jennifer some of us
are defined by
singular words
rt whereas others many 020617
rob could we see each other as words?
or a we more

or less

defined as we are.
dis This most beautiful flight,
Arms close, tight to the body,
hands are gentle, as if holding gifts.
Fingers grip invisible keys,
Though the eyes are closed, they see the lights and the color of sound.

Yes, beneath heavy lids the cauldrons roll,
Memories, forged as tones drone, will never be shared.
Perhaps they will even be forgotten.

The soft-shoe sidestep shuffling slowness, nothing like my pinwheel advertisements, draws my heart like mothlight.

Secretly, I love.
gertrude sting said to me
she said the things
that put faith in rafts
i swear i will never
imagine anyone better
than you
my invisible swing
nom "keep it light enough to travel" 061208
ergo Forth! 110224
Risen I will no longer carry this pain.

I will let it go.

Let her go now.

Let her rest.

Let us rest.

what's it to you?
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