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unhinged i told her
and her reaction is puzzling
she knows that i wouldn't push her
because she is just breaking up with someone
does that mean that in september she would consider it? do i live on that hope for four months?
this is very wobbly ground i tread on
because i would sweep the floor she walked on
so completely everything i have ever wanted in anybody
i want to be around her all the time
has he ruined her forever?
i was flattering
did i ruin something?
wobbly is nothing but doubt
niska if only i can get through this... 030525
unhinged wobbly halls
filled with self doubt
i used to believe that
you made me happy
i always get to this point
i want to start over
leave all of it behind
erase it all
from the caverns of my mind
but when i try to
pretend like you were never there
when i try to
fall asleep
without your hands tangled in my hair
it becomes evident
that you were the cause
of this effect
my muscles jelly
my insides tremble
i was the end
of your perfect day
but you never knew
what you were looking at
you say it
you know that i'm not the same
but i don't think i could tell you
exactly what you've changed
i was hoping to get out
without any of my heartstrings
so profoundly attatched
if i pull hard enough to dislodge
i think i may collapse
my life was already headed
in so many directions
before you came back
my knees weak
everytime goodbye becomes reality
why did you have to come back?
lidown i cant stand up when i think of all the things we've done together it makes me want to fall down and die, because it might all get erased. I want you to always love me, I will never replace you and i want you to know that I will always be there for you. Please dont replace me with her. 030525
lidown you'll never be replaced 030525
pobodys nerfect What Weebles are. And here's an interesting fact: Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. hehe! 030525
. like a newborn fawn or foal

like a drunken sorority girl in five inch stilettos
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