whose a' thinking
about the birds and the bees?
while I'm sitting and laughing
and looking at the trees.
marjorie ... now about that money i borrowed from you. i like to think of it more as a one sided exchange.. what do you think? should we drop the subject now? oh, really? no! yes. i think so too. great. we agree. we've made a consensus. solidarity. together we shall... argue. 000202
miniver If you don't think about me, I won't think about you.

And, also, if you weren't thinking about me, I was, of course, in no way thinking about you...at all...
ted about what? 000529
jen jen offlu 010321
Chrity go to:
ladybird around and about and all over, avoiding the issue with wobbly steering... 010515
the repeater rasberry whispers....
angry psalms....
nonononono.. cant think
if i think of you my mojo will fade
shhs shh shh
my little shaking lover
take a break, take a break
darling little one,
feel free to graze
fields of flesh
open to your gaze
gotta remember to breathe....
are you still here?

eyes wander...
(those are mine)
fingers fumble
(those are thine)
imperceptible mumblings...
inaudible rumblings
gotta pee gotta pee
:::ring ring ring::::
Thank God...
saved by the bell....

aaa what's about you 020528
flipchrist "sorry, I had to go see about a girl" 030322
endless desire about--so small and deathly cold.
a smile frown confidence grown.
almost closely kinda, right?
i can't explain but only
scream lungs cry shout
hanging by a thread, a moment an hour
pushing on the door, only wanting out.
doors locked and i ask again
speak again walk again.
almost closely kind of, about?
s time i start trying 031119
darmasqurrum tell me about us, the wonderful us, when we used to be
together and thus
forever we thought we'd stay
but looks like the opposites
don't attract for too long
and someday they will split
but the light stays lit
and i can't sleep
and every sound, every bleep
makes me think about you....
micky jo I thought
close my eyes
click seven times
whatever I end up on
I will write about
open my eyes
to see
so ... sometimes
I wish I was Canadian
Syrope i just keep thinking
that maybe this isn't about what i think it is

and then i realize
that if i keep thinking about it
then ...of course...this is what it's about

or at least, this is what i've made it to be about.
and that's real enough
what's it to you?
who go