deb jack be nimble
jack be quick
poor jack fell on
the candlestick


the funeral will be on thursday
if you bring flowers, set them on the
table in the lobby
with all the cards that will never be read

and as usual, come for the cake at the reception and leave us to our


xopl off ...so sorry, I could resist no longer. 991212
deb ok, know what? this isnt a fucking message board

get an instant messager or a chat room if you want to talk to people

some of you have meaningful things to say, some dont. love the poetry, love the inspiration. sure, i may be tired and ramble once in a while, but what of all you? does it never happen? know what, though? i dont give a fuck

i'll write what and when i want

because i can

and so can you
deb christ, have a fucking sense of humor 991212
valis how did this name come to be synonymous with 'nothing'? 991215
deb so, you're saying
because i like to have
a little fun
mingled with
the sad reality that is my life,
i am nothing....

(no, nevermind,i have nothing to say)

deb terribly sorry valis
my midrin is messing with my mind

thought that comment was directed
towards myself..

if it was, well, i'll just live with that

again, my apologies
valis s'aright. 991216
pacifist is a stupid monkey 991217
purple tzar I was having the worst day. one of those stupid rainy days (not like the good rainy ones, but one of those where everything goes wrong.) I go home and my friend liz calls to tell me that her car had a blowout. I drive out to the secluded parking lot where she managed to get her car and as we're jacking the car up, kneeling on the wet asphalt, at ten p.m., all the lights go out and we can't see.
mousemule jack be nimble jack be quick jack jumped over the candlestick jack got wax on his bag 991219
troy ...jack screamed: "OW!!!" 991220
jennifer I promised deb I would make this reference.

andrea such a wonderful name
for a little boy i'll
that'll be his name
just JACK

i just hope he won't
get made fun of too bad
wesleann i used to love this boy. i wanted to write him, to capture him on ink and paper. so i named him jack and wrote for ages and ages about him. when i got to the end, he was no longer this boy i loved, he was jack, his own person. and i had no choice but to let him die. what would i do with two loves? 000123
lotusflower you don't know him. 000223
birdmad jack_daniels 000521
Jack to understand me you have to know my name 001126
roz tonk jack is the head of knowledge. jack has a thoery about long hair. jack is sweet yet thoughtful. jack should ignore adrian in biology for the rest of his life because he's a tw*t. ok? 001126
rache Roztonk! I can't believe my sweet that you wrote on this page? mind telling me why? (for anyone not me or rosie) the jack roztonk talks about is my recent Ex, and the only person i ever loved. I don't care is he comes here and reads it. He should know it, and he should know he was incredibly special to me and he broke my heart. Always the way isn't? With his long hair, his smell, he filled my mind, staying a constant resident. However hard i cried and pulled at my hair, he won't come back to me, but he won't leave either. He probably never will either. I hope he doesn't. I want to remember everything for ever, i don't regret a single second, it was all so perfect.

But Rose? How went coffee with adey? made up with him yet? perhaps i shall mail you sweetie...love out there to all jacks, especially my jack who will always have my love.
rosie cooper-trooper McTonksters aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww my little darling rache! its all ok in the world without the jack, im sure you wont be jackless ever, just jack"lover"less....ok, i have NO idea what im talkin bout! hehe! anyways, cough-eeeee with adey was fine, he makes me laugh! im so glad he dumped me! its so much more fun now coz i can take the piss out of him as much as i want and it doesnt matter!! im also a little crazier than i used to be which is funfunfun! ill have 2 update you in our thrilling registrations. im sure you're looking forward to that! i smell like curry, im gonnna go blather about curry now. night night my little jackless rachel! i still luv u hun! 010119
Sintina My boss's name.
He's a nice guy.
My other bosses aren't though.
rache Ahhh Jack.What a silly fool he is.Promises and words. Never thinks.
I think all blokes are like that, they say things, things they don't mean. And then later realise they can't take them back.
Maybe it's fear...fear...why do people fear? The only to fear is fear itself.
And hate isn't that good. Never hate, always love. hate turns the soul black, breathes anger and mistrust.
Love is pure, an untinged hope...
..i'm so glad i'm a romantic, never be a cynic, it's too hopeless....hope for everything, nothing is hopeless.
rache wouldn't it be really scary to come on to a site and find it was all about you? Wouldn't that be freaky? I wonder what people would say about me? I wonder if there's one with my name.... 010216
Tai C. read kerouac, get a car and some clothes together.... scrape up a little gas money... seduce every muse you encounter and write about it all... but just don't drink yourself to death, turn on your friends, and become obsessed about crushing communism... becoming overweight and an anti-semite isn't a good idea either. but otherwise, be like jack. 010404
nocturnal peterson was a cool guy. maybe he still is, haven't seen him in about four years. whenever I think of him I remember two things; that day when we were sitting in the courtyard with everyone and it was super cold. no one was saying anything at all for whatever reason, then he just blurts out as if from nowhere, "it's cold as a witch's tittie!" the other thing I think of is that time the seniors tried to repossess their table that we had stolen earlier that day and he hung on to the tree branch and stood on the table as they were picking it up and pulling it from under his feet. he looked like he was surfing on it, it was awesome. jack is awesome. heard he went straight edge though. shame. 010404
Dafremen ...the kid in science class sounds like a twerp. Come to think of it, so does that chick that was in love with him. First thing she says about him is ohh jack with his sweet smell and long hair. Obviously her love for Jack was deep...can't you tell? I mean hell, a haircut and three days without a shower would have nipped their "deep" romance in the bud huh?

Long hair indeed, you went for him for his long hair and he grew his long hair to attract pootang. You got what you deserved.

Pathetic, mesmerized by long hair and shiny objects.


unhinged i keep him in a bottle and mix him with coke because he loves me when no one else will 010404
Tank boogi... got's to love him... 010404
rache what a jerk you are Dafremen.
you have obviously never been in the sort of love where youre so totally head over heels with it all, that you even begin to love all the stupid and ugly things about a person!when you love someone so much,it really does hurt.(urgh -the cheeseeyness...)maybe that is pathetic. i wouldnt have said so.i guess though, i did sound a bit pathetic - but hey!leave me alone.
he is a bit of a twerp, but i still love him.not with the same ferocity as before. More like an age-old friend. and its soo much nicer now! and now theres someone else too - who is absolutely lovely!(and has short hair)
but with me and jack - therell probably always be something there. i think he still loves me, he asked me out on a date and stuff last weekend. but its not the right time to start it all over again. maybe one day.
but right now...i have exams and a lovely long summer to look forward to.
get a life Dafremen. stop being such a negative creep - feel a little passion dammit!
yummychuckle ouchie
i like shiny things...mmm shiny...
heh heh.
so anyways this jack character...
"its jamie! jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie" is all i hear from him (he is 2 years old and i babysit him). Actually it isn't all i hear from him...babysitting him would be extraordinarily easy if it was.
"NO JAMIE I WANT Po'sicle!!!"
"ooh! bubbles!"
and a bunch of giggles....

so when waas this site defined as being only for poetry and such?
we were left to our own devices...it can be whatever, as long as they are words.
in any case most ofthe people here are cool, so i really dont mind interacting with them. in fact i love interacting with them...hering what they have to say, be it in poems or random thoughts or just straightforward talk...
sorry i strung these words together so clumsily...just my thoughts.
Sol My dog is called, Jack hes currently whining around the house 'cos he cant find the cat (his own 'personal herd' (hes a border collie (sheepdog)))
hes black and white (ish) and attacks teh phone when it rings, the post as it gets put through the door (although he like sthe postman) and is terrified of low flying aircraft,

some random thoughts
Dafremen Sounds more interesting than that Jack in science class character. Come to think of it...sounds more interesting than that chick that was with him too.
(You know...the one who assumes that only starry-eyed lovestruck dimwits know anything about how it feels to be a starry-eyed lovestruck dimwit?

To that young lady:

Been there done that, but being stuck in that mode is nothing to be particularly proud of, so stow the high-horse sister. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.)

So tell me some more about yer dog do0d...can he do any cool tricks?
glenn dont know any jacks
apart from the one that holds up my car
he's nice
me "Hey Jack Kerouac, I think of your mother, and the tears she cried..." [10,000 Maniacs -- not sure if the last five words/lyrics are correct 'cos i haven't listened to my 10,000 Maniacs for ... oh ... at least 8 years...wow]
I do know a girl called Jack though.
Annie111 Jack the Wack
Jack don't look back
Jack wrong place, wrong time
Jack knows

To love people we can never touch is not a bad thing, becase they love you in just the same way. When we got the flat tire, the six of us, we joked. "A jack! Like Jack!" He smiled. We sat on the gravel and threw a baseball listening to Zeppelin, yes I think that's what it was. Jack has blown out his speakers so much that only the treble really remains. It's a little rattly. Jim Page almost pierces the ear.

My writing teacher told me, in the nicest way, "You know, everyone writes about how music makes them feel so ALIVE, MAN." I suppose I understood, and I made some modifications to my piece.

Jack says, "Without music, life is shit." Obviously. Spending five minutes in his passenger seat will tell you that much. I love you, my friend.
nomatter "How much sexier would I be if I played guitar?"
"Hmm, I would say lots."
"I'm in a band, your looking at the lead guitarist."
Annie111 "I think that tonight, being Halloween in Nyack, and having a night football game, makes me feel better than if I were JFK, chillin in the Oval Office, dickin' Marylin Monroe, with the World War Three phone next to me. I think right now I feel better than he ever did." 031101
neal i think dean moriarty sums up what "on the road" is really about (not just getting in a car and driving):

Gary But I like Dharma Bums better 031101
clockwork I am Jack's biting lack of surprise 031124
big d i love jack 031220
april n i understand. & he does too. 040201
Jack holy crap
My name is Jack
This is freaking weird
z samurai jack 040721
parsley jack. drums. kate damn well SNOGGED the bastard. 041229
brautigan is my green-eyed, soft black cat. he picked me out at the animal protective league--hooked

a black paw through the bars of his cage

and reeled me in. he already knew his name.

the name makes me smile. it makes me think of his whiskers tickling my cheek and his paws massaging my lower back.

my boyfriend gets jealous of him (but he loves him, too).
her royal highness the quirk my new man
dark brown eyes, a tiny nose, soft fur, a gentle bark, four legs, and a cute curly tail
i love him so much
camille a name i gave to a young man that i see most everyday on his front porch...as i drive past to and from work . .

he springs up to wave at me like a jack in a box and runs to the fence with his big exagerrated smile, long arm in the air, hand waving.

I drive past and with the same gusto return the wave and the smile. We make eye contact and understand our wish to meet each other some day...yet how do we approach a friendship?

If something has prevented him from sitting on his front porch and watching for me, he props stuffed animals next to his backpack as if to say sorry can't be here to catch your wave but my friends are here to do it for me..

Jack has got to be at least 16. The chain link fence his prison. You see.. there's a sign in front of his house that states:

Ninny nu nu yeah, talking about Jack, once my friend (Ninny two shoes) came to pick me up from a confused state i was in... she came to take me back home to my mother.... anyway cut along story short... see made me climb through the boot of her car... and when i arrived at my mothers house, i insisted that she opened her boot because i thought Jack was tied up in the back! no kidding, it was a trip and a half! 070913

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