3. introductory event or occurrence: an event or action that introduces or precedes something else, especially something longer and more important.
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Death of a Rose Like desperate guerrillas
wave after wave of white mice
storm the beach and disappear
among the stones and pebbles

The weaker ones
retreat in confusion
bissing their bad luck, the steepness

At a distance
a reminder of yesterday's oil slick
glowers at me like a swastika;
nudged by a used condom
it elongates into the grim shadow
of a puritan
and backs away

A swimming girl laughingly
the floating rubber
on the back of a white mouse
scampering towards the shore

She straigthens herself
in the water
and pulls up the wave
at her feet
like a turquoise slip

Coming towards me
she holds her breasts
as it they werew brown puppies
what's it to you?
who go