Quintessensual Inspiration comes from desire and being desired and the perspiration of pursuing both. 991221
She inspires me to memory,
she inspires me to fear.
She inspires me to call out her name,
from the comfort of my own dreams.
chloe your beauty inspired me to see the world in its entirety
your love inspired me to live
your friendship inspired me to freedom
your compassion inspired me to understand and
your being inspired me to hold on in the dark of the night,let your warmth chase away all of my fears.....
you inspired me to be
bliss It's not your smile, or your eyes. It's not your smell or your laugh. It's not your hands or your words. It's you, just YOU. You fill me with inspiration and give me a reason to go on. YOU! 000511
misstree inspiration is the spark that flies
from brain to fingers to world,
unstoppable as lightning,
but unfortunately,
usually just as brief.
misstree divine breath. 001113
chanaka poem food
go feed the poems!
you don't want them to die, do you??
silentbob no, we must never let our lil poems die...
but we can torture them can't we ?
artie now that college is over, none of that seems to exist
i try to put my fingers on the keyboard and write a resume
what's going on this weekend?
ass facely ac/dc gets their inspiration from everyday life as they see it. 021009
megan sitting at the computer just typing away
images of a brand new day
ideas flitting about in all their entirety
can't wait to meet reality.
makes me happy just to see
inspiration waited for me.
shorlove Love!
(or Narcissus?)
Maybe Nat Would Say You are my Inspiration.
you Leave me bewildered and fighting, for my life.
For you.
You saved me and I wonder what the Hell I am going to do when you no longer want to lie with me.
Sheets twisting and turning to shape my troubled form.
Yes, its true, I am troubled.
I am waiting for you to just do it.
End the suffering.
End everything else.
Let me move on. Kill my soul, because you are ALL I HAVE.
Fuck. I hate it when I get this way...
Bizzar Something about the comfort in the blue... inspires me more than a simple pen and paper. I know I could never leave the familiar glow this page makes in my dark room, because I can stare at paper for hours without a drop... but here the words just flow. 040105
r1y9a6n4 in every situation, always wish I had some more. 040105
Syrope i just want to be someone's inspiration. but i seem to be dwindling away...i used to be interesting. now i'm jumpy & timid.

the deep thoughts & philosophical wonderings...*sigh* now i'm just sitting here thinking that if i were ever to get drunk, it'd be to patsy cline's Crazy and that i really should repaint my toenails. i'm thinking a nice normal shade of red or pink. i'm tired of green.
april n fuel, life. 040201
when darkness falls i need inspiration in my life... i have none... sometimes i wake up and i don't wanna get up and live this another day... because i have no drive... i lost it and can't find it... i miss my ex... actually i miss all of my exes a little bit... hate this.... sitting down writing letter to my friend, every day i add something new but never put in an envelope and send... when it hits twenty pages discard or burn... i hate life sometimes... for the moments like this... another night comes followed by a brand new day... the cycle repeats itself... can someone pull me out of this misery?? 040512
ethereal Be my inspiration... 040512
fuck I need some

misstree sometimes all you can do is scrape the brainpan and try to live off of the char. 050720
becca why is it
we are most inspired
when we are

do we keep ourselves this way
to keep our muse closeby?

i do wonder sometimes...
blackeyesue the quiet coo
the voice of the future
teasing you with a glimpse
love killed love drops of rain
like little black whispers.
Blair A change of seasons, a slight chill in the air. The sound of laughter and the way she tilts her head while thinking. One never knows... 130507
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