silentbob Dear Santa,
What i want most, besides my two front teeth, is someone who wil hold me the way i hold them and have it mean the same thing. Can't you do that, just once in your life grant me my fucking christmas wish

May All Your Dreams Be Wonderful,
santa ooo, bobby (*hic*) where's my bottle?.... oh yeh... you want another power ranger doll??. (cough*hiccup*)
where am i??
KatieRose Dear Kitty,
I miss you and how is your litter box?
SickSadDaria Dear girlie(man),

Why'd you let her do this to us? Why'd the good go bad? Why is it a sin every time I confess my fondness for you? Why'd I let her do this to us? Why is it a sin every time you carry on your life as usual while for me the Earth stops dead in its orbit?
daxle dear life,
I fucking hate you.
mikey i love this word. i love when my baby calls me dear. your out there and you know who you are! send me an ICQ and say it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! when she calls me dear it means more then saying i love you. does everyone have a favorite word that makes you melt? ironic she feels the same. i said "yes dear" to her once and she was silent for a while.

i love you baby.
nocturnal when people say dear, it's usually cuz I did or said somethin stupid. hypothetical situation:
somebody: so let's say lunch around noon?
me: sure, like, twelvish?
somebody: well, dear, I said noon, so yes.
no, I never actually said that, but that's what I mean. like they're kind of making fun of me but don't want to be mean about it, so they call me dear. kind of condescending. I'd rather they just say, yes you stupid bitch, that's what noon means. but that's just me and I prefer honesty to sugar-coating.
it's not always bad, though. there have been a few people that call me dear and mean it. then I like being called dear.
florescent light I started calling my friends dear.
Hi Winn, dear
Goodbye Alex, dear
I'm not sure what they think of it.
I'm not even sure what I think of it.
I think I just got bored saying Hi all the time, so this makes it a little more interesting
D Dear David,
Fuck you for giving me hope. I'm long gone, and don't wait up for me. I won't be back in 2 or 3 months. I won't be back in a year. I won't be back in 20 years. I'll never be back. I'm long gone, and don't wait up for me.
Dawn of Death and Gore Dear Dave,

I might come back sooner

how would I live without you?
oh deer! oh dear, I just hit a deer.... 040325
gwendy dear boss,
i hate this job.
it's not your fault.
i'd rather be a librarian.
mailer daemon dear babelfish originatore,

how pointless could you possibly be ? are you trying to be the center of attention? i don't understand why nonsence has become one of the biggest attraction for popularity. i hope someday people will get smart .
forever you,

your eyes are reflective even when your not high, and everytime you look at me I think about it forever. you are, unwillingly, my newest thing. lets hope it goes somewhere or I'll be stuck on myspace forever.
what's it to you?
who go