nameless is what i wanna do sometimes. like the cheshire cat. 991218
girl the pain will 000327
Vanisher Disappear, i will fade away, stalk back into the shadows from wich i came. 000525
Vanisher you can not bury me, for you will not know when i'm gone
you can not teach me, for you are as blind as i am
katie like love, after his blindfold is taken off and he sees me as me and not as who he thinks i am.

he thinks.

i am that which i am not and he has disappeared
*Colleen* Call me Selfish, but it scares me to think that the world would still go on if i was to fade away tommorrow. 010623
jg Sometimes I wish we could be together.
Sometimes I wish you would disappear from my thoughts.
missliss what would your world be like if you were to just fall of the earth? would the world be changed by the lack of your life? or would we all just adapt and our futures be the same as they are with you being here? 020629
done i want to.
and I can do it.
because there's not much else
that matters
x either that, or there's everything that matters 030110
margadant11 i_disappear rocks I love that song 030110
freedom into a world of hatred and lies 040323
ethereal When I choose to disappear then it becomes part of ME. But WHEN YOU DECIDE FOR ME...excuse me if I'm a little pissed off. But FUCK YOU LEE. Honestly just leave my head already. I left yours so quickly it's a wonder I even have a soul left. As you've torn everything else from under me.

Stop making me feel so invisible.
Borealis ...to cease to exist...
notme for a why all 040630
visibly hidden i have dissapeared
what you're seeing isn't really me
gone without a trace I have "disapered" from my old town
i moved and didn't tell anyone
i talked to my friends 7 months later
they were suprised to hear from me
one wanted to be able to disapear as i had
"bunnyboy" And somehow years later I am still here. How many has it been since I was here? 7? Still I breathe. I don't think I'm living anymore though. I feel like I've been on auto pilot for years now. I'm just waiting for the moment when I completely give up. I'm not sure how much more I can take. I'm so very tired after everything I've been through. I thought I would've have disappeared by now, but evidently God has a sense of humor. 090126
spoken when i disappear from this earth i hope i will have touched many lives and left a sweet sticky fingerprint on them that won't easily wash away. maybe like syrup that reminds you of the sweet taste and leaves you nostalgic for pancakes and coffee and peaceful breakfasts with family that relax your soul. 090406
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