Tess forget it and rest. 000118
Verdulum Dragons sleep here. The dumb ones anyway. All self-respecting dragons know that mossy forests are much more comfortable. 000221
svk ..wasn't there something outside it? 040206
FloydianSlip All within a span of a couple of hours my good mood has crashed. It was a good day and in many ways it still is.

I feel like bitching. My heart's been broken and I feel like crawling into my cave where I can just be alone.

I've never had children, but I used to babysit a lot. I don't get a chance to babysit much anymore, and I never get to see the kids I was attached so warmly to. I saw something that reminded me of one of them today, and I've had a broken heart ever since.

My cave is my sanctuary.
ethereal I don't like this cave you've put over my head. 040506
andru235 now we live in FANCY caves

but are we really that far beyond cave (wo)men?

((((i'll beat you with this ace_of_clubs if you disagree))))
z shadows of the unseen universe outside on the walls 050308
auburn I just feel ill. 071013
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