sex fuck me! 980819
jorge is everybody's weakness 980821
jeff sex can be wonderful, when encompassed in love and true affection. but when tempered by emptiness emanating from someone whose touch used to be different, is exceptionally painful. amazing how that works... 980905
dallas I am as sexy as my sexual partners are old. 981027
ang sometimes is overrated and sometimes, well, you know. definately not what they show in the pornos, ick! 981027
emily aahhh...
'nuff said.
shaun my site is called age / sex / location ; where age is the ammount of years a human body has circled the "sun" on the planet earth / sex is your gender / and location is the x: and y: coordinates of your location on earth... 990204
adam is what's inbetween her thin shell and the meat underneath. 990228
Emma TS It is a fundamental thing, which is a religion to some. Desire and thought is alive and sometimes not good. It is the sugar of life. I just don't think it is the GOD of everyone, but that is only what I believe. 990318
kat sex is good when it's not just fucking but really 'making love' 990405
daxle Sex reminds me of an activity observed in a laboratory. Fucking sounds much more appealing. Love, passion, explosions, mmmm! 990729
stephen it suprises me that this word has had such little traffic within the space of a year... 990917
OTK the differentiation making sexual intercourse necessary for reproduction. And too many people write about it. 990918
jessica is everything. i'm tired of hearing about sex. i hate sex. he called me frigid. 990922
Drennan means nothing if you don't love the person you make love with. 991010
Felix Sex is addictive. Be careful. 991018
Nate Higgins I hunger crave starve for It. Whenever a fantasy of mine is crushed by reality I will always have the promise of sex sometime off in the hazy future to distract myself with. It is the wellspring of art: the subconscious seed of pure aesthetism. It is the paradoxial goal I will never allow myself to attain. It is why I am still alive and why I wish I were not. 991030
benji the desire to consume 991101
Quintessensual gets better with age 991205
erin its all good 991212
Quintessensual sure, but...
with some better than with others,
with anyone better sometimes than others
andrea a wordless action
sweat pours from skin
as he endeavors and
she watches his face
over her
she knows the sounds to make
and how to move under him
but all the while she's thinking
of the woman that sat behind them
in the movie theatre with the
firy curls and golden laugh
troy ...yeah Andrea; -and all the while HE'S thinking about the cute boy next to the woman sitting behind them in the movie theatre... HA! 991220
andrea i can look it in the face
but blush and look away
when it attempts to talk to me

copyright 1999
Divine Madnesss Sex? Huzzah for reproduction. . . without it, the world would be a sad, lonely place. 000105
amy we've all heard it.

lala springs noisy
amy barehanded.

lala springs noise
sarah bliss 000124
desolate wasteland I was wondering if love is just an excuse for sex and sex was just an excuse for reproduction, an builtin system by nature for insured continuation of the species. If so, doesn't that make existance a little miserable? 000127
Nate Higgins Duh.
If only I could muster the nerve to cut deep enough to ensure no more hope and only the dreams of the dead to comfort my cold frame. Alas another morning awaits me with it's promises never to be fulfilled.
oodles "I've never even had sex and I already hate it!"--Jason Biggs of American Pie

That describes how I feel so perfectly.
matt makes the world go round 000221
dizzy i would like to thank those two girls at the part on the pool table, thank you, whoever you were 000302
BoofPixie sex is sex is sex is sex. boys like to say this hackneyed thing about how there is a difference between sex, making love, and fucking. ha ha ha. 000311
wha help..... 000316
Brad is really ugly. Avoid mirrors. 000317
birdmad Some may think it's all a mater of semantics.

The fact of the matter remains.
With one exception...

i have never had sex with someone i actually loved and have never ( with that same exception ) loved anybody i've had sex with.

And even then ( with that same exception )none of them on either side of that equation has ever said " I love You "

The last one i truly loved has made me realize that maybe i was never meant to experience anything more than a life of meaningless one - night - stands .

Sure, it was fun once.
grasshopper mutual worship 000401
calliope i feel like a kitten
looking at all of you guys' words on this
and soaking up all the details
of something i've never had
sugarcake lastnight was my "first time" and here i am 18 years old. i don't see what all the blathering is about. it was with someone who is a lot of firsts to me: first real love, first man i trust, first person to understand me. no regrets, used a condom, did it all right and still don't get the blathering. guess it only gets better with practice? 000429
birdmad it does get better with experience.

those people who say "it's never as good as the first time" are cynical and unromantic

i can no longer separate love from sex, so until i find what i perceive to be real love, i find myself more alone of late than i care to admit. Time has changed me and i no longer find the appeal of what the writer Erica Jong referred to as the "zipless fuck"

it's gets better with experience, but i want my next experience to have some deeper meaning

though my outlook has changed, i still have no regrets and would not change the past if i could
MollyCule is only good when at least one of you is awake 000515
WoNDERGIRL you see,
sex is not near so easy
as they make it appear
on TV
MollyGoLightly Not nearly as easy...not nearly as pretty, and not NEARLY as clean...lord almighty. No one has to sleep in the wet spot on a sitcom. 000520
grasshopper good sex leaves me turned on for weeks

i didn't even cum but i could feel him inside me for days later
Barrett I imagine that prostitutes don't throw guilt trips? I'm just too cheap. 000614
rick sex is the pantomime act of creating life 000624
genyus01 is not as good as they say. maybe i'm too young...maybe i've never met the "right one"...maybe 17 year old guys could give a fuck less about YOUR orgasm...

you better know the person, cause there are some strange noises involved...
ICESI central committee announcing the international campaign for the elimination of sexual impoverishment (ICESI)

sex is a fundamental part of all human persons. but some people in our society are denied their fundamental rights to sex. being sexually unfulfilled is very bad for people's mental health.

ICESI shall be devoted to, in simple terms, getting everybody laid who wants to be laid.

ICESI shall be devoted to making people lighten up, to end repression, and just get on with fucking.

those interested in joining ICESI or being a benificerary of it please wait for further instructions
Therese why does this word have the most comments??? hmmmmmm 000711
SPIKECUMANGEL to above, it doesn't have the most comments.
Try love, that bugger takes ages to load.
Definition of sex, see my name. It wasn't intended that was though...
???????? FUCK YOUS! 000801
stan the worst i ever had was terrific 000801
Liquid Goblin Goblin
Goblin sex
Random sex
Animal sex?
Gun sex
tree sex
backwards sex
hard sex
soft sex
doctor seus sex
doctor giggles sex
midget sex
rabbit sex
lion sex
wanna have sex?
caite is better spur of the moment
but its all good
mindhack5 has the ability to captivate a soul for minutes
or devastate one for a lifetime...
power that is used is always transferred to karma
use it wisely
dopple sex is hereditary.
if your parents never had it
chances are you won't either.
ccj its the true way to show love but hey if u rnt ready ...then dont do it ...cuz it can show feelings that u sure dont want to say unless u r truly ready 000912
j_blue its so cool, i love it. its like, the coolest thing, better than taking walks in a busy town, or webbing around. i dig it sooo much. miss it often though. 000912
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject: SEX

SEX is one or more of the followings:

1. Male
2. Female
3. Non-Male
4. Non-Female
5. None of the above.

©2000 ubliss. All rights reserved
ouch emasculation 001022
Master Bannon You'll learn, my children, that the impulse that brings you together naked and trembling for each other is incomplete, and in your fumbling and confusion, no matter how sweet, you'll know another, stronger yearning to be possessed, to be ruled, to be shown by a stern and confident hand just what you are, and what extreme of feeling waits in you to be released. I hope you have the courage to follow that impulsed to your most exquisite delight. 001024
barnaclebill who's that knocking at my door?
who's that knocking at my door?
who's that knocking at my door? says the Fair Young Maiden.
It's Me at the door you beutiful whore!
says Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
Now Open the hatch and gimme some snatch
says Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
You'll fall on the floor and beg for more.
When you see my Prow you'll stoop and bow.
Now it's either you or your neighbor's cow!
say's Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
syncraticK it wasn't so much sex as melting...i could feel myself dropping drip by precious drip into him with every passing moment and breath...and in those moments we were no longer separate beings, each in our own lives, but one in the same life...i can still feel him beside me..inside my mind, like he was then...i miss him. 001106
Glory Box is one of the three topics that everything, everyone, everywhere is familiar with. Every single noise uttered has come from the three roots of society (humanity): Love, God, and Sex. It's unavoidable. It's undeniable. It's omnipresent and, from the days when we were grunting and staring, sex has been the universal language. A rising pelvis says more than the entire English language ever will. 001111
frank n furter It's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. 001111
daanuh lets do the time_warp again 001116
Chris I heap scorn on those that assume that because I am male this is my only drive. 001201
Annania wow. I thought this would be alot more full thatn it it. I guess i think about sex too much. 001210
EECP brad wrote above "is ugly avoid mirrors" sorry brad I have to disagree. I think sex with the right person is beautiful and I encourage mirrors. In fact i am trying to find the perfect mirror to compliment my room. 001214
Dark~Sky666 well, well, well im back so what? when u look at me what do u c do u see me or do you c a scared little girl????? tell me TELL ME FUCKING TELL ME!!!!!!! OH MY GOD 001218
jackie IS THAT ALL YOU MEN WANT? use me, play me, touch me, suck me.....all this you do only makes me CRY!!!!!! 001228
Erin right on top of me
your legs locked around me
Our hips are against eachother
I feel your bones
I get a chill
your skin is so soft and clear
I want you to be closer to me...
Never have this moment end
our stomaches breathing in and out
Emotions are engulfing me
Our arms around eachother
Never end...please have this moment never end.
unhinged i just want some damnit....i don't think the first time counted for obvious reasons. never how i expected to lose my virginity and it was short and didn't even feel good. blah...girls need it a lot more than guys think. 010118
di it's a primal's down in us so deep we can't ever escape it. so we may as well enjoy it to it's fullest. 010122
Penetration It's funny...
Sex seems to mean something different to everyone...
Sex to me...plain old penetration...
Without penetration...there is no sex...heterosexuals penetrate...homosexuals penetrate...its all about penetration...
piercedjenny sex is just a 3 letter word for amazing hot rocking body-knockin' times.
love only comes into the equation by people who can't picture the total bliss that comes from erotocism and freedom of self.
why, if i enjoy sex must i be labelled? why must you if you don't?
is there anyone that can have sex with my mind as well as my body?
finally... why is it that because i have numerous body piercings, any time anyone talks about them, all it becomes is a discussion on sex.
grr... i am more than a sex machine damnit. i have a mind.
Crespi I have never loved.
I need to love her before it can happen, and I wonder if I ever will.
alex311swim people have it...
some want it...
others loathe it...
some enjoy it...
and other want it with the people they cant have...never the less the chace is the fun part
ladydreamer0114 it is better out then in. 010209
starlette ...again? 010209
raechel makes a girl a slut if she has it too much....but why does it make a guy a pimp? 010211
G_wiz13 mmmmmm... hot, crazy, kinky, and and hot(its worth saying twice) sex. 010213
Lindsey From the depths of my insecurities,
I pulled forth the strength
to refrain from flinching at your touch.
Sometimes I wish
I could take it back.
danger boy 101 Games rule, you drule, boys are cool, so cool infact that girls drule, wishing that they could get some dick in the middle of the night, insted of asking in the day they play with your thing at night. Not saying a thing untill your alone in a room with with nothing on, maybe you'll be lucky if she evers says do you wanna make some love with me here in my bed... 010217
jackie adam sex. i can smell in on me when i shower. what we did. what we shared. it's a beautiful smell. a smell of wanting, needing, and letting go. letting go. what i want from you. all i ever wanted. sex. so beautiful. it tore us apart. why? because females are not supposed to want it like males? because i orgasm quickly? because i love having you inside me? that is when i feel complete. with you and only you. letting go. what i wanted from you, what i need from myself now. amazing world. 010228
the boy with the thorn in his side Love is a prelude to sex. And under the delusion that love is something more, something else...not grander or bigger or god or sense, just the reason my veins burned with ache and need and lust...and we consummated our little arrangement and yes this is it and yes I love you, see...Because that's it -- the final curiosity to be satisfied.

And what emptiness. And you were expecting something grander and bigger and god and sense and so was I so was I. But we didn't have that -- we had each other limp and alien and in touching petrified flesh. And you got off the bed first.
Dark Rifter X Information for unhinged and any other female that agrees with her that "girls need it a lot more than guys think."


Cuz in this back-asswords Politically Correct society a guy trying to ask a girl if she likes him seems to be considered sexual harassment. Also we are denser than rock when it comes to feminine hints and subtlety.
Dark Rifter X Can be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life but like anything it is all about the emotional attachment that goes with it. I mean I’ve had hugs and kisses from someone I love that are much more valued, treasured and pleasurable then all night fuck sessions that where just one night stands. I would have to say I would rather spend the rest of my life with the person I love unable to have sex then getting laid constantly without love. 010314
Aimee sex is evil sex is sin, i'm the devil so lets begin! 010314
constance i had sex with my boyfriend the other night for the first time. it wasn't picture perfect, nor was it DECENT. it was nothing more than a sneeze or a blink of an eye. oh, bless me. 010314
mikey that sucks! i used to study sex so that would never happen to me. but if the one your with has no sucks. but some people place value in sex some dont. personaly i think its like all things you need to KNOW how to do it. theres little things that some people have no clue about. little things can make or break a good sexual experiance. 010315
vampers a great driving force and a weakness 010324
mikey sex is good
sex is great
with someone else
or even alone
just masturbate!

just be responsible and safe is all i say.
unhinged i was denied last night because of my stitches but at least he still got i'm just horny as hell. we'll have to have more fun when these stitches come out. 010325
acceber Pure fucking. Nothing more... Unless he's good.. then maybe. He sees it as an act of love.. I see lust. 010403
mmm pure love. or atleast i hoped, i guess i was wrong 010403
mmm nope i was wrong about being wrong.... i feel better now 010403
mpayton I could use some 010404
lame fucking is fun, sometimes...I'm glad my shorty loves meh 010404
devotchka it's only natural.
everybody does it sometime,
or all the time.
body signals.
i think that i'm sending plenty of them
but even if i haven't, why i can't just say i want it?! or not say anything at all, just kiss him?
is he really going to say "no, not now."?
i'm too shy for this,
i just want him to read my mind.
i want it now!
marek people are so narrow-minded.. theres alot more to it than just shoving it in.. ~*lick, lick*~ 010412
Rayne is something that separates the men from the boys. 010417
Bored When I see the word "sex", I either get horny, I get ticked, or I don't care, but right now, I just want to get it on.


Maybe because I'm bored. Yup. Bored.

I mean, I can make myself horny, if I try. I'm not even horny. I'm just bored.

Yeah, I could read, or think about my life, but fuck that! Who wants to do THAT when there's sexxxx.....

Ahhhh... fantasies...

I expected to read some hot stuff, ya know? Hot sex stuff at Blather. But I guess not.

Maybe I should click horny...
psychobabe hey bored your not the only one who gets horny when you see the word 010428
^ Tell me alanna, why do I place so much importance on the act itself? Isnt love enough?

We all asked each other in high school which would we prefer, a good relationship and great sex, or a great relationship and good sex... Why when all my friends chose 1 was I the only one who was adimate that 2 was the correct choice?

And now that I am living 2, a great and wonderful relationship but with good sex and only infrequently, why is it I look upon my beloveds face and wonder sometimes if i should have gone for 1?

Why is it that I place so much importance on sex? Grunts and sighs and some sweat and its all over.

Why, without it, do i feel so ugly and unloved, when my love so clearly loves me?

Why must I place so much importance on the act itself?

And if I'm trying to convince myself that or sex life is normal, why will I not tell anyone how un-often we have sex?

Why can't he see that once every 6 weeks isn't enough?
nemo i've had sex... alot... i just cant make it seem as good as its suppose to be. i guess i dont get into it enough or something, but this is a problem i'm not sure how to help... haha i am stupid, dont ya think? i want it to be kinky, rough, and the guy needs to be really agressive... but it never really ends up like that, its just normal boring sex. 010604
baby satan ya want some rough humpin', do ya? come to bs! i'll rub ya with my sideburns till ya don't know your vertical from your diagazontal! 010605
kinkazoid sex is not the answer, sex is the question...the answer is yes. 010612
Beat-Up Broken and Numb to the World Sex... Some want it.
Some need it.
Some hate it.
I can say honestly I feel all of the
above. I want her body her love and
her touch. I want to taste her and
touch her. I want to be a part of her.
I need her. I need her to use me. I
want her to use me like a sex machine.
A permenent sex toy attachment. I
want her to ignore me and head right
for my cock. And I want her to pay
attention to me for endless hours.

And I hate that I dont have her. I hate that she doesnt want it. I hate that
I need it so damn much. I hate her damn
frigid mind. I hate my mind. I hate her.
And I love her forever.
hello ! you forgot ARMEN !

well the shape for that is not on this keyboard something like / but with a point! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh KkkkkkkKKy

clear your throat it is guitar.
try having sex to music, wow that could be interesting!

you've got the whole world in your hands... kumbyaarrrrrrr my lord kum by arrrrrr..... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

silence is nicer. but the singing is fun and devotional.
Sheena SEX---the one thing that binds u and the person u love. sometimes it gets taken advantage of and people do it thinkin they are in love but really all they are is HORNY! hold off till u know its the right person. hopefully ull wait till ur married!! remember SAFE SEX IS NO SEX! ;-) 010618
josh sex--well sex is used pretty freely. people go and sleep with other people they dont even know. to me thats just stupid. God gave you a gift..your body. its the only thing you really own, and ur just goin to give urself to someone u dont know anything about or wont remember the next day? Sex wuz made to be shared between two people that truely love each other...not for somebody u met that night at a bar. 010618
//// i can't wait till we finaly... 010618
black-dyed gel product sex spelt sideways is straightedge. That's stupid. 010618
keeper someday right?
someday sooner
sooner than i expected
but hey, im not complaining :) im patiently waiting
mixedbag sex is something that i first experienced at the hands of a teacher. was it consentual, yes. was it right, probably not. was it even good, NO!! but it was forbidden. only one other person aside from myself knows that i lost my virginity to a teacher. having moved onto a safe relationship i made him wait for our first night together. i was powerful, i called the shots. he was like a little boy. sex is empowering, and this is how it should be, not degrading. looking back, my affair with the teacher was degrading. we both knew it was wrong and that no commitment would be made as a result of our relationship. just pure sex. sex is so much better when it is done with someone you care about, and this time i wasn't looking for a commitment as a result of sex, sex came about as a result of a commitment that my love and i made to each other. 010620
george clinton wanna-be i've had alot of sex, but never once with anyone i cared aboout as more than a friend, or really cared about in general sometimes. but ive only had sex with... joesph,david, and josh/tina (a common 3 some) so its not like i get around or anything. but i tried to have sex with a guy i really really really care about, and it didnt work out for me. it sucked. i have no idea how i am going to get over this. another problem i have is that i cant date or really do anything with anyone i truely care about. this really bothers me alot, but i'm not sure how to go about fixing it... 010626
Casey I once told this girl that I respected her and all females. That I would not have sex until my partner and I both knew we were ready. Then she laughed at me. 010630
Casey hot, sweat, sweet, wet, red, heat, please don't stop, harder, sticky, licky, trickle, tickle, steamy, creamy, stroking, soaking, touch, taste, deep, dark, kiss, beg, slap, fear, thick, please, faster, wetter, bastard,bitch, whore, cannibal, more, animal, fluid, no fluid, blood, break, latex, rubber, friction, slipped, shit, ouch, damn, safe, where'd it go, love, no love, joke 010630
baby satan as a result of those words, my penis grew eight inches in the space of four milliseconds. spicy. 010701
sickgirl "slacker bitch fag hag whore looks real cute her lips are sore slacker bitch driping sex from every pore" (placebo,slackerbitch)

i miss u, man as a woman, miss the way u made me laugh,miss ur skirts and miss ur ass, miss ur dick, i miss ur smile, i loved you as much u left me love you... i love u as much as i can fight against loving you... my forced abstincence of ur skirts, similes, ass, and dick, made me suffer, made me lonely, god i miss u so much
sarah is so powerful.
i formed an attachment
to a man i would never
see again.
i can't sleep at night
becuase i think of him
i'm so mad at myself for it -
but i can't forget it
it's more powerful than any wine
or any drug
it involves the mental, physical, and spiritual.
it is an involvement of the whole being
and once it's done - it can't be undone.
i love sex
but i hate what it does to me.
me yum 010819
pralines&cream anticipation
anticipate your touch
your fingertips chill my body
sending shivers through me
up me
down me
in me
touching, searching
warm, wet
closed eyes, open mouth, arched back
in ecstacy
you're there above me, searching, discovering, the first time
my pink lips and
soft skin
chocolate bootay I wonder if Id be like Jesus if I were a mind without hormones.

silly thought

oon a serious note, I love/hate sex. Is anyone else like this? once my hormones rage Im willing to fuck anyone (my willingness is relative. if the chick is ugly i betta have a lotta mad hormones throughout me. like when Im drunk) even if the woman is beautiful (and Im not drunk) after I explode, my hormones flee from me and Im left empty. left alone and sober. like this:

Calvin Miller-"Everyman looked down. 'I only loved her while I lusted, and then I hated her for making me recall I am never satisfied for long.'"

after my hormones leave, I hate the position I am in. I dont want to pretend I love her anymore. I dont want to see her. I dont want to touch her. I dont want to lay there. I want the fuck away from the woman. My dick has no more.

empathy? ...
kraken such a big deal.
people make it so big.
remember the virgin amongst us who is gradually relising he's missing out on the best college sex of his life.
to drunk to fuck.
starved the faint tinge of it in my addled mind even overtook the scent of the smoke

my blood burning inside of me but i could not put it in words and you would have refused me anyway if i had asked

so i retreated, still content by the fact that you had graced me with your presence at all but ever so hungry for even the slightest touch

i did not stop sweating and i did not sleep and every vein and artery and muscle ached from how badly i wanted to make love to you
ghettobitch its not bad its really great when you find the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with its sex 010917
void Sex makes me think about things that distract me from sex. Most things in life make me think about sex. 010929
starrun He will wait, if we work, he wants me to be his first, and he mine
It's so hard not to
but our love is enough and someday it will be my ecstacy to feel him inside
niki i had a bad girl dream about this the other night. I woke up thinking "i can't think about stuff like this!" then I went back to sleep in the hopes i would dream it again. 011001
in-sanity it won't leave me
the feeling of the other body
wanting, needing, greeding.
taking me over
against my wishes, which i could not express

I .. wish I could go back
psychobabe gender 011007
irstaphanizzle i enjoy bathing in the warm healing light of the Irstaphanizzle whilst I receive oral sex 011009
always like a mess of beads
falling around
upon my chest
an echo
I hesitate to give
why change
Thomas Ryan sex, the ultimate slave to all
sex, the ultimate leader of all
Solstice (see stay) This is what we wanted, both of us. But not yet. I want to wait, and for it to be meaningful. You seem to understand, and you say you agree with me. I want to give you what you want so bad, but I don't want it to just be quick lust, and then the end of the relationship. My mind wants to make you happy, yet at the same time my mind is saying wait. My body, lol. . . my body wants it just as much as you do. I wish there was a simple way to eliminate it from the equation, just for now. To actually stop, and think, and feel, and try and decide exactly what we both feel. But it almost seems like an all consuming need. Like my cafeine withdrawl, or your nic fits. . . At those points all I can think about is COFFEE and all you think about is CIGARETTE. It is like that. I don't want to comepletely give up sex for the rest of my life. But I wish my hormones and all that would back off long enough for me to think a little more rationally. 011104
Aaron sex is good.

soft slow sex.
hard fast sex.
clean wet sex.
sloppy sex.
mean rough sex.
nice passionate sex.
oral sex.
str8 sex.
anal sex.
gay sex.
fruit and whipped cream sex.
tied down and whipped sex.
i don't remember last night sex.
i wish i didn't remember last night sex.
i'll remember that for the rest of my life sex.
wild animal sex.
tamed planned sex.
fat sex.
skinny sex.
i've had all kinds of sex.

first time sex.
good bye sex.
wonderful tripping sex.
fantastic rolling sex.
almost sex.
sucking licking sex.
i can't see anything sex.
please please let me put it in sex.
smelly sex.
tastey sex.
on the rebound back sex.
inbound sex.
i am bound sex.
tied down sex.
tied up sex.
multiple partner sex.
no partner sex.
it wasn't really sex sex.
i hope i'm not infected sex.
where am i sex.
group sex.
partner swapping sex.
it got in my hair sex.
i couldn't cum sex.
i didn't mean to cum sex.
did she cum? sex.
nails ouch scratch my back sex.
whips and handcuffs sex.
drunken sex.
stonned sex.
coked up sex.
that doesn't go there sex.
doggie style sex.
who's next sex.
wow i've never seen that done before sex.
don't i even get a hello? sex.
best sex ever sex.
i thought she said she was gay sex.
am i gay? sex.

i've done it all

fucking, sucking, penatrating, masterbating, lust, bust, make love, let's fuck, sex sex, bumping, humping, grinding, pounding, wet, sliding, yummy, fast, food, leather, metal, silk, lace, slap slap slap, thump thump thump, moans, screams, everything in between, faster harder, now now now, give it to me, take it from me, tied down, hurts so nice, please i want it, i think i came twice, watch me bleed, all i need, in knuckel deep, tell me when it hurts, but it feels too good, whimper and beg, can we please, give it to me, give it to me, now now now, more more, dirty little whore, if you ask nice, give it all, cry and plead, what we have, what you need.

it's just sex.......

but oh how i love to make love to her...
ice my sex drive controls me
"no i don't like to bareback"
there i go again.
3 months and i get to test myself again.
mz.anonymous? ... feels good and uhm, i like it doggie style. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 011121
jestification it was one rock star or the other...... .............
hey, i have standards...................
i choose the other because the one is off time.
and we met again for the first time
and he heard me speak but i never opened my mouth
and he brought me to places i deeply wished for in my most forgotten dreams
and i never opened my mouth.
he felt me inside and out
and on levels i haven't visualized in years....
causing me to open my mouth.
and the emotion poured out of me like damns had been broken all over the rationlized world......
and i could hear myself......
and i could hear him......
and we could hear each other...
...................over amps and mics and scenes and drugs and kids and poets and paint brushes......................
all information was liquified into one dose of passion...never to be bottled.
ClairE You know, if you were making some form of life, and decided

ok they will make new life by sticking this part into this slot

and the babies will come out of this slot
and the babies will grow up to like slots
but not his/her own slot of arrival

and the ones who made the baby come out of the slot
can't be near their babies' slots or tools


well it's just a big mess. desire and the forbidden and rules and silliness all mixed together.

sex makes no sense.
piercedjenny With all the sex i've had, in all the different places, I never thought I'd find lust in the hospital, not ever.
I'm waiting for my doctor today so he can tell me i'm crazy, and I spot this YOUNG guy, about 5 years younger than me coming out of his office. I smile, and instead of letting him walk away --as I always do when my sex drive kicks into overdrive and I control it-- I say hi. I chatter away as he waits to talk to the nurse, and bold of bold tell him I'd like to take him out for drinks tonight. He smiled and said "where should I pick you up?"
It sounds bad, but I didn't want this stranger to know where I lived, I just wanted to wrap myself up in the sexuality he portrayed and consume him.
I met him and we took seperate cars to the bar. I kissed him and touched him and he told me he was glad I made the first move. I just touched him along his jaw. We left there and went somewhere private, where body parts, mouths, arms, hands, legs, chest to chest we were ravishing the other's soul, fucking the mind before the body.
Call me a whore, cheap, a slut, its ok, I had mindblowing orgasmic sex, and actually felt like I wasn't crazy for 5 minutes.
Crazy part? As he was driving me back to his car, I asked why he was at the doctors?
MY doctor is HIS brother.
Guess that's one night of sex not to be repeated.
ClairE hello






























turn your head

M. a drop of sex brings a bit of a calendar into your left knee 011213
ClairE Jon said to me, "i just want sex. but i am stupid about it."

So, I consoled him:
"it's okay. you just described the entire planet."

Jon: hahahah

Then I realized, "i don't think anyone has found a good way to be about sex"

Then I said, "ooh good blathe."

Oh, man.
Jenna hehehehehe 011215
bit sex is ... well, sex is sexy.... mmmm.. yeah, I like that. 011221
bit me? ... yes I do thank you...
you? no,... not you. not you...not now.
later? no.. not later eaither...
bit me? ... yes I do thank you...
you? no,... not you. not you...not now.
later? no.. not later eaither...
eva she's a slut they say. thats all i hear. yet nobody really says it. its all just because i know it. i dont have time for feelings or thoughts or rejection. that stuff scares me. scares me to death.peoople like me are just afraid.if only i could go back to when i didnt know what it was like to love.i wish i was that nieve and innocent. 011223
eva sex would be so much easier then. 011223
Boymansonbowie i used to hate it, dread it because i knew it was coming and i had to do it if i ever wanted him to stay with me. then i met the right person and it wasn't even about that. and that's when it was wonderful. I have never felt the way i did that night in the front seat of that Dynasty where the man i love and i first made love. it was his first time and it might as well been mine too, because compared to that, nothing else ever even happened. that is what it's all about. 020206
luvjunkie pure fuck me you pain joy
please please

give me all of you
blown cherry I wish you'd just fuck me, or else tell me to fuck off altogether. But no, you keep me on a leash, desperately following you in the merest hope of a fuck. 020211
blown cherry I've got something different to say today.

Almost every time I've had sex recently I've learned something different about what it is to give your body to someone, and to welcome theirs back. It's a totally different universe once your soul gets involved.

It can be the caring caress you give to someone when you know there is little hope left in their life. You hold them and try to take on their burden in your arms, inside of you. Their pain and unseen tears. Like holding a newborn baby and crying because you know that you can't hold them forever and sooner or later they're going to be on their own, alone in a harsh and cruel world. even if it is a world I helped to create.

And then there is pushing your physical boundaries. It cannot be denied that sex fucks with your head, but how much depends a lot on how far you let your body go.
When nothing is sacred and there is only flesh and want to consume the other peson any way you can, you begin to see the opening to eden.

Flesh and souls.

For me sex is utopia. There is no higher playing field. The games change, the goals are scored differently. But i'm on a higher plane than anywhere else when I get in just the right mood.

Flesh and Souls
Flesh and Souls
Flesh and Souls
blamethesky i'm never going to be able to sit on the couch in the photo room of my school again after last night... 020217
silentbob that's an interesting image 020218
little wonder i'm glad i read that before going in there.

but the question is...why won't you sit on the couch?
blamethesky i did end up sitting on it...and you would know why if you bothered to come to school today. 020218
silentbob emily...

will i ever look at you the same way again?
little wonder yes well i had to go "skiing" with my mum and brother and sister. 020218
carne de metal pablo es una diva. 020218
eva slut 020220
Casey This guy I know always wants his girlfriend to have sex with him. He thinks that his relationship is all sex and nothing else. The two of them fight constantly and he is only ever happy when he gets a blow job or something like that. He doesn't even want to have a heart to heart conversation with her anymore. I hate guys and relatioships like that. 020221
lady lunchbox the other nite, i broke down and cried during sex. it's not that i didn't want to be there making love to's just that i was thinking too much about things that might have been. i made the mistake of trying to fill that void that has been left inside of me, but i should've known better.
sex is never the same anymore.
lotusmagic too much sex depletes your qi 020331
Freak Its always better when your with someone you love. Someone you connect with. When its not, its never quiet good enough. Everything is off. But when your connected with someone everything is smooth and sweet:) It feels better physically, mentally, literally. 020423
Lotusmagic sex is the culmination of everything 020427
unhinged then that explains why my life seems to be so goddamn pathetic. shit...i don't even want to know what the sex i've had is a culmination of. 020427
sharva there is a naked girl curled up next to me right now. asleep, as i type softly so as not to wake her. you all know her. yeah. all of you.

it is nice.
I can't get enough of it.
jane i have this "friend"
that's all he is: my friend.
and we've been having sex about a month now
i was never interested in him before
but now
i think i'm falling in love with him

maybe just with the way he fucks
jane we're having sex tonight but we always have to do it in the wee hours of the morning so that no one hears him go in and out of my window 020513
CRO It's overrated.
I'd rather talk now.
I must be getting old.
It just doesn't have the same... i don't know.
It's almost routine now.
.blekk.tchynah.dol. is not comfortable on a small blow up mattress 020519
Read Chuck Palahniuk's "Choke" it's a good, short read.

I almost married someone that I thought I was in love with. In retrospect, I have a feeling it was just the sex that kept me around.
jane no sex for a week....?!
sex is like food now
click we did it on the beach, in the dunes of montagna del oro, getting sand everywhere. later he went doggy on me on his mother's porch while she was inside the kitchen making her evening tea.

all the sudden i looked down and he had finished his cigarette and there it was, ready for me.
tabia is "overrated" - but that's just a code word for "i'm screwing someone else besides you now" 020602
Freak My escape
My place to hide
Thats why I want it ALL of the time
Just to get away
squigglybee naked bodies stuck together
ecstasy, passion, breathing
touching all over, feeling
closeness, hearts beating
sensations of pleasure
that echo and surround you
holding each other tight
never letting go

sex should be with the one you love and plan on loving for the rest of your existance. it is not something to take lightly and to take for granted. it is a special act that should not be over-used or abused
Trajik007 A.K.A NOAH TAYLORS PROPORTY how can you have accidental sex? "Whoops sorry, just slipped in there." not possible 020718
she He's not the kind that looks for a relationship, and I know that. That's why I'm more than willing just to call him up for some 'lovin' a couple times a week.

*grins and licks her lips*
erinicolejax Doesn't exist in my world anymore apart from you. 020718
jusslissen2me is tempting. If you are in-experienced and have sex with someone who isnt, you'll be easily addicted to it. And if two in-experienced people do it, they would both think it was a waste of time. But if you both know what you are doing, it would be just as good to them as it was to you. SO LEARN ABOUT SEX NOW!!! 020721
Alice I agree.

reprimand sex says don't study me, wait for me to let you go when you and your man are sharing one love. 020723
jusslissen2me "Sex is something that is being done in moderation."

"Women, before losing their virginity, wants the sex to be special. I dont think where you are and what kind of candles are lighting is what makes it special, but the person your with and your feelings for them is what makes is special. But either way, it's just sex."
phil today 020729
lalalooloo lovely yet scary yet memorable yet the best fucking feeling in the world 020809
melissah lips travel
down my neck
a hand against
my thigh
playful exploration and
a passionate
pensais sex in the darkroom is like porn without the props, and conveniently placed static characters.

it's just him and me in the red light.
jane we went out to the country to watch the meteor shower

and i convinced him to fuck me under the flying_stars

in the middle of nowhere
underneath the sky
warm summer night
on the ground
jane it_was_fucking_beautiful 020814
cheer-up-emo-kid your carpet is soft. 020814
Qazual If I could never have done it... I would never do it 020918
jane the sex has become more intense
more rich
so that when he is complete
i feel complete
more sweat
more eye contact
more understanding

i could never have dreamed it would be like this
call_me_lydea I dare to dream too much... 020919
cresentwhench Sex is not good in a tree...especially if you fall out of it joined together.
Be CAREFUL in trees!
sheila sex is addicting, you do it once and you love it, well i did... maybe its just because im in love with who i fucked? or at least i think i am well either way, the less you do it, the better it is when you do. 021022
BluSmurF The Best... 021203
p2 "sex is like air,
it's no big deal
until you stop getting any"
- sorry, don't remember who
minnesota_chris a sloppy paradise 021203
jane i'm in such a good mood........ 021204
minnesota_chris is this still the friend who is just a friend that you think you might be falling in love with, Jane? 021204
jane same guy, different situation

i was right, it was just a phase
there was a point where i could have potentially fallen in love with him

but i got a hold of myself

i guess now we're what raegan calls ftf
Haley I know far too much about it while still being a virgin. I have people coming to me for sex advice... and boy can I give it. 021213
Alexandra AKA Kiwie has this ever happened to any 1 else?
i'm on my way to my boyfriends house,its late,i'm horney (i'm talkin the hole deal:hard nipples, lickin my lips,everything)i finaly get there, i'm lookin good,tight pants, half a shirt, he wants me. bad.i look at him,in his muscle shirt and his baggy army pants.oooooohh.i almost moan just lookin at him. i want him.bad.hes reaching for me, reasting his hands on my soft curves and kissing me...sweet,hot, hornyness grew to a rage,i pulled away and gently pushed him onto his bed. I knew he was only with me for the sex, but i was so blinded by love for him that i refused to belive it.that night i lost my virigenity.but i lost it in hot, wild, steamy, sex with the man i still love with all my heart.Two days later he broke it off.i wasnt shocked, i can tell you that much, but i was dazed by the slightest idea of not having him.

After that i turned into a heartless,sex sucking,bitch.

i still love him, he dosnt even think of me,i got a rebound guy,he fell in love with me,i fucked him a few times and let him think he had me befor i dumped him. i hurt two more guys this way before coming to my sences and now i stay out of all relationships that require more of me than a kiss after school.4 monthes later im recovering, slowly but surely.This guy anthony has really been healping me, if he reads this page than Anthony:I thank you soo much for being there for me and i promise to return the favor. thanks for reading this,its nice to get it off my sholders....finally. LOL.
Kristopher Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

Gimme some more!!

Yeah, I know that's what I quoted in 'gimme'. It still works. *S*
openyourbelly is an eye-opener. among other things. 021230
openyourbelly and it's overrated too. 021230
me why so much discussion?

it's natural human instinct

to pull away

to want it

to be scared

why so much discussion

when it really is so simple

krimilda more!!! 021231
tricia slut 030109
tricia not me not now...that's what we all say until the control is lost and we lose our way

but its so fun!
Lilac One of my friends used to babysit this girl who had asked her mother what sex felt like. Her mother replied "it feels like being tickled with a feather."

I don't think I would describe it that way, but then again how do you describe what sex feels like at all let alone an elementary age child?
Arugula Red I dunno... it's kinda like when you're tickled so hard that you can't move... or when you sneeze. Only much much better. 030109
Gnos Yidari Having sex doesn't make you a man, it only proves that your plumbing works. Having sex renders you a slave... 030110
megan unbridled passion, emotion running wild. the unification of souls... 030131
stevelo all that i know is that i've been held captive. i was a prisoner for sex i would have regreted. after many months of tribulation i will never talk to her again. i was willing to hold out till the end, but in the end i was just her twisted sicky.

now i've met a girl and i have offered my wrists. and she put them around her. there will be no arrest. i am free. i can be let out, there is no cage. and i am still a virgin. and i feel good about me, i am a man, a better man. cause it is love and not the lack of.
megan thank you stevelo.
your understanding of love astounds me, your description of it is even better.
kudos to you, and tell your lucky girl to count her stars tonight.
LANcaster Big dream of two bodies and much of fluids 030305
JT An X-T-C of fumbling 030309
BoogerFace "Sex is like pizza

when its good its good and when its bad...

its still pretty good"
IPoopMyPants! "Sex is like pizza

when its good its good and when its bad...

its still pretty good"
Scared I'm really afraid of it hurting the first time. Can the innitial pain for females really be worth it? 030322
shhhhhhhhh you know you want it 030323
Quazimofo Put simply, it is physical intimacy

When combined with emotional intimacy is often confused with love. Without it, is often confused with lust...

That which makes relationships complicated...
knife2 you want it from me? 030402
jenjen rubbing.
can't stop.
must have.
must fill up with you.

touch me.
novice Ok, I'm a virgin, so I have a question even though it seems dumb...What does sex feel like? Like when his penis goes in u and durning sex?? Sorry I know it's dumbm I'm just cursious? 030413
minnesota_chris like a really good poop, times ten. 030413
Novice How would u know your a guy??? Are there ne girls out there who can answer me? 030414
minnesota_chris that definition was from a woman, actually.. on blather even I think.

I think the anatomy is similar actually... if you turn the penis inside out, reroute the urethra (and testes start out approximately where woman's ovaries are) you have pretty much the same thing.
Novice o 030415
maybe baby dont you ever just want to go out and break all of the rules? have sex with some random guy.. or maybe even girl in some random club just for the pure animalistic passion of it? 030422
Novice Not really, random isn't my thing, I want to know that person deeply, and I don't want to feel the effects of just having my heart broken cuz I'm horny. That's not my point...I have most important things to do then to subcome to lust. Sorry that's just how I am 030425
hi = babies 030503
elocin judge it if you want
claim rigtheous indignation if you want
clutch your bible to your chest
and damn those who do it
praise the lord
curse the sinners
do what ever you need to
make your place in heaven secure
but i know one thing
that you don't
the place that you seek
is free
it costs nothing
to be
so live for the moment
or die trying
because the only thing worse than not
reaching heaven
is this hell on earth
Alakaz -is fun when you don't love that person
-is fun heaven when you do
-orgasm makes all the mess worthwile
-knowing she likes it as much as or more than you is mind blowing
-never is like a porn (cool cause I don't have a fireman's uniform)
-is God's incentive for procreation
-is even more fun if you bleed a little
(ya know have some of your skin in her long fingernails) hurt me baby!!!!!
-really the most fun if you both come
-is never fun if you cheat
-and hey I would take a little of all that right now
Alakaz and to you teenagers or unemployed 20 somethings:
use lots of protection and/or have the pullout method perfected before you do it, because I ain't payin for no babies with my hard earned money that I did not help make
joda If your method of safe sex is pulling out, you ought to be banned from all sex-related activities. Permanently.

Wear a condom. Every time. No excuses.
-Jessica- i want it now! 030505
B.A.Dorman The endless topic of conversations 030508
. . 030525
little wonder 25 times in 9 days. still puts a smirk on my face. 030526
jane i wish we did it last night 030527
jane i wish we did it last night 030527
girl_jane Why aren't you here...

My goodness, it's crazy how much I want you right now...we'll be together soon.
User24 sex seems to be a hot topic on blather recently. 030529
girl_jane It must be the weather... 030529
Maybe Nat Would Say Sex. I want It. All the Time.
To Get Away from it all and .L.i.v.e. with you for a while.
To Enter another realm and experience something real.
But I don't want it at all.
I want to be loved, and to have intimate conversation. to not feel like a slut and to relish in the fact that we don't have to do something sexual
...and laugh at others who do.
But that might not ever happen.
My dreams won't come true.
and the disney industries will be calling me, begging and pleading me, not to write my story,
Just so they can make a few bucks.
SO know CHILD will know the true essence of life, and that things don't work out the way you want them to, and that shit happens.
That life isn't perfect, because its not. It's stupid, and a waste of time.
That every child's dream doesn't come true. and you know what I will say to disney, offering me millions...
I will say...
"fuck you. fuck you for ruining my life, and making me believe I could be a princess, and fuck you for making me think that my dreams could come true. because they won't. They never will. I won't get my scholarship to the best art academy in the world, meaning I will never go to college due to lack of money in this household. and things with my boyfriend will probably never be the same as in the beginning. And My life will be meaningless, and stupid. Over estimated. I will be stuck here listening to my Rockabilly music, wishing I was in another time. Having sex with Peter Parker. Away from it all.
god sex_vs_ham 030620
mona loves you after what he said last_night I am so glad we didn't 030621
Saphfire Is a weapon that everyone should know how to use. 030701
accidentprone i've never felt so good while having sex in my life than when i'm with you. i can't explain this amazing sensation that just flows through my veins when we're together. whispering dirty things into one another's ears and making each other want the other that much more. i've never been this way with anyone else. there's something about you. it just turns me on so fucking much. you're amazing and you don't even realize it. why would you ever waste your time on me? oh wait, the sex. that's right. 030701
ItGirl It was just sex, just sex and kissing, no feelings involved right. I mean obviously you held up your end of the bargain.

You're in love with a girl who said, “Hey, I don’t want you.” That's what dumping is by the way, it's nice for I don't want you. And you LOVE her, love HER. What the hell does love mean any way? It means, “Hey I want to fuck you but please don't touch me after I get off because then I'll feel like I cheated on the girl that I love who doesn't want me.

O and I know you mean it, you were probably thinking about her when your dick was buried inside your favorite slut. And she, the girl you just had meaningless sex with, want to sob like a baby, but of course she doesn't cause that'd be just fucking pathetic now wouldn’t it, standing there blubbering in the nude, nothing sexy about tears. I mean really you don’t jerk off to pictures of girls sobbing their eyes out, at least I hope you don't.

And why does she want to cry? Cause she sure as hell wouldn't fall for a pathetic piece of shit who still LOVES his ex even though SHE doesn't want him. In fact he now scares the hell out of that girl, that stupid ass girl who doesn’t even know how lucky she is.

But no she would never fall for a guy like that. It'd be stupid, even if he is funny and fun with cute eyes and a great ass. I mean what girl wants a guy with a cock that huge any way. He doesn't even get off just by sucking. So what if he's got perfect skin and the most killer happy trail? Those things aren’t important. It's the fact that he can make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world one moment and America’s whore of the year all in under ten minutes, that must be what doesn’t it for you. I mean it’s true that everyone knows that when a guy moans your name while you’re sucking him off it doesn't mean anything. In fact, he’s never done anything to indicate even the remotest interest in you, well in you as a regular person any way (not a sex object). So why would you love some one like that? Damned stupid...damned stupid
Original sin Lust. The number one killer. 030728
anonymous not to be taken lightly. only for making babies. fun?what are you crazy? 030804
Sarah I don't drink and I don't do drugs and someone asked me what I do instead and I told them sex. 030828
fatty me to 030829
krazykat Sex is your god.
Worship him.
Love is dead.
mina what does it mean to you when you are with me? 030901
tortuous it means that i'm sharing a part of me with you. that for those few mintues together i am no longer me. we become something else and go off to some blissful place as one. its like nothing else matters. all that i'm concerned with is making you happy. to see your smile and feel your touch. you hugging me to you so close, embracing me, makes my heart spin. its like i'm in a dream. 030902
mich hesh wants sex! 031008
Cherry_Springwater Sheet swimming has its advantages, I must admit. Find the right *mpf* with a little *aAAAaaahhhh* and some *powpowpow* and I'm feelin' alright. 031008
..isnt just about giving or taking, its about the shared experience, the act of sharing something special with someone special. meaningless as it may be for some, it is the truest expression of love, and when expressed through love, it can be the most blissful moment ever felt in the arms of another 031014
misstree i agree with you, but i also define Love in a much broader sense than love for another person. i think that sex is a celebration of the joy of life. when done properly. when done improperly, it's just messy entertainment. 031015
Death of a Rose need a big bag of it to take home and roll around in it. 031015
who i am doesnt matter anymore He knows whats running threw my mind when i watch him change. the smile he has on his face because he knows hes teasing me. makes me want him even more. 031015
lambdarad for one can be fun!
But sex for two
s'what we usually do!
Sex for three
That's something to see!
Sex for four?
That just makes me soar...
anon the sensual sexual feeling ive yet to acquire on my own account and my own agenda but oh how sweet a drug an adrnaline that would be. i would kill to be able to get high like that without doing drugs or having sex. there is nothin better than that im sure. a god given high 031027
jane i have officially quit
until i go home to him
simon it repulses me.
The obligatory /
post-excitement, which
is an offence any-other-way.
the meaningless-ness , &
the sour taste in my glands.
I’m carnivorous. Everything
about that disgusts me.?Every-
thing about her disgusts me.
She is sickening. Bad apples,
or rotten or rancid eggs,
or some anything else
indication to clean
up after. Curse me! Sex
repulses me. no not-sex is
stu d 031028
minnesota_chris I realized, upon leaving the shower (when I usually embark on matters philosophical) that it takes more skill to be in my kitchen, than in my bed. Anybody can do just fine in bed, but cooking, that takes some talent, and personality. 031101
witchesrequiem She thrusts a shiny black polished fingernail into her mouth as she said the words "Strip". The pale boy stood there infatuated with her, the waning moons light barely illuminating his face. She thought to her self how can someone some attractive dress so bad! She needed him to take off the zebra print shirt and bright blue beenie to see what really lay beneath.
The accents of his smooth chest glowed in the dim light of the humid New Oreleans night. He felt nervous but not embarressed, maybe a little excited at best.
She approuched him running her hands through his long dark hair. "Kiss me!" She said staring him dead in the eye.
With relief the boy leaned in to touch his soft puffy lips to hers. They were moist and their tongues mingiled softly, yet deeply.
Abrubtly she pushed him away. "Pants!"
"Excuse me." he almost laughed.
"Your pants! Take them off!" She backed away, running her slender hands through the long blonde hair that fell in a veil across her face.
With a little hesitation he unbuttened his pants and began fumbling to get them off completly.
She stood there with her hands on her hips. The bright red glitter lipstick she once wore smeared slightly, making her face look abstract. A sudden giggle echoed through the cemetery. "Tighty whiteys." She crumbled up her small body, covering her mouth as to not laugh to hard.
The boy loosened up and turned sligtly, not letting her know he felt insulted. "How about you!"
"Me!" The girl smirked, her luner shaped blue eyes rolled around, and then calmed abruptly, looking him dead in the eye.
Like two deep dark pools of water his eyes stared back at her confused.
She approuched him slowly, whispering in his ear, "If you want something your going to have to take it yourself."

Finish later to drunk to spell....
constance does oral sex count?
that is the question.

I used to hate it.
I was self conscious about my smell/taste.

I like it now
constance does oral sex count?

I like it better.

I used to hate it.

CJ said i tasted like piss.

Maybe cuz i pissed genius.
yollanda aaaaaaauuugggghhhhhh........
i heart hentai
krazykat And how often is sex done properly, for the right reasons, with the right amount of discretion? how often is love genuine? how often is love and sex safely distiguished? Not in your own romantic and idealistic concepts of it which you state here and may or may not actually practice. I mean out there in the world, in all the broken hearts sitting on emergency room benches with slit wrists, in all the Springer, Montel, Geraldo, and Maury type shows made up of "who's the daddy?" tests and love triangles and fat trailer park incestuous pigs. In all the abortion clinics, in the lonely hearts of adopted children, in the rotting diseased cunts and cocks of prostitutes, whores, and sluts filling night clubs and motel rooms, and in all the divorce paperwork sitting on the mayor's desk. This isn't a guess or a hypothesis, it's an observation and warning:

Sex is god
Love is dead.
yollanda hey, i wana have some virtu-ie-al sex! ow! whos horny? 031110
yollanda hey, krazykat, thats complicated. i got a little song fer people like you:

every party hasa pooper
/thats why we invited you *v*
krazykat Yea, I'd hate to spoil the party, but hangovers get old after a while, especially when they require a trip to the clinic. 031111
krazy Besides, my point was that I'm a fan of love and sex just as much as anybody else, but I'm also a fan of moderation. 031111
yollanda hi 031113
yollanda geuss whose back? 031115
yollanda duh, i am. oh yah, anybody wana have some vs? im growing impatiant. 031115
yollanda hi. i like burrgerrs. and 031116
Fully Aware a terrible craving
deep pange
impossible spasms
an exciting idea
being close to someone's soul
yollanda hi im, i dont no! stop pressurizing me! 031119
yollanda oh, fully aware dude, thats an inspiring, serisly, i liked it. 031119
yollanda hey, fully aware dude, that was an inspiring thing you, seriously, that was awesome! rock on man! 031119
yollanda oops, i said something 2s, didnt me? 031119
megan i_can't_live_without_it 031120
Clooneman 2000 Well some sex is good
And some sex is bad
And some sex is explosive
Or else just a flash in the pan

Some sex is good and
Some sex is bad
And some sex is unwanted
And all rapists must DIE!!!!!!

© Clooneman 2000, A.D. 2003

I'm gonna end up making a song out of that someday.
eliese what's that?
I forgot!
somebody It use to be a sick game of power and control, their was always a winner and a loser and never anything between and now theirs not even that, I always enjoyed the struggle between us the way we were always in combat to be the victor over the other as their soul got crushed, I enjoyed battling and resisting you that was the "fun" part of the game - yet now it's just sex, that’s all, much like when your hungry you eat when your thirsty you drink and when your horny we have sex, that’s all it is any more, just sex, I realize what we had before wasn’t right, I knew it every time I held back tears refusing to let you see the pain I held with in as I looked at you w/ dead eyes, you always hated that which is precisely the reason I did it, I knew it was wrong and yet this some how seems so much worse - we're just going through the motions, I want to say something DO something but I feel as if I no longer even know how to talk to you any longer, not that it even matters seeing as how your never even around to talk to, it truly amazes me how just 2 months ago we were closer to each other then we'd ever been before and yet now theirs so much distance between us, even when sitting right next to each other, what has happened to us? 031122
nomatter its better for me now. I'm enjoying it more now that I am interested in making him happy. It's a very curious thing, the penis. 031123
thespacebetween oooooooooooooooooo
god i am so horny...
the space between
still horny
yollanda i just looked up some sites with some reely nice hentai. 031201
yollanda hey, i wish i could say thoughtful stuff like you guys can.yer my heros. be proud that you can say stuf like that, because there are those of us who are less fortunate like me that cant say like that.oh, go to its awesome. 031201
quinn Onto the most elusive topic of all. The one that made you giggle in science, blush in health, moan in bed. SEX. The subject that young girls whisper about in the dark; preteen boys yelling it crudely across the bus aisles. You remember the first time you learned of sex. You walked up to your parents, tugged on their sleeves, and asked, the innocence sparkling in your unadulterated eyes, “Mommy, Daddy, how are babies made?” Did your parents squirm? Mine didn’t.

Then onto bigger and better things. You’re older now, you notice boys aren’t exactly the sick mud covered jerks that they seemed to be last year. You want details. So you ask your friends, or maybe your parents again, and you learn. So now you know about sex. I always thought that sex was sex and that was it. But no, I was informed, there are different kinds of sex, one makes you not a virgin, one doesn’t count as sex, one is just forgay people.” Ok, so you definitely canNOT talk to your parents about this, and your friends already seem to know all about it. So who can you trust to inform you of all these words and phrases, the channel 42s and such, without embarrassing you about your lack of knowledge? The answer? Well whomever you used, you found out, and you learned more and more, increasing your understanding of the many angles of a three letter word.

So now what. You’re armed with all this knowledge, and knowledge is power. You start asking the fundamental questions. The ones that you scoffed at inFamily Life.” The personal questions, the am-I-ready questions. Maybe you have pressure, maybe you don’t, either way you have a personal opinion one way or the other.

My opinion is hard to say. Let’s just say, I’ve been close enough to sex to realize that its not always about love, and its not always a beautiful thing. I’ve seen it reduced to an almost animalistic ritual, no emotions involved, or a disgusting destructive routine where the guy gets his; the girl feeling trapped in a personal hell that never seems to end. So sex, to me, I really don’t know. I definitely do not want to be the girl who looks back and sees an empty room with an even emptier heart, and a bloody towel. So as of yet, sex to me is a big question mark. I doubt I’ll do it in the near future, but I’m not ruling it out totally. Basically I’m not a prude, but I’m not the whore strutting her stuff either.

as if anyone cared about my opinion on sex in the first place :P
yollanda hey man. 031206
Love Is All You Need that one time, the one time it wasn't meant to mean anything, just an isolated moment in time to remember, that one time, it meant more than anything ever will again.

i never thought i'd fall for him, i never wanted to and now there's no way i will ever get what i want again
^*^Blatter^*^ Yes please 031213
yollanda hiiiiiii 031216
bissa I want matt. He smells so good like work and pot smoke and MAN.... and his hand . oh god his hands are so big and He's so tall and strong. He's beautiful. He told me tonight that he likes the way I talk. He's amazing. I'm retarded. 031218
MeKoy pashionet blood warming pleasure 031225
ambermoon some like it rough
some like it soft.
i've always said
sex is good
and even when its not so good
its still sex
and thats good.
Chaos ...can be a pain in the ass. it's complicating and engaging all at the same time. sometimes i think it ruins everything. sometimes i think it fixes everything. sometimes i just like the way it feels. i'd like to see if it is something i can do without, but i doubt it. i think about sensory deprivation, without sex, would i be able to hear, taste, smell, and see better? because sex is all feeling above else, right? or is it mental? i think perhaps. sometimes i've gotten closer to orgasm with thoughts that actual fucking. hmmmm. sex, the downfall and upkeep of man. we are a stupid breed. 040109
yollanda i was on vacation. but dont worry, the whole time i was there i was mustering up steamy sex stories and thinking of all you horny blatherers who are out 040110
yollanda because of this short but complex word,i am now not as anti-social as i used to be.incase anybody wants to know, its 12:32 pm, jan.10th here. im in PA. hows bout you guys? i lke to hear from peeps from differnt places. 040110
myaidmoods sex for money sucks, so does sex without real true love. Sex is best when you have complete trust in the other person, so far I am at a loss for that kind of sex! Hopefully i will find the one i can completely trust, god knows he is out there if i can only trust, not in sex, but the man. 040112
myriadmoods sex for money sucks, so does sex without real true love. Sex is best when you have complete trust in the other person, so far I am at a loss for that kind of sex! Hopefully i will find the one i can completely trust, god knows he is out there if i can only trust, not in sex, but the man. 040112
Norm I love sex. I have sex at least once every day, usually more. I have sex with multiple partners. I love many of the girls I sleep with and many of them love me.

I do it all and I'm good at it. I like a good orgy, with only beautiful people and a ratio of 4 girls to every guy. My favorite part of sex is making the women cum. I can have an orgasm without ejaculating, with a little concentration.
skalix again, you must look out for leaches when engaging in the activity 040201
sex: my favorite passtime 040204
yollanda i am hornyfied 040205
yollanda norm, your my main man 040205
cliff sex flows the juice of life
filtered and sifted species from species
and yet sex leaks as well into new forms
sex pushes life's force onward and over the edge
yollanda hi. im super special horny. 040209
Candy What's the matter with sex? Sex is an awesome thing. I used to have someone to just fuck all the time. Things are different now. The only thing bad about sex is that babies come from it. I'm not ready for babies... Now I'll only have sex with someone I can see myself spending the rest of my life with, not just a one night stand for a good fucking. 040212
emelissa. sex is sex. it feels good. even if you dont love the person. it feels good. 040213
isis i am thinking i haven't been careful enough. i don't know how many people i've had sex with. much of that was unprotected sex. i hate using a condom. i hate getting tested. i dont care anymore. i wish i would just get something and die. 040213

Sorry to disrupt your sex but this important anouncement just came in...

Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place.

On the federal lever a World Wide Web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the White House said the president was concerned but said that everyone should remain claim, lock all their doors, chill and listen to some rap-music.

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severe sentence. Wrigley finished by saying, "Justice will be done and the people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page. Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on a desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as just another tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature. Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting movie-goers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this network station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.

ms.molly with jack is the best 040219
ambermoon isis i really hate when people say that.
my best friend has H.I.V and though she will die it will be very slow and painful. i cry all the time for her. as im sure there are people that would cry for you. id cry for you.just reading those words makes me so sad for you.why, why would any one whant that? no matter what there is always something to live for. maby its sex. just be safe and live a long healthy life full of fun and happyness.
chemical my left labia is way too big. 040219
ee beep peep is overrated. i'm not giving up my virginity just to get it out of the way. i'll die before having sex that doesn't mean anything. 040220
ee beep peep is overrated. i'm not giving up my virginity just to get it out of the way. i'll die before having sex that doesn't mean anything. 040220
ee beep peep two times, whoops 040220
misstree it's a tool, a path to
what? divinity? enlightenment?
sensations fit to break. power.
slice the beast and brain to
taste the difference and
set them opposed.

it's taken 13 years and
a shagging_tally and a half of partners
to find this particular brand. it is
not the cheap pokes in
church parking lots, giggling
blasphemy in creamy rubbers,
it is not sultry nights and
moaning lovers, drunk on passion,
it is not cheap fucks and
selfish slish, getting off.

it is a means to an end
i have caught darkling glimpses of.
it is a powerful tool, taking over
if not watched properly.
it is my favorite drink,
and sometimes it's spiked.
happy hippy i once had sex with my ex only to find she'd been tainted by my best friend rex that caused me to feel vexed no wonder she got the x. 040302
blue_star Sex is everywhere...
like entwined geometric figures in a sea of pale greys and blues, spinning and twisting-combining until eventually they explode, into a perfect circle.
sexed_up I got laid last night. anbd last night. and this morning.
Go Me!
were humping sexing fucking yea 040308
amazed JESUS CHRIST!...u ppl talk a LOT about sex 040308
*Nicol*Nickel* I fear that sex
Is only a result of my emptiness;
An attempt to fill the void,
To build confidence,
To feel desired and lusted for.
Despite all my insecurities,
I have an natural advantage,
One that gives me confidence where it does not truely exist.
Sex gives me power;
Then rips it from my hands and leaves me
And somehow,
It was all worth it,
Just to have you look at me
With lustfull eyes,
And tell me I was b e a u t i f u l.
These words only escaped your lips once,
While I lay helpless
Under your body.
It occured to me then,
Intoxicated with confidence,
That it was worth it to hear those words.
It was worth it to hear those words.
Toxic_Kisses doesnt know everything a year or so back I saw a show on TV documenting the lives of prostitutes/hookers and it obviously at the time talked about money and the value of sex, and I rember how one of the women said point blank that she liked getting money for sex and that she wouldn’t have it any other way bc then she felt she was just giving it away when it had so much worth to it, why give away for free something you can get paid for? and while I didn’t agree w/ her ethics and morals I thought to myself well that makes since I can understand wear she’s coming from w/ that, and then never really thought about it again until a few months later I got all sorts of porn spam in my E-mail, allot of them proclaiming that this or that porn site was free or up to only 5$ and the such and it felt degrading and deeply upsetting to know that sex and nudity has so little value, and threw these events I realized that sex if not being paid for in some way (doesn’t necessarily mean w/ money) is not so much giving it away for free, but that sex is so priceless that even if one got paid a trillion dollars for sex that it would still be degrading and demeaning the sacred act of sex, that sex really is a gift of completely and totally giving and opening your self up to another person being striped of more then just your clothes but of your walls and barriers that keep others out and exploring and getting to know one another more intimately, not about how many times one orgasms (if at all) or how one is built physically, and knowing that I realize that this is the greatest gift you could ever give or receive from someone to, yes, even better then a brand new car or huge diamond ring, those are just possessions, things that can be sold or traded, their just things, but sex is the ultimate gift when done right, and you don't need an instruction manual to tell you how to achieve this or that position bc some how you just know, theirs more to sex then just the physical pleasure and the act of saleing it no matter what the price is wrong, it is something to be shared w/ your partner only as far as I'm concerned and not something for media and porn industries to use to make more money from, this world wear sex an nudity is smeared every wear sickens me, yet the rest of the world seems to think the US is so conservative! I think they (the media) to just be breeding masheens! That way they have control over more people who will in turn then buy more things (things we don't need) they don’t care about how sacred the gift of sex is! They just exploit it for their own means!!! And then eventually no one will understand the true meaning behind sex, theirs so much more to it then just breeding, or you move your leg this way and I'll put my hand here, this isn’t naked twister!! It's about physically exploring knowing understanding and completely connecting to another person!!!
But I suppose you just all think I'm idealistic.
PS I beieve theirs more then just one type of sex and I have nothing agenst twister bc it can be quite fun, but whats the point of it all if your not also emotionally involved? 040318
imaskitzo "Sex is not the answer; sex is the question. Yes is the answer." - Woody Allen 040323
bobbi my friend is giving sex up for lent.

she has sex with everyone
because the guy she lost
her virginity to
left her

she doesn't even know
she is addicted
missy the quickest way to ruin a good friendship 040330
justin what i will be doing in 40 minutes when i get out of school 040402
dudeinanigloo What I haven't had yet. *sigh* 040406
Sundari Raine I'm a virgin, and never considered being otherwise until this year. Now everything is about it, in a subtle way. My teachers think I'm paying tons of attention because I lean forward with my chin resting in my hand and my legs crossed and bounce my foot during lessons. 040424
Smurf Bah, I've known people who kill because of sex, I've known people who died for sex. I even knew one person who killed herself because of it.

Sex is evil.
Maybe the christians have had it right all along...

heh, whenever I say that I start to think about all the Child molesting priests, and it cures me right away.
yollanda sorry i wasnt on for sooo long. i love this site and like to keep on cuming(pun intended) back, unlike some of you heartless fools. 040426
dudeinanigloo Cuming and coming are both good 040427
Smurf Sex isn't the answer! Sex is the question, Yes is the answer. 040427
dudeinanigloo Well put! 040429
Seba Sex is a wonderful thing 040507
finngwen _early_morning_ 040525
clarity sharing your body with someone in that way is really quite a beautiful thing. the most beautiful things i know 040604
Chloe T! Something that can destroy or create love and is yearned for to make a bond 040609
elegance two new words for vagina. first being girly-hole, which after ten minutes we decided we didnt like. an ecstasy night came up with the term "soft and moist", altogether preferrable. 040611
lacunas coil into this night we wander. the tv is on playing a movie rendition of 'the crucible.' in the dark forest an owl cries into the hollowness, the silence. across the lake we can here the transport trucks and nighttime travellers whip across the highway, but here it is silent. all quiet except for the movie, which we aren't really paying attention to.

i kissed you first, and we could never figure out how we got into that position or how we ended up together that night. somehow we just fell over, around, and onto eachother while the movie was playing. you turned your head to say something, but i kissed you quickly. and then again. and then the world melted into our open mouths, our tongues' dance, and the warmth of being together.

you had to work the next day, so on our way back to our rooms we paused in the down stairs hall. we hugged and kissed again, bidding eachother a good night and then we went ours, you to the right, i to the left.

the next night....

i can't remember what we were watching. but it happened again. as soon as we were alone we moved to be beside eachother and kissed again. tonight you had your room alone, so you invited me to sleep with you. we both had the next day off. nothing really happened that night, but when i woke up with you in my arms i smiled, closed my eyes, and fell back into a deep sleep.

we spent the day together. we went to town for groceries. i think ashley picked up on us, but we were not hiding anything. we were just trying to make sure it wasn't that obvious. my roomate knew, which meant his girlfriend knew, which meant the entire staffhouse knew.

that night jeremy wouldn't go to bed until we both silently departed seperately. i had my room to myself that night. after i left first, you came about ten minutes later and sat down next to me on my bed. we kissed passionately. soon niether of us had shirts on, and your bra lay on the floor beside the bed. i rubbed your thigh. you took hold of my hand and told me to finger you. i complied.

the heat built up quickly. i remember we stumbled around in the dark looking for a condom. you worried perfusely about it being my first time and that it should be special. i told you that it was special. the warmth. the connection. the light. the brilliance. the ecstasy. everything exploded in our movements. our sweat mingled and we feverishly tried to kiss amid my thursts.

and then it hit the high note. you sighed satisfied and pulled me deep into you as i finished. i pulled out and rolled over. we lay on our backs, just staring at the cieling talking idley for hours. when we woke up the next morning i realized that we actually slept that night...

three months later...

our contracts ended and we had a turbulent few weeks. we both were moving. everything was hurried, we talked maybe twice in the weeks that past. what happened? we both were persuing other intrests now. we talk as friends, and it seems that is all we are. painfree we slipped out of our relationship into another one.

and for that i'm glad, my friend.
cali4niais4me he wanted to, but i didn't. but i did everything else. and it was the biggest mistake of my life. ill never be the same... 040615
minnesota_chris don't worry, anything can be fixed, and your future can be better than your past. No matter what happened. 040616
Blink Sweaty bodies, insecurity on the surface, what do you want, do u like it? Give me your thoughts and control, I'm touching you, you walk away, attacking me, you're my prey. We together, selfless in a moment of eternity. Emotions bossing around</