charles slowly i die. 991103
jennifer my love for you once boiled
now it simmers in the back of my heart
The Schleiffen Man i think i blathered around 11 am... it's been 5 hours and no one else but calliope has said anything.... slow day today.... oh well, i've kept busy... mowing lawns and updating webpages and burning cd's (10 in all) and i know there's more to come! 000701
madsage I used to think I was slowing, now I'm know I just sensed where I was going. 000710
madmac slow as dirt 001201
tourist As I age I Slow
Sad but true don't You Know
While the Pace of this World
Seems Increased
Once I have Slowed to a stop
And I fall with a Plop
Then You will no doubt say I'm Deceased
The World will then Race On
But not me I'll be gone
And I won't be Missed in the Least
Agent008 not fast 010118
DavesHeroinGirl Nothing that makes this much sense has ever hurt this bad. 030415
pipedream backrubs. *grin* 030415
minnesota_chris that didn't sound innocent! So this wasn't a girlfriend who was rubbing your back then. 030415
advice 101 slow down
live longer
nataliesusan If only I could.
the papers tests pile up and I have to go home and scream and blast music and then do it all over again the next day.

The machine never stops...
acid shank his smile is slow. his eyes are slow. his moves are slow.
but quick as his wit and smile with me. i love and i jsut cant quit.
what's it to you?
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