do
Then I stumbled on to the rough edges
The fringes of the mind
I had never been there before
But I noticed that someone had broken my head
Couldn't have been me
For I have been trapped inside
But now I have a way out
13lueee "my life is a pink floyd song...I am just another brick in the wall" 010324
katie now i'm fixed in a daze of complete oneness, never even knowing how to be incomplete 010505
David Mitchell Broken, our tie, time, rhyme rhythm and reason.

Can nothing be all the same again?

Broken, and I made her cry, and I made her cry, and I made her cry.
daydream believer others sell their souls.
mine is so damaged that i pay you to take it.
for $33.50 twice a week, you sweep up the shards of my shattered soul.
what will you do with the pieces?
can you fix my broken soul?
yoink It burns like a hellcat leaping from inside of me and tearing out my insides behind it. 010814
indust smashed up my purity, smashed up my sanity, smashed up whats left of me, i don't know what else to do 010914
Glory Box Oh, very seldom am I ever really broken. I just like to assume the role of wounded martyr, as the one that let you walk away. As the one that set you free, with a cracked smile and a broken heart. 011010
Sonya I can't even breathe now. Do you even know what you've done? So many things I believed in and hoped for are now just figments of my imagination. You told me to believe in you, to believe that you wouldn't hurt me, to believe that we are one and always will be. And so I listened to you and loved you and learned from you, only to allow you to break me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And I love you still. Does that even matter? My dreams, my heart, and the core of my being are broken. I fear they can only be repaired by the person who broke 011011
Inanna One side says broken
The other side says fixed
Mike It was broken before I got here. I found it in pieces on the parlor floor. I'm not a liar. My love is true. Deny it, and I will be left holding a broken heart. 011110
she trying to fix or change something, only guarantees and perpetuates its existence. 011216
ClairE It can always be broken one more time.

Tinier pieces.
calypso calling in order to love,
we must be vulnerable...
once we're vulnerable,
we can be broken...
once broken,
i cemented my heart back together
and put up walls of stone...
i guess that's why i'm now alone
and love has become so rare.
Julie* But I've got a bad case of broken heart. and your the only one whos got the cure, and I can't live another day with out seeing you smile. 020327
Tiffa Oh, you've left me broken
A tiny plaything on the floor
Oh, you've left me broken
Like so many times you've lied before.
And what do I do now that there's nothing left to hold me up
Spine to string to your tiny plaything
Oh, you've left me broken
stripped of all my sane defenses
Oh, you've left me broken
Visions shattered in my teary lenses.
Nothing left for me to see and nothing left for me to say
As every minute blood and tears drain away.
lizardqueen the worlds a breeze
the kind to tip the bird with the broken wings
girl_jane But I super-glued it back together, and all is well. 020609
daxle His voice over the telephone, cracking, desperate, pleading "I'm broken". Oh typed this means nothing to you all. To hear someone you love's voice in such pain, to be blamed for that pain, to be told that the best thing is for you to stay away, like you're a plague... We both cried at the situation. It took forever and a day to fade away. 020609
Cole You are not your broken heart
You are not your knotted stomach
You are not the raw edges
of your broken self
You are beautiful
devalis less than whole but never more than can be fixed 020807
devalis I swear I never wished you ill
but yet your loathing plagues me still
your words, those words so harshly spoken
leave my being bruied and broken

(exerpt from A Thousand Tears)
EECP As much as I would deny it, I am still broken. Shattered, in fact. Broken into many peices. Only one has the ability to mend me.
I am asked if I am ok and I say "Yeah, I'm ok" knowing that I will survive the moment, but hoping that I don't.
I can't explain the extent of the damage. I don't want to tell you how often I feel it. I don't want you to feel inadequate or helpless. I know you know, but denial is so much more precious....don't you think?
I try to be clear about what I am and how I feel, but feelings don't follow logic. I can't make my spirit deny what it knows truly. I am sorry that I have broken you. You said that it wouldn't happen, but I know better.
No matter what happens, you will always be you to me.
Know that I will never forget you, no matter if I am someday fixed. You are always allowed access to me, perhaps not in the way you would choose, but access.
I hope for the day where these dismal feelings are a thing of the past. A day where we can be truly happy. I am sorry that I can't change that my future doesn't feel right with you. I am sorry that I broke you. I am sorry that I am me. I am sorry that I brought you into a realm of pain. I am sorry for what I am.
eklektic all evening, even when you were waving wildly as rachel handed me my music folder, i slightly ignored you, just to show you that i'm really not into you like i used to be. i didnt follow you or tag along. i even broke off from you a few times. and while the three of us stood outside, waiting for our respective rides, you said that you were upset because you'd broken your cd burner. you then told me you were upset because you had planned on burning me your classic jazz cds and putting them in our tree. i didnt think you'd remembered when i told you i had wanted those two cds. i told you that when you had given me a ride to Stow Highschool. i was flipping through your cd case and gasped when i saw them. i said "i've wanted these cds for so long." you then said "well, maybe one day, if i'm feeling generous,i'll burn you a copy." i didnt think you were serious. and to go as far as to plan to put them in our tree. i totally love you in a sisterly way. but you're still beautiful and i would still marry you, as incestuous as that may sound. 020813
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
femme tiny people
tiny feelings
that matter to no one.
Me Take away these broken wings, teach me to fly again.... 030522
power trip i'm perfectly broken and sublimely lost.
ode to those who destroy my life,
and make it worth living at the same time.
fuck you for makeing me love,
for now i am lost and i want to go home
Caxton This silence is killing me, a broken word indeed.
Just the thought of words from your exactly what I need.
Parallel to life is the lost part of my soul.
And the last thing that I say to you I probably can't control.
A life caught in human spider webs, and locked up in a trunk.
All of these mountains of my thoughts...have finally,quickly sunk...
Portraying life so vividly,and the moments that I've held.
The dimming blackness of my mind, the great heights that I fell.
Conquering the greatest of my fears, and killing whispers of the wind.
The aching in the back of my tell me that I've sinned.
So quietly I've undergone the pain life always knew.
And the last thing here, that I will say, is I still love you too.
Nancy broken down with so much pain, the weight of failure, the weight of depression, the weight of his fist..again. i am 11 again, he's in my room again. love isntsafe in a world of broken trust. broken was the glass, then broken were my veins. i want it to end. broken is my silence. broken are my boundaried. Broken is my heart. broken are your bones 040220
misstree sometimes you have to be broken
before you can be fixed.

he has open invitation to the interior,
and trust that he will not strike blindly;
he is wicked chiropracter, giving slightest
warning before a bend here, pressure there,
a sudden snap, and pain and release flood.

my eyes unfocus as leg is snapped
to be reset. it will be stronger, it will be
rebuilt with godflesh. let this moment pass
into the proper one.
Syrope i came in tonight in such a good mood..

but suddenly i feel so broken. i feel like i've done something terribly shitty and i don't know what.
so instead of getting started on my java project before work, i'm going to nap. i'm such a complete waste.
stork daddy four horses could easily pull you apart, but never put you together. 040220
Syrope i think i may have figured out why i felt so bad...i think the feeling may have been homesickness...either the first homesickness i ever remember feeling or homesickness a place other than where i'm from. i guess...homesickness for a lifestyle.

tonight remy and i went an hour away to this tiny little town where she used to live to eat at a really southern mom & pop's place...and the roads, the southern houses (porches!) and neighborhoods (sprawling), the clean smell and the pretty sunset...i just wish i had somewhere to go like that. not home, but somewhere that could be a home like that. i love the city and i don't miss MY tiny town at all, but to watch the city slowly fade away into suburbs into country, to smile at people smiling at you for no reason in a quaint little restaurant...

*sigh* i need a vacation

somebody take care of me
smileygirl i think the word escort is broken 040225
c.cowan thats my place
you are not here
my peices are a mess
that dream it is yours
my place is not here
love & hate I am but a broken cup that someone put back on the shelf with hope that noone will notice the chips. Huge cracks appear on the surface but noone notices until they start leaking. I have been 'droped' too many times in my life time to ever be able to be fixed. I must be replaced. Thrown out in the garbage where i belong just so i dont clutter up everyones perfect life and shelf full of lovely whole cups and saucers. I am but an annoying one left there until someone can be bothered to throw me out. If i could jump out of the cupboard and onto the tiles, i would. Shattering into a million pieces which all lie inside me. Waiting to be droped one more time. To release this torment of not being perfect, not being what people want me to be. Just throw me, smash me on the tiles as i see you doing everytime you look at me. I can see it in your eyes, you want to, you need to but you let me sit here suffering being incomplete. End the suffering, throw me away so my pieces become completely broken for the cracks are deep and unfixable. I am not unbreakable, it is so easy to break me, just throw me on the floor in a fit of rage and it will all be over, for both of us. 040425
minnesota_chris we are all cracked and chipped. What makes you think that your life, or your persona, should be flawless? 040425
love & hate Because her's is. 040426
love & hate and that is what she wants me to be 040426
shivers this word means much more then it should
i want to hold u high and steal the pain away
still broken, after so long
i thought i'd be better by now, but your here. you'll help me.
pete lost cold shattered,
laying on the empty road
i can't find my feet
to stand on

lost cold shattered,
musing on the trails of time
my self slips away
and i cease to be

lost cold shattered,
falling from the top floor
the lights shine in my eye
and there is no bottom here

lost cold shattered,
fire lights my flesh aflame
tearing away mortal games
as the soul cries louder

lost cold shattered,
twisting away from scarlet showers
as my final hours come and go
without any changes

lost cold shattered,
sitting lost and lonely
afraid of the familiar
taking my heart to pieces

lost cold shattered,
no more anything to see
fading into memory
just lost cold and shattered
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl that song featuring amy lee just makes me cry 040723
whisper_to_the_moon I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away
You've gone away, you don't feel me, anymore

The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There’s so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I’m broken when I’m open
And I don’t feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away

'Cause I’m broken when I’m open
And I don’t feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away

'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away
You've gone away
You don't feel me here anymore

gaetano...... im broken.....
ragdoll broken suitcases in the sun
the sun in the skye
the skye in my eyes
my eyes in my head
my head in a shitty place
called regret*
whisper_to_the_moon "I WON'T BE BROKEN AGAIN!
pete repaired 040820
somepeoplesmile i'm falling apart faster that i can be fixed 040820
puff i tried to make
you notice me.
but you were
never close to me.
and when i fell,
you fled the scene.
will i ever
see you again?

you have my heart
and always will.
but you like
it broken.
and you break
it still.
you're right here,
under my skin.

cupid* its been three years that ive been trying to repair, was so sure i did,but you came back then soon apologized. why?now i find myself broken all over again..i find myself thinking of how we used to be best friends and wish it could all just go back to that again..platonic friends you want to be..but is that really possible? 050126
brand the beam we try our whole lives to balance on 050220
Afro Sometimes there is a moment in time when putting back together the broken pieces will do more bad than good. At that point you have to step back, realize the truth...and walk away.

And never look back.
f What would you do if ... you were living with someone for 2 years and you found out in the thrird month of your relationship he slept with someone else.

2 years down the line you discover there is a one year old baby boy involved.

he lied to you for 19 months !

it was kind of shocking.. but great to break free - he trapped me.
olive its interesting how people automatically tie broken.. with hearts.
maybe its just this website.
a collection of people who have experienced hearts broken enough to never forget about it.
im in love.
i hope my heart doesn't get broken
f Well, it can break but i would prefer to take the weight of it than see someone else hurting.

The problem is some people do not understand some things and the make the same mistakes over and over again.

If someone finds that no one can trust them, there must be a very good reason for it. It goes deep back you your childhood maybe and it is sharp jagged and heavy, i felt it.

In order to trust somone, you must realise that a lie is nowhere near the truth, no matter what the truth is, a lie betrays your own soul.

Trust is earned and gained, it is not just invented, you need to prove it, if you have broken it.

There is nothing worse than a broken heart, in my case it was brutal, in the way it was presented to me.

mooooo that is you, a male Ninny boo boo.
Syrope i've come to love the bruises and pricks across my abdomen. i even like the blotchy birthmark across my knee. and the faint red vein in only one of my eyes. the flecks of blue vein under the white flesh of my thighs.

i suppose i'm used to being broken. i'm making the best of it.
hee hee and?

why did you want to tell us that?

f want to see my soul alll broken and brooooozed?

suck stones instead maybe.
In_Bloom No, not broken but perhaps a little wrenched
The day broken occurs you can climb up on the pyre with me
kalgores best album from NIN
broken and then fixed
the downward spiral then further down the spiral
nothing can stop me now
unhinged after all the bullshit of the past five months getting attacked by an insane drug addict on my way home from work last week definitely broke me 220903
Broken_Soul A soul without a mate 240114
what's it to you?
who go