amy typhoid friends heartache...that kind of disease, it comes with a headache too. we'll get right on finding all the letters for you, and some spaces for in between times.
Clarence You appear to me a while, silent
Christformed godhead, a slow respite.
You looked across a little while, apparent
to you, another form apart.

I appear to you, and you, to me
Towards each the other showing
a form enveiled, eclipsed silently
in secret wonders enclosed.
pansy why have you appeared in my life
you should have never gone out of the shadow
it would be better for both of us
for sure, for ever
1 of NOAHS sons like GOD appeared to us in the one called JESUS. i and the father are one...if you have seen me you have seen the father...blessed are those who read and follow the scriptures they shall inherit the kingdom of GOD which had been prepared for you even before time. 040630
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