me? i'm not as think as you drunk i am,
home honey, i'm higher!
i know this guy who is afraid to drive at 2:00 in the morning, cuz thats when the bars close and all the drunks are trying to get home. by 2:30 it's ok to drive again. sure. i'm not saying anything... lets just find that party, hunh?
amy my good buddy here is having a great time, he's having lots of fun. aren't you, buddy? 000201
Q yes, ma'am, just opened a bottle of merlot my lovely neighbor gave me for borrowing my electric typewriter since Thanksmorning - sorry, I meant Thanksgiving Morning, or was it the morning after? Hmmm, my memory fails me just now, if you know what I might mean. 000201
Aaron would anyone like to meet my friend jose quarvo? we hang out on the floor that's where i usualy edn up at a good party laying on the floor with my friend jose. i hit jose four or five times then we lay on the floor. they say i have the ability to meld with the floor. my glasses my shoes my clothing me. and jose. melded with the floor. 000811
Babylon Brother Everything in moderation --- including my drunken debauchery. 001016
do_it_again I am drunken with overwhelming passion that consumes me and makes me pass out. . . carl. 010423
Cybrmystiq as I am here in my drunken stupor. I like think that’s its no so much the booze. But the feeling of apathy that has surrounded me since I lost her. 010513
YouR GoD drunken on virtue... 011017
story of eau three consecutive evenings.

meanwhile i pretend i'm super-human, or alien even, and immune to romantic love.

dessiahs_song it falters.
a drunken spirit - tender love.
be careful. it breaks too easily.
unhinged the way he looks at me when he is drunk sometimes confuses me. i think he means those things more seriously than he realizes if he even remembers. i have proof that he does though.

fucking confusing

maybe if i fell for sober people, i wouldn't have this problem over and over.
what's it to you?
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