Rhin When something is bothering me, I pace. I can pace for hours, without pause. The last time, I paced for 7 hours, walking 20 ft. in each direction. I got a cramp in one of my legs, for that one. I think it was the turn arounds that did it. Anyway, I'm considering pacing now...It helps me think. 001212
the awful truth don't gimme your goddamn pace
i'll give you my cheatin time
don't gimme your sea green eyes
i cant take these lines

that we're feeding
each other
just tell me right now
are you in or you're out
you're up in the clouds
or down on the ground in the grass.

kiss your ass
kiss your face
i'm saying for you i'm a fucking disgrace
here's your arms
here's my neck
just put them together dear
and dont pull them back
put your lips
on my throat
and bite down hard now baby
you won't make me choke.

i am high
you are "fly"
and i've said it maybe a thousand times
i could die
in your arms
you'd still never see
how much you mean to me.

(it's a lot)
believe it or not i give you all that i got
and sometimes
when i'm silent
that doesn't mean that we're already broken
(we're not)
dont need glue
dont need no duct tape to keep us cause we're still new.

so don't
baby don't
don't give me your god damned

what's it to you?
who go