maybe i'm ashamed of being ashamed.

how silly.
Sparticus at myself

for blathering on and on about how i feel when its not fair to you at all and im not letting you wait because i know youll read this.

yet so desperate to let you know how i feel

im sorry

i miss you. thats all

the sound of your voice sends me leaping

now thats a good thing

youre a good thing
jezabel of longing so desperately. 030823
poison cherry i'm ashamed of who i am. ashamed of what i look like. and, as my closest friends, you really don't help by treating me like you do. 'oh look IT's back' ' don't touch IT, you'll get rabies'... such flippant, careless comments...
you don't know how deep they cut
.fallen unemployed 040308
. 050123
from the above link "...In shame-shame loops, individuals are ashamed of being ashamed, which makes them more ashamed of being ashamed, which leads to more shame, and so on. This circular process often results in withdrawal or depression..." 050123
.nom i wrote "of being ashamed" in: i'm_ashamed

then googled "ashamed of being ashamed"

found the above link, then, the blathe: ashamed

and read it, and wondered if i'd read it before
. 050206
stork daddy that i could've proven love was real to you and i failed. that i could've been the proof to myself and i failed. 050206
n o m today i was told i have no shame 120625
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