Quintessensual the only thing we have to doubt is fear itself 991018
Drennan Don't doubt your feelings, distrust, fear, suspision. your feelings are there for a reason, to keep you safe, to keep you away from those who may hurt you. 991019
marjorie the words i rarely believe and always doubt:
gaudior Don't doubt...

love, power, feelings, your beliefs


hate, prejudice, pain, death
fanta Doubt -- a healthy thing I think. It keeps us aware and searching. 010224
MOE -he doubts it, and chuckles to himself in his tickling disbelief. Certainty is some mythical angel to him, some greatness he will never behold, but he doubts this also, and doubts that he doubts that...doubt, ad infinite um.... it seems certainty laughs at him from atop a mountain peek in a very old scene, a very old half-decayed painting hung on a concrete wall in Eden, and it laughs like an infected dog...this too he doubts. 010320
bret and I can see you,
but I can't be you,
and still be me too...
and I don't see why,
you think you have to lie,
don't fear what I might do...

and I'll stay near you,
but I'll still fear you,
because of all you see...
I can't be wrong,
and I can't be too strong,
or you'll start doubting me......
unhinged my life is governed by doubt
empty because of it
meaningless without
Alexander Beetle If you can't doubt something, how can you really know it's true? 010504
listless i doubt you really love me. you could whisper it a million times, write it on every single wall, write it in the sky, and i would doubt it anyway.

i can hardly look at myself in the mirror. thought you say i'm an angel with that special smile in your eyes, i won't keep feeling more like a worm. i'm useless, i really am.

and pathetic, too.
Reverend Lough is being too afraid to realize the endless possibilities..... 021214
niska doubt causes all hesitation.

despite being comfortable enough with myself to say anything, to anyone, at any time, there's you, who i doubt i will ever bother to speak to again.

for you bleeding-hearts, this is not about love. this is about treating people the way you expect to be treated - with honesty and respect. because of the way i treated you, i expected to be treated the same - i'm not surprised, nor upset by it. it's tit-for-tat, and i don't doubt that's exactly what you're up to.

i don't need your 'life-lessons', though. you're not teaching me anything i didn't already know. you're not 'getting back' at me. i could give you a million reasons for my reaction, and you'd still never understand; or you might, but you'd think it was about you and continue to assume i've done some huge wrong to you.

the way i treat you has nothing to do with you. it is all about my doubt.
will i ever be sorry for it? yes - i already am, but not for the reasons you think i should be.

will i apologize to you? well, unless you can tell me that i did something to you, i can't really know if it's necessary, or welcome so, no - i doubt i will. i couldn't possibly. where the hell would i start?
Lisa I doubt this is real... and I doubt I'm alive... 031221
fairbecca i think giving you another chance would be a mistake
i doubt that i could forgive your faults
pansy Why did you leave me?
You promised to stay
I know - these are only words (but I started to believe in them)

Why did you hurt me
You promised to take care of me
I know - these are only words (but I started to believe in them)

Why did you lie to me?
You promised to fill me with the truth
I know - these are only words (but I started to believe in them)

Why did you appear in my life?
You said it was our destination
I know - these are only words (now I start to doubt in them)
Dhanan Doubt that the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love you. 040727
jlymry doubt it 050810
z see: benefit_of_the_doubt_addiction 050810
Skeleton Queen Nothing is beyond doubt and even that can be doubted. 070104
nom i doubt and distrust my heart and others 070528
unhinged shit

when all this was just a plan in my head it seemed like such a good idea

now i have all this nagging pulling clenching grasping that is trying to convince me otherwise. bravery has never been a strong suit of mine.


my heart is breaking today
and all i can think is
maybe i made the wrong choice
what's it to you?
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