me? A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits. 991111
Colleen Have you ever noticed that when you split the word "history" it becomes "his story?" Now that explains everything. 991112
monica eyes are darkened with painful memories 000326
If I die before I wake
At least in heaven I can skate
Cuz right now on earth I can't do jack
Without the man up on my back
monadh words echo in my heart
resonate like the wind
in the trees as it flows
from one hillside to another
in endless rivers
of memories
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Solstice I love it when people use this word to describe me. And the way I feel when he pulls me close, and holds me tight, and mutters, "mine". I am his. 011104
searching a year ago all i wanted was to be his...for him to be mine. i wanted it so bad it scared me. and when it happened, i was so happy it scared me and i ran away from him because i was afraid that being his in truth wouldn't measure up to being his in my dreams and a day hasn't gone by that i haven't dreamt of what might have been and what i gave up. am i ever in his thoughts or his dreams? i try to bury the little part of my heart that hopes so, but it won't go away. i can't live like this, i need to let him go but all i can think about is how great it would have been to be his. 020115
julietlives i love it when they explain me to others in that way. i am his. "she is his". and he can say "she is mine". 020823
Scorshie his
trench coat
will always be here
Megan To be his. Can a person ever really posess another? Can I give up myself to be his forever? 040420
minnesota_chris I thought he dumped you. 040421
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