I hear you tip-toeing up behind me, and I grin to myself, but I don't turn around because I don't want spoil your fun.
Chiku I love your light caress that sends a warm fluttering feeling through my heart and creates ear-to-ear smiles. I love the way your smooth voice sedates me, and the way your melodic words can make me feel like I'm in a candy-coated dream. I love you for every reason, and for no reason at all. 010409
Lyle McMahon im soft and im a daisyfield
i am a fucking anarchy
pins and neddle and razorblades
soft like a rocket
when i cannot control my destiny
i make sure to control yours
and when i can no longer see you
i never wonder where you are

im full of hate for the love i feel for you

and when i love you i cannot love my self
your soft body soft sex soft love
soft self
scribbles the touch of your hand 010523
Jeff a wake-up kiss
after a two-day nap.
deb you don't truly know the meaning
of the word...


until you've stroked your cheek
upon the head of a
newborn baby...

there's nothing better
Myrra aka WFi the feel of Satin, charmuse and silk. It's so yummy 081004
In_Bloom My cheek rubbing on your belly skin 081004
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