Tank there is nothing more endearing for me to be engaged within. i love to laugh the way i love to fly. all my days are spent in the persuit and capture of this thing. it saddens me that it evades so many... 000702
klairchen I can hear laughter in the boardroom.

What is going on in there?
daylitedreamer* we are running along the beach
your red towel flapping
we are doubling over laughing, my insides are hurting
the water is cold, it grabs our ankles like iron hands
splashing, twirling, diving, spitting, two crazy girls having a blast,
and your smile is salty and cracking, silly and thrilled,
good times will never end if we dont stop them
the playful waves are rocking, swaying
our bathing suits are filled with sand
i wish this day would never end and we'd sleep on the ocean floor,
a cold hammock in a late summer breeze
seagulls and seaweed litter the shore, both lazy and baked by the sun
salty, sandy sisters but how are we alike?
the sun is setting, we're walking back, feet sinking into the sand
beach rose fragrance, pink silk riding the wind
you're like a ball that can't stop bouncing
memories and jokes trail silently behind us
laughter soaking into the sand
Casey When ever I laugh I burst out in more of a yell. Maninly because I'm afraid. I never find that thing funny, but I find myself forcing a laugh so I'm not left out. Then everyone stares at me for my loud stupid laugh 010625
Harlequin The Laughter is, by my definition (which is an opinion), the understanding of life and opinions and problems. No, not understanding, nothing can be understood. But knowledge of. Know things and laugh at them. People tell me they have problems. I tell them to laugh at them. yes, laugh. Laugh because you're at the level that you can have those problems. Laugh because you can, and because you're alive. if you can laugh in the face of everything, then you understand the Laughter. everything is amusing because everything is a question that cannot be answered, as everything is an opinion. 020408
Syrope i feel special when you laugh. you hardly ever laugh...not the little nervous laugh where you just don't want to deal with the silence...the real laugh. i want to fingerpaint with you, and smear paint across your cheek when you're not looking. i want to blow straw wrappers at you when you're studying the menu. i want to steal your hat and feign resistance when you try to wrestle it away from me. seeing the laughter in your eyes is almost as good as hearing it... 020611
VCell deep in the late afternoon darkness,
wrapped in the murky fog,
caressing, then fleeting like her alluring gaze.

just let me catch my breath.

my inters heart
always filled with her canorous laughter.
so very personal and romantic,
swimming in the halos
beneath the streetlamps
of this foggy december day.

how quiet.
how tenderly secretive,
with the damp air playing hiding games
with the paling light.

her heart seems so distant,
so incognible to me.

how bold and unblemished,
her innocent smile.
yet undauntingly imperfect in character.

with every passing glance
she becomes more of a woman to me.
and with every passing year
more beautiful.
nocturnal feels weird and is hard to do on ritalin. 021118
aliza We inhabit and are cupola. Lanterns, from which we emit, timing light across an expanse, measuring ourselves. Meeting like iron labials, melting in the shaft of the blast furnace, forming our armored vehicles. In the vault, I climb atop the spire of the cochlea of your ear, hemispherical and prickly. We lead ourselves, and each other, led, lead, graphite, out of the draft. Through copula, Ariadne's thread leads thought into its own labyrinth, parodic. We believe the brain is the parody of the equator. Coitus is the parody of crime. So don’t forget Nietzsche on the bus, through the Vancouver rain; An umbrella, a sexagenarian, a seminarian, the smell of rotten eggs, the hollow eyes of judges are the roots that nourish love. Genet tongues Soyinka: my isomorphism. Our laughter ripples: Bataille fucks me, fucking Hegel, fucking me, my solar anus. I make love to the pizzicato rain on roof tiles, a backwards-falling imber, imbr plucked-dekculp on imbrex, imbric: raining laughter, pealing out imbrications, antiphonally. And here explicates origami. In a paper house we mettre en jeu, but also dwell with death: how to escape the Tiger and Tigritude of a dog devouring the stomach of a goose, a drunken vomiting woman, a slobbering accountant, a jar of mustard. Find the dark world will. “Maidbrutal, Solange/Maurice and Claire/Lefranc represent the confusion that serves as the vehicle of love; The homoerotic, two-spirited omphalos; The phallus of the solar ray. Derrida gloaming on the reserve—“je m’en preservesay the masks—makes mimickery your game to the death (mimicking Bataille, mimicking Hegel). Then enters the Fourth Stage: tear off your limbs! As of discipline, self-punish. Draw and quarter yourself into the sacred directions. Dive, dive into lithe black boughs. I’ll sit (ist) quietly in the pavilion, in front of the triadic courtyard. Siberian Spruce for strength. Bamboo for wisdom. Winter Cherry for longevity. The triptych vindr (air) and auga (eye) s’ellipse. Je m’en preserve. I leap. 021213
sue laughter is the best medicine 021221
jenny laughter is the best medicine. whenever you are sad or mad you should laugh. laugh at yourself. dont take yourself so seriously. just think that you'll be laughing at it in a few years so you might as well start now. laughing is fun. sometimes you just do it and you cant stop, and you dont even know why your doing it. those are the best times. those hysterical pointless laughs with friends. those are times you will remember with your friends, laughing and having fun. 021221
catherine sometimes make life worth living. 030218
whitney its the only thing you never tried to take away. 030529
ShilohLives I love the contagious laugh that My friend has...she just starts laughing and no matter want I can't help but Join in...I wish I was like that...I just use sarcasim to get the laughter...LOL...see here I go again!! 030624
Paranoid_Kiittie im one of those people that always laughs even though things are not very funny. seems as if in my weird brain flows a thought of laughter that seems to always escape. laughter is something that i always seem to be known for. the girl who laughs. the girl with a smile. blah blah blah, hehe. see im even laughing in a verbal message, lol. see there i go again, hehe :) but it doesnt seem to be bad most of the time. laughters can be very contagious, which are the best types of laughs. i have the kind of laugh that people usually look at you funny and say "what the hell is wrong with her?" at least i think so, but i may be wrong...hmm..ok il shut up now :) 030630
endless desire the times i remember most
are filled with this.
shrapnel ha ha ha
he he he
hi hi hi
ho ho ho
hu hu... hu?
inanna You just demonstrated how the peanuts characters laugh. I bet they eat too much peanut butter. 030630
her royal highness the quirk you said hearing me laugh was the prettiest sound you'd heard in a while
and it was because it was me laughing

me...silly little me

that's the sweetest thing anybody's said to me in a long time

pete ...and the tribe of women slowly grew, though there was yet no men. eons and eons passed, yet there was no laughter. the women bickered amongst themselves, fought, and argued over who had control of which buffalo herd. only one did not take part in this, but she was alienated from the rest. she sat in silence at the river's edge, with a sad tear slowly moving down her face. she sang to the stars, to the moon in its phases, but she never laughed.

the high spirits looked down upon the world and were saddened at the lack of dancing and singing and music and, most of all, laughter. they didn't notice the lone woman at the rivers edge. longing for these happy sounds they created a tribe of men in another corner of the greater prairie.

eons and eons passed, and the men fought amongst them self, bickered, and argued over who controlled this herd of buffalo and who controlled that one. but one man, alienated from the rest, sat beneath the only tree and recited poetry to the spirits, the stars, and the moon in its phases, though they did not listen.

the highspirits looked down upon the world again. they now had giant highspirit-headaches and wished for the bickering to stop. most of all they wished for dance and music and singing and, of course, laughter. they highspirits put it in the men and women's mind to find one of the other tribe, to co-exist with them. the highspirits, though, made sure the women would be in charge, as they were created first. they did not notice the two alienated humans beneath the tree and beside the river though.

slowly the two tribes met while hunting. they mingled, they married, they had children. families grew and the world began to change. but there was still no music, no singing, no dancing, and worst of all no laughter.

the highspirits decided that they would wipe out all men and all women for being so difficult and not singing or dancing or making music or laughing. but then one of them saw the lone man, and one saw the lone woman.

"what if," the highspirit said "i bring these two together in the midst of the others." and so the highspirits put it in the mind of the lone man and the lone woman to meet.

and they did. and they begain to sing to eachother, they began to make primitive music, they began to dance and even to laugh!

while hunting one day the other men and women heard a strange sound coming from a far corner of the great prairie. they slowly made there way to the location and saw the jubalation of the lone man and the lone woman! taken by the happiness and joy they all began to sing and to dance and to make music, and most of all to laugh!

and thus humankind was created

my adaptation and most likely severe bastardization of a blackfoot (atleast i hope it is a blackfoot) creation myth.
sameolme thanks 040707
vanessa a state of hapiness when everything negative is momentarilly forgotten and genuinely expelled 040731
. 040731
lucky addicted 040731
Syrope i miss yours so much. i miss .you. so much. it seems so long since we talked but i still feel like you're with me

everytime i think of you {oh so often} or something i want to - show you, - share with you, - discuss with you, - .be. with you,

i always imagine your reactions. you're like an imaginary friend that holds a promise to materialize in 2 weeks. i fall asleep with my arms around the pillow that is you, i smile at the cascading water in the shower that you are {hot, teasing, soothing, sensual, cleansing}, i feel so silly chuckling to myself at our jokes as i go through the day.

i miss the sparkle in your eyes
i miss the concern i can read in the way you set your mouth {don't even get me started on your lips}
i miss your face against mine and how you smell {"i keep sniffing things to see if they smell like you"}
i miss how your arms can always find just the right way to hold me

but most of all i miss your laugh

twist sometimes, when people laugh it echoes in my head and reminds me of how it feels to be happy 040927
Ptolemy DCLVIII Right now I am smiling as I remember times of genuine laughter shared with others. I am awestruck. Man, what else *does* that? A survey of one's memory may reveal an intensely varied emotional landscape, but the remembrance of wild laughter is enough to make one burst out again, in the present, years or even decades later. I am awestruck, and smiling, because of a humorous moment decades ago, whose punchlines I've long since forgotten.

Genuinely intense sessions of laughter, especially those that endure for many minutes, can rival even great sex in experiential excellence. If I was told that tomorrow I could have either 19 intense minutes of hard, pumping, high-quality laughter, or 47 intense minutes of hard, pumping, high-quality sex, I'd have to think about it. Then I'd choose the sex, because I am consumed with various lusts. However, I would later regret not choosing the laughter, which should really tell you something.

Three cheers for laughter!
kundera and forgetting. 061017
Jordan Laughter

will heal all my pains

In joyous bliss

I will be numb and happy
broken & shattered laughter, how i miss thee. 070827
hsg the end_of_time is laughter. time i slaughter & found a secret:
.. Just do it. (r)

no longer the clocksucker i once was, it's abou(ti'me)an to not wait all day but i'll earn to burn as true as light. infinite now.

one quest i on: Is Laughter A Choice? yes, a timeless response_ability!
hoola hoop yes laughter makes you high pie in the chicken soup sky,

what coulor is your laughter?
mine is orange
hsg mined_is_blue_and_white

what's it to you?
who go