sillyelly reaching past others' expectations. as you stretch farther and farther you realize who you are. and you understand all that you can be. 990505
sabbie if i ever understand all i can be, then i shall give up in disgust, and go polish my pitchfork or bone up on harp playing.

as long as you live, you grow and you have the opportunity to keep exploring the world around you and inside you. as a friend of mine once said "i find myself infinitely fascinating". no matter how long and hard i spend searching my long pirate's cave of a soul, i always find more twists and turns, more treasure and more monsters.

may i never run out of the guttering torches of curiosity.
The Truth The limits of your ability are set by no one other than...


Concieve it.
Believe it.
Achieve it.
celestias shadow reach as far as you can
then reach some more
they might say you have *ability*
to do what?
to stretch your arms and your cerebellum as far as they can go?
i suppose in a world of $25 million a year for a game, we can respect people with long arms as well.
bangaaeter is power? 050712
three words virtual ability wearing_the_inside_out 060125
what's it to you?
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