Matthew are the life of everyone and everything,
for they live eternaly within us
Tank my next tattoo is gonna be of a dragon holding the faerie of truth upon it's hand. i can see it so perfectly, it's going to be beautiful. i just need to see the money it would cost as clearly reflected in my bank account... 000814
moonshine swallow your tail 000814
[R5]Syckle Cyan Bloodbane

now there my friends ... is a
Sweetz*88* I love dragons!!! They are creatures of fire. Dragons come in many colors and shapes and sizes. They are one of the God and Goddess's most perfect creations. 010215
Lady_Morgaine are the most beautiful creatures on earth. Whether in this plane or the astral plane they are Spirits most well thought out and magickal creatures. They are immortal and thus they are wise. They have seen the world chane since it's creation. They are things of mystery and reverence and they are the best teacher you could ask for. 010215
joey santiego octopus octopussy 010630
mon i was twin dragons last night
a lady made me a cup of tea
she had a funny stove she
gave me money from a jar and
said "go to afghanistan." and
then the bad guys showed up
and i escaped to the rooftop
smurfus rex is a fire dragon (chinese horoscope) 040309
birdmad If dragons existed, Steve "crocodile hunter" Irwin would likely have been fried crispy by now.

"Oi, lookat that... She's a Big One! I know she doesn't like me bein' this close to her eggs...But look at how she tightens her scales and breathes in reeeallly deeply...You're okay, girl, you're okay, i'm not gonna hurt ya, i just wanna get a closer look at the little one you've got on the way... there we are...


...oi, crikey! that was a hot one..."
Talborn imaginations fascination
kreep silently through clouds
krawl through ocean beds
fire breath
hot sex
what's it to you?
who go