whatever a very cool mythical creature, occasionally thought to weild dark powers. Symbol to many different cultures. 000106
birdmad though it is a pursuit i have long since abandoned, i feel the urge to chase it again.

to stand on the edge of his opiate jaws and hear the morphine - codeine rythm of the dragon's heart.

wearing my insanity like armor as i dare him to incinerate me where i stand
MollyGoLightly little in the middle but she got much back. 000416
lola A savage dragon lives in the forest
Most venomous he is, yet lacking nothing:
When he sees the rays of the Sun and its bright fire,
He scatters abroad his poison,
And flies upward so fiercely
That no living creature can stand before him,
Nor is even the Basilisk equal to him.
He who hath skill to slay him wisely,
Hath escaped from all dangers.
Yet all venom, and colors, are multiplied
In the hour of his death.
His venom becomes the Great Medicine.
He quickly consumes his venom,
For he devours his poisonous tail.
And this is performed by his own Body,
From which flows forth glorious Balm,
With all its miraculous virtues.
Hearat all the Sages do loudly rejoice.

-Book of Lambspring, as qtd in Televisionary Oracle
dean-bean The medievil German thought the dragon was the beast of the appocolypse. It live at the center of the earth and ate, and ate. The more it ate the hungrier it got. Why am I getting an image of theatre people? 010128
Sintina When people burp, someone sometimes says: "Who's the dragon?" Because the sound is so rumbly and low like we think a dragon might make.
Dragons make kick ass decorations for jewelry, shirts and stickers.
Dragon Song was a great book.
As was the Deverry Series.
And the Tolkein books.
Shugarhi A dragon is a mythical creature, thought to have the power of burning things with its breath. Sometimes I wish I could meet a dragon. 010511
jenivieve one day you will, i'm sure of that, Shugarhi. And maybe you could offer it some Talk o'Texas crisp ocra pickles. You could toss them high in the air, watch Dragon roast them delicately with a blast of warmth, and catch them in its mouth. 010513
Shugarhi that sounds wonderful, jenivieve! I'll have to go searching now... 010517
lost Crickey I wish I was a dragon. 010625
Casey I never liked the dragons with the long noses/snouts, they look misshapened 010625
nocturnal I wish I had the power to breathe fire at will. there would be a lot of burn victims out there. and, being the klutz that I am, I'd surely be one of them. 010625
paste! i have a dragon in my left ventricle. she is responsible for filtering out emu and comets in my blood. her name is Roxy and she likes pez candy and danger. 010625
baby satan roxy? aha! hahaha! i know that whore! let's spar, roxy! suck my chin faucet! 010625
paste! unless you want me to die, roxy shant leave my heart area...i'd be willing to clone her, but that will take magic weazel dust and smores. as a matter of fact, that isn't too bad of an idea. much like weird science but without kelly lebrock. and i could wear strapless_bras on my head. plural because that's lovely. and i could eat chocolate-covered dingleberries, bruce lee style. so many ideas, so little ass gravy. zap! 010626
constance briefly octopus 010626
logan One of the greatest mythical creatures. I've always wondered what it would be like to fight a dragon way back when, if there was ever such a thing. 010626
nemo i think i am going to get a dragon tattoo'd on me somewhere, not sure where yet though 010725
grendel just imagine the hilariously crispy tragedy that might ensue on an episode of Crocodile Hunter if dragons were real
and that guy decided to annoy one the way he does with poisonous snakes and large reptiles

"Crikey! wouldyalookat that!"
dB Scented Garden for the Blind 010726
Inanna The dragons that survived
their mass murder
are much wiser than you
In fact they could be you
You will never know one
unless it chooses to shapeshift
specifically for you
The dragons live on
only the unevolved were killed
by the human beast
Have you ever rode a dragon?
I have
...ooo... slumbered in it's lair 020206
god enough weasel dust for me, tubbs 020411
monolith fire 030315
blown cherry my favourites are the sweepy ones 030316
moooo the_cow_song 030317
shorlove Mushu... 030424
nick Hoard me away with your treasure

Your strength keeps me safe, and I'm not afraid of you. A beast with terrible appetites and fearsome anger. You may hurt me. You have my blessing. I'll never even try to escape.

Is that love?
ferret trogdor!!!!!! 031011
WTF dingleberries ??? 031122
BoogieTroll no, ' troll ' simply because trolls kick ass ........ 031122
BoogieTroll mind you, dragons kick ass too! 031122
smurfus rex I am the unquenchable fire, the center of all the energy, the stout heroic heart. I am truth and light, I hold power and glory in my sway. My presence disperses dark clouds, I have been chosen to tame the Fates.

I am the Dragon.

is a:
Goat in the European system
Dragon in the Chinese system
Dragonia Suma, Part 1
Part 1
This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex between a human and reptile, submission and flesh-bondage.
The dragons were comparative newcomers to the isle of Severius, having come from the New Continent to dwell in the Western Mountains only seventy years ago. They have been a boon to mankind ever since. Their glorious migrating flight caught the humans' imaginations, prompting many to sail out to the land the creatures described, and this was the first discovery of the vast New Continent. The dragons brought protection to the humans who shared the mountains with them, bringing protection from the wild lizard men that had been plaguing the people for centuries, creatures that used humans to increase their own species numbers by kidnapping, transformation, rape and impregnation. And this allowed humanity to expand out from their fortified settlements and develop true kingdoms. The dragons were willing to share territories with humans and live amongst them, leading to a mixture of human and animal in social ways incomparable to any other across Severius.
But there were still major differences in custom between dragons and humanity. In the villages and towns that were also dragon rookeries, it was amazing how the creatures co-operated so well, given when these differences surfaced and conflicted.
* * * * * * * * * *
The dragon came into the throne room on the shoulder of Queen Caldes. He resembled a tiny salamander, though was bulkier. His scales were a rich green, though with tiny red scales just under his ears and along his throat.
"Daughter, this is, uhh, Amas. The draconic emissary," she stated finally.
The princess looked at the gorgeous creature. She had expected the emissary to be large enough to necessitate the opening of the main throne room doors. The dragon, if such a name could be given to such a little lizard, smiled, and flapped into the air. Emera gasped and ducked, but too late to stop him from landing on her head and nestling into her hair. The feeling of this was a little icky. Emera tried to think straight.
"It's a pleasure to, umm meet you, your..." not Excellency, or Honour, or Lord. She knew over fifty titles, human ones at least. Did she really need to give such a little thing a honourary?
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Amas," she said finally. She felt him hug the locks of her hair.
"Really? You seem rather nervous to me. Possibly because you were expecting me to be fifteen foot tall. Really a pleasure?" he said.
The voice, from atop her head sounded quiet but deep. Emera nodded gently.
"Then you will positively enjoy taking me around the castle..." he replied, tilting to remain upon her.
Emera, puzzled, curtsied to her mother and the courtiers and backed out of the room, as the little reptile rested atop her.
* * * * * * * * * *
The first day ended delightfully. He was the most informal creature she'd met, and she was glad that he was so small. He fell asleep with her on her pillow.
The next morning a lizard the size of Emera's head woke her up.
"Your castle is an intriguing construction. These manufactured caves are a surprisingly good idea. And now, I desire to see your kingdom." Emera moved her head back so she could get the bigger dragon into focus.
"But, Amas, I don't really know the kingdom. I've almost never left the castle," she said sadly. The dragon smiled, his lips curling back to reveal obviously carnivorous teeth.
"Then I will show the kingdom to you. The forests I will learn about and teach to you." And after Emera and he had evaded the guards sent by their mother, they did so. In the bare beauty of the woods, they played tag, but the creature always won, reacting with incredible reflexes and fleeting after her with bright green wings. But Emera never minded this. The dragon made up a silly name game. He called her Suma. That night she saw him catch and swallow three frogs whole. She ran away from him in horror, but let him share her bed anyway, that night.
The next morning came, and the beast was the size of her arm. He stood on hind legs, astride her neck, and pressed his talons, clawed like a hawk's, against her lips. Emera woke up with a scared groan, as she looked up the underbelly of the creature. He craned his head downwards and his snout touched her mouth gently. She smiled a little and stroked him, to his pleasure. He hugged her passionately, with scaly arms that yesterday wouldn't even reach around her neck.
And on the fourth day she woke up with a dragon half Emera's size, and nearly her weight. He shared her bed now. As soon as she could escape the castle, they ran deep into the woods together, and played quite rough games now. He ran faster than her, wrestled her to the ground, and tickled her on her belly when she tried to stroke him. With each game he became happier, but more demanding. She came back with a torn skirt, and smelled faintly of him from rubbing against the scent glands on his neck. Emera remembered the look of her mother when she saw the little princess, smelled her. The girl started to wonder herself how much her wonderful pet started to worry her as well. She slipped upstairs to get a shower. Her Amas slipped into her bedroom, opening the door. Emera whirled around, partially undressed, and covered her breasts. She felt only partially relieved that it was the dragon.
"Amas! How did you get in? The guards..."
"My Suma... your scent is perfect. Why do you wish to shower?"
"Umm... Because we've been running around... I'm covered in sweat," she said, blushing.
Amas slipped into the bed and opened the covers.
"Come here, Suma..." he commanded gently.
Emera looked about uncertainly. He commanded her all the time now, and she felt sure she should order him back. But she felt just the smallest twinge of pleasure whenever he asked her to do something, or submit to something, and she felt herself become a little more dependant to him. She hung her head and crept to him. He slid out of the bed and disrobed her with lightly moving claws. Emera's hands twitched as she felt his bone-like talons touching her body, but she let him disrobe her until only her underwear remained. This was scary! It felt good to obey him, and that was frightening too. She hovered uncertainly, then pulled her body into the bed against Amas' scaly body. Feeling his tail slide possessively over her form and wrap around her legs, her sweat made her skin stick to his. He cooed her to sleep, holding her tightly.
The sixth day came, and Emera was allowed into the woods routinely, her only guard Amas, who was now easily her height, and considerably heavier. They took the Queen's own riding lizard, a powerful, quadrupedal reptile Emera fondly loved, and she rode upon her while Amas stalked by her side. They went further into the woods than ever before, past the limits set by adventurous children, then beyond those of any sensible adult.
Emera looked around, warily. There seemed to be more noise around than either of them were making.
"I think someone's following us," she said, unsure. Amas looked around.
"Yes, it still is," he replied airily.
Emera shivered. She didn't expect it to really be anything but her nerves.
"It's the Carnal." Again, Amas sounded confident and easygoing.
"But that's not supposed to exist!" squealed the princess.
The Carnal was a feared, unknown and little talked about entity. But there were many stories about its offspring, monsters that led the lizard men invasions. The Carnal herself was worse than any of her children, a behemoth that reproduced rapidly.
The dragon stopped, as did Emera's heavy, reptilian mount. She heard something rustling through undergrowth. It wasn't the repetitive steps of someone walking. It was the sound of creeping, of something sliding through the bushes and over the grass.
"Come here, Suma," said the dragon, softly. Emera immediately leapt from the lizard and embraced Amas, pressing her whole body against his scaly underbelly. Amas hissed gently and closed his wings around the girl. She stroked around the warm, scaly darkness and shivered.
"Please protect me, Amas!"
The dragon petted her through his heavy wings and nodded with approval.
"Always, Suma."
The Carnal broke through the undergrowth and the riding lizard snorted and clawed the ground, her talons ripping up turf. As the legend confronted Amas, he looked up, grinned and put a single talon to his lips, making a 'shush' gesture to it.
* * * * * * * * * *
It was the eighth day. Emera awoke in the dragon's arms, the bed sheets dangling down to his clawed talons. He held her up near the window, blew on her face, showed her the glorious morning. He was about twelve foot tall, rounded but very lean. Tightly bunched muscles bulged along his arms as he held the girl up easily.
"Good morning, Suma. This is going to be a very special day..."
"Why's that, Amas?"
She looked about blearily. He held her like a baby, and she instinctively clutched his solid body.
"I'll wait for you to perfume yourself, girl." He craned his head forward, and Emera nodded quietly. It was a routine he insisted upon, and one she carried out immediately. She pulled out her forearms from the covers, and rubbed them along the slightly moist reddish scales at his throat. He nodded with approval as she drew them back. His nostrils flared as he breathed in her scent mixed with his.
"What will we do today?"
"Something entirely new..."
He unwrapped the bedclothes from her body. To Emera's amazement, her body underneath was naked. Did he strip her while she was asleep? She started to struggle but he cooed gently, rocked her like she was his child. She blushed head to toe from deep embarrassment as she looked at her plentiful, naked breasts, then at her loins, bare except for a brief triangle of dark pubic hair. All of her body lay snuggled in his grip. He pulled the sheets out from between his clawed arms and her buttocks and back, and she felt the tough, woodchip-like scales along his limbs
"Don't worry, you must be nude for both our comfort. Look at this..."
The dragon brought a large, gnarled claw to his chest and tugged gently at one of his wide underbelly-plates. It pulled away to reveal a warm opening into his body! She looked at the beast carefully, touched his chest.
"What? It... it's a pocket!"
"A pouch; like a kangaroo's. I could carry you around in it, make you wonderfully comfortable while no-one knows where you are..." He put her down carefully to her feet. Emera's eyes were wide with curiosity, and she felt her shame at being naked lessen. She reached a hand into his pouch, felt around. It was almost smooth inside, filled with thousands of very fine scales.
"We can carry our Suma in the pouch while we fly. They are wonderfully warm and perfectly safe." He smiled, as he saw Emera's expression of wonder.
"Y, you can fly with me?" she squealed. He nodded.
"That can wait for another day. First, I will give you invisibility. Get into my pouch, Suma, the same way you would enter a sleeping bag..." He gently placed her onto the fallen bed sheets in a sitting position, then slipped easily onto all fours. Emera looked uncertain.
"Pleasssse..." sibilated Amas, as he looked down at her, smiled, flapped his wings. Emera blinked and giggled as she felt a cool draft sweep over her naked body. She looked at the huge, glinting green sails. The idea was very pleasing.
"Another day you fly. Today, you discover what it feels like to wander the palace naked," he grinned. Emera couldn't resist a shiver, and he gently stroked her in response. The princess felt her willpower drain, become the wonderful fluffy feeling of submissiveness. She slowly got onto her hands and knees in front of him, then hesitated. And finally, started to crawl backwards. His head passed over her peachy buttocks, and she nearly expected a lick. This was scary, crawling backwards naked, like a female maneuvering into position to be mated. But she was used to doing everything he said. She obeyed his every command, and he'd never taken advantage, at least not in a way that didn't please them both. He took hold of her feet with a wide claw, slipped them against, then into the scaly slit in his belly. Her toes felt wonderfully warm in here. She continued to shuffle backwards and the pouch stretched to let in her feet, then ankles. The dragon was all around her now, his forelegs scraping gently past her shoulders, his expansive chest inches over her rump. Amas purred gently as the slit widened around her shins. It felt like she was slowly being swallowed, all warmth and smoothness. Before she knew it she felt her hips slip in, the scales rubbing gently against her vagina. Emera felt her hot flush spread slowly over her body again, just before she felt the dragon lurch suddenly onto his hind legs. Emera squealed and lost her balance a little as she stopped pushing herself in from horizontal and started to slide in, straight down. She felt a talon touch her bare back, then convulsions around her as the beast gently shook his body to bring her down and in.
"Wonderful... very good, little suma. What does it feel like?" he hissed, as his writhing caused her to settle up to the top of her belly. Emera grinned nervously and wriggled her toes in the spacious, warm depths. She adjusted her legs inside him, opened them just a little. Her hands groped around the lip of the slit. It felt quite nice, despite the feeling of mounting helplessness, proneness to him. It also felt nice for those reasons.
"I feel very comfortable. Like a baby dragon" she giggled. She had slipped in as far as the cusp of her breasts. One, then the other, squeezed into the pouch and she continued to descend. She could feel gentle curves and shallow valleys that marked his muscles. They were solidly packed, the sort a human male would die for.
"And females do use them to carry our young. Males use them to carry our Suma." He stroked her hair, smoothed it down as strands caught on his scaly chest.
"I thought Suma meant your young... I thought you were calling me your hatchling. So what does it mean?" Now she was up to her neck in him.
"What have I been calling you all this time?" He looked down to the girl, and convulsed harder. The waves of movement sucked her down faster. She realised the definitions of muscles on his chest were slightly wedge-shaped, and the curves started to pull her legs apart. It took all her strength to keep her legs closed, just to remain decent while in such intimate contact. She felt a little afraid. Emera looked down at the barely noticeable bulge she made in him.
"Suma is the name of a female dragon who is the slave of a male. It always starts with being tricked or forced into the belly. No one knows they are there. And no-one will know you are inside me," he said, chuckling slightly. He slid his hands over the pouch, rubbing through it to caress her stomach, then around her thighs. Swiftly he ran his claws to her knees and rubbed roughly, pulling them wide open, to the scratching noise of scales rubbing against scales.
"Wh... what are you doin..." she began, until a final convulse slipped her head under the pouch. It slowly closed above her, and where the lips touched they sealed. Emera squealed and looked up to see the light of day disappear. Stuck in utter, close darkness she could hear his soft breathing, feel the heartbeat against her spine. Muscles pulled and pushed around her as she felt him move.
Slowly light returned - a soft red, membranous glow came from light filtered through the flap of scaly skin that trapped her. She struggled desperately, feeling the dull terror and thrill of entrapment. But movement was hard, and the slippery scales were impossible to hold or brace against without her soft skin sliding away and down. She continued to descend, until her legs felt the bottom of the pocket-like pouch, next to his thighs. She pressed her hands tight against the seal above her but it seamed to have... healed. She hauled her legs closed again, though it was amazingly difficult - between her legs was a thick, hill-like ridge of muscle. Her legs wouldn't close again for long - the pouch seemed to be designed to keep her akimbo, and her legs were already tired of clutching together. As her legs opened slowly, the effort of standing became harder, and eventually she started to slip down the scaly sides into a squatting, kneeling position.
When she got low enough she felt something bobbing against her thighs, then press tightly against the groove in her bottom. It was large and long, organic as her surroundings. She looked down, then suddenly shrieked as she realised that it was his penis against her! She struggled desperately to escape it, her hands and legs scrabbling against the pit like thing she was trapped in, but his now firmer convulsions propelled her back down.
"Your struggles delight me," said a voice from his chest and throat, a sort of subvocalised whisper she felt rather than heard. "Your skin rubs against my scales pleasantly. Please, keep trying to escape..." Emera screamed with horror. She squirmed, but the pouch shape kept manipulating her body above his manhood, her legs wide open. Her leg muscles screamed their weariness and her knees started to bend, the erection firmly between her legs. Curiosity and fear of the unknown forced her fingers to touch the penis, and her eyes to peer straight down between her legs. It was thick, slightly curly like a straightened pig's tail. Her fingers touched the area where it reached into a slit right next to what felt like his loins. In the light it glinted stark red. The animal thing was as thick as her forearm, and around twenty inches long. It was far too large for her, but she knew there was nothing she could do to escape it, not now. It's thick veins bulged out, the egg-like red tip sprouted out from the shaft of almost slimy green scales.
She screamed at the feel of her wildly shivering legs giving out, her loins descending, then the bulging penis touching her flaps firmly. The dragon chuckled as he pressed it slightly into her body, and she wailed to feel it's insidious nuzzling between her vaginal lips.
"The suma never lead a life separate from their hosts, and they will never be able to choose what they want to do. Your life is now mine. You will basically become a part of me, another limb, or internal organ."
"Why are you doing this to me?" squealed Emera, unable to stop thinking about the solid, curled pole between her legs.
"Because you have lied down and become submissive to me. Because I want you to be with me forever. I love you, Suma..." He cuddled his belly, and she felt his arms around her chest. "Because I want to see you lose all status as princess and become a helpless, lustful little beast." He gasped with pleasure as her struggles started anew. He chuckled lightly and slipped to all fours. Emera felt her world go horizontal again, then his muscles oozing against her flesh as he padded slowly towards the door. She breathed heavily, sighed with relief as his penis was pulled away, and she slid forwards to the front of his pouch.
Every step he took caused Emera to jiggle up and down in his sac. Her mouth was pressed against the skin, and her relief increased as she found that air was passing through it - when he breathed in it contracted, forcing stale air out, when he breathed out it refilled. She picked out the flagstones passing under her, through his membranous skin. She wondered whether her sight was becoming accustomed to the weird conditions or he was somehow making it translucent to her. She saw the feet of a handmaiden walk past, as she shook with panic, as she wondered if she would be discovered in this... position. The dragon reared up, and Emera shrieked as she felt something brush her privates. But as a door appeared in her vision, and a claw reached out to twist the doorknob she realised he was just freeing his front legs to open the door. Her Amas got back to all fours, padded onwards with a chuckle.
Emera strained to look ahead of her, and saw through the deep redness the floor of a big room. To her horror she saw her mother, on the throne, across a table set for the morning banquet. Amas weaved through the crowd of guests - Dukes and Duchesses, servants, royals from neighbouring kingdoms. People bumped gently against him and her, treating the dragon as just another person. Accordingly he picked up a plate, then walked three-legged towards the queen, people stepping aside smoothly to let the powerful creature through.
"A, Amas, what are you doing?" she squealed.
"Tell me Emera," whispered the dragon, "Why aren't you screaming for help now? How do you feel being naked in a filled room before your mother?"
Emera didn't answer. But it was something of a thrill, her bare body hanging down in front of them. She could do anything in here, and no one would notice. But she couldn't face the shame of being discovered. The dragon padded up the steps and reared up again. Emera struggled, tried to escape being pulled downwards, but her aching legs were smoothly pulled wider apart once more.
She looked directly at the face of her mother just as the penis touched her slit.
"Your majesty," said the dragon. He handed her the plate of food. Emera felt his loins twitch, and right between her legs his penis slide up, nearly an inch into her vagina. Suddenly she shrieked, screamed, shouted for help. She had no choice but to be seen now, to escape him at any cost. Her mother was just a few feet away, surely she could see her... surely she could hear screaming. The queen smiled, looked at Emera's host and took the plate. Amas whispered to his Suma, the subliminal, thrumming noise making his belly shake.
"Your body feels very good. Your mother must be proud of you..." She felt his thighs clench, and suddenly he thrust himself into her, his penis pushing in by several inches even though his body barely moved from the outside. She felt her vagina being opened wide, and this became a focus of stretched pain and perverse sensation. Her vagina, now wet, ran trickles of lubrication down his staff.
"No! Aaaaaaahhhhh! Please, mother, help meee!" Her body was lifted by the thrust and she felt the weight of her body leave her knees. Her front pressed tightly against his pouch. It ached inside her, the subtle corkscrew of his shaft boring into the muscles around the sides, appealing horribly. Amas rubbed it inside her quickly, like an animals mating strokes. She felt full but only his cock-tip was inside her.
"Dear dragon, where is Emera today?" asked the queen gently. The dragon smiled, Emera could somehow tell. He pulled out an inch and, buttocks tensing, tail twitching, he thrust in harder.
"She remains in bed, your Majesty," said the dragon smoothly as Emera felt his heart rate quicken, and his curling penis sank in eight inches, running easily along her birthing canal, causing stinging pain and deep, horrid pleasure. Her crotch was soaked with juices from her own body, and she cringed with fear and shame. Her Amas was raping her just feet away from her mother!
Amas rippled his manhood up further, pressed against the final barrier to her womb. She renewed her struggles, pressing out at his pouch and screaming. Looking upon the serene gaze of her own parent she experienced the first, most powerful orgasm of her life. She screamed with climax and terror, and beat the skin she was being thrust against. While soft, his skin didn't move much under her blow. The dragon suddenly pulled out, creating a powerful sucking feeling inside her slit, then ran back up again, maintaining Emera's' orgasm and building towards his own. His outstretched arms were only slightly shaking as the queen plucked a cake from the plate. She smiled simply, though with just a hint of unsure suspicion, it seemed to Emera. Her eyes opened wider suddenly, then she disappeared into the red haze of the background as Amas slipped away from the throne. He settled into a merciless, shallow but fast humping pace as he calmly walked through the crowds on hind legs. Emera felt men and women slide past her body, nudging her through the dragon's skin, as she was kept feeling horny even through the depravity. Her slit was hot with the friction, her dripping labia pulling in and out with his shaft.
Ahead of her a door opened, a corridor came back into view, and then her room. The dragon closed the heavy door and oozed to the floor, placing enough weight on his front to make Emera whimper with fear, and feel her breasts spread like pools. Then he heaved forwards and slammed his penis hard into her open slit, swallowing ten inches of shaft into her. It bludgeoned at her cervix, and Emera screamed with pain. He pulled back and thrust again, and the tip ran through the passage again, stretching the barrier like rubber, and then splitting it. Emera screamed and thrashed, as Amas calmed, stroked her sides through his skin. His penis ran through the raw rupture and oozed into her womb.
"I'm sorry... the pain won't last. And you don't need a cervix now," he said through a soft tone working up into a guttural snarl of savage pleasure.
Emera whimpered as he humped her with great, long withdrawals and sudden thrusts that took the egg-like head of his penis from her stark red lips to deep into her womb. Emera felt herself moving headlong into a second climax, out of any control but his. She felt his penis embed itself in her tummy and remain there; settling into shallow but fast spasms, and Emera felt all her muscles lock, her body tensing into joyous orgasm.
The dragon pressed down harder than ever before as his penis twitched, the head running against the top of her cervix. He growled harshly, and then the princess felt her womb start to fill with the dragon's heavy semen. She screamed and entered her own peak, the pleasure diluting the pain, complementing it. Their liquids mixed inside her body and started to pour out of her vagina, pinkish from the addition of blood from what was her hymen and cervix. He groaned quietly, rubbed her belly through the blister-like pouch, and over a gallon of thick ooze slipped over her front and into her pores.
As Emera started to come down from her peak, she heard the bedroom door open. Amas remained with his belly and hind legs on the floor, but supported himself tiredly on his forelegs. The Queen walked into view, accompanied by a young, apparently pregnant handmaiden. Emera felt utterly exposed, naked, leaking his cum on her own slimy skin, just a few feet from her mother.
"Amas. Where is my daughter? Really?" It looked like she had been crying.
"She is truly Suma, your Majesty. She is truly mine now," He said softly. He twitched his hips gently, suggestively. Emera cowered as she saw the Queen look down at his belly, almost directly at her face. Her mother crouched, and squinted, as if to look in.
"You don't really want to see what I have done to your daughter, your Majesty."
"You have penetrated her, Emissary?"
"I'm still inside her. We have just finished our rutting, she's full of my semen," he hissed blissfully.
"Oh my..."
"I can feel it running out of her onto my pouch. She is up to her waist in the sperm. She's struggling hard inside me, weeping with shame. That's why I'm telling you, her mother, about it," he said matter-of-factly. "She hoped to be naughty, while unseen. But I feel her love of shame. That's why she will make such a good Suma."
"She is still human?"
"These are her final minutes as a human. You will not intervene?"
"Of course not, Emissary. She has gone in under her own will. Or yours."
"They are both the same now. All she is now is mine," he finished.
The Queen reached a shaking hand forward, and touched the dragons' chest. Emera, stunned, felt it over her face. She wished there were clothes in here.
"The dragon will look after you, daughter. Please try not to worry about what he does to you. He won't really harm you."
She stood and walked to the door. She turned around.
"You're no longer Emera. You're Suma. Tomorrow you won't even be human. But I'll always love you, daughter, animal or not."
She walked out of the door. Amas felt his Suma's tears run into the pool of liquids. He got up and trotted into the shower. He twisted the tap, and waited for the splashes cascading down his hide to turn warm. Then he brought a claw to the top of his pouch and slit along where the opening used to be.
Emera looked up at the harsh light, whimpered with the hope of freedom and surged towards it. She screamed madly as she slipped against the wet pocket sides, and was pulled back down onto his dagger-like penis every time. Amas chuckled and got onto all fours. Emera spilled out in a pool of warm fluids like a baby from an experienced womb. She looked up with fear as she untangled her naked limbs. Then she ran towards the door, wincing at the pain in her crotch as at long last she could close her legs.
"Emera! Stay," said Amas, his voice half order and half chuckle.
Emera stopped entirely by instinct, and the well-bred-princess drive to never misbehave. Then she looked back at the dragon, the creature that had rutted her, and she felt anger break over her.
"No, not any more!" she shouted, and opened the door. She galloped out, then stopped dead as she watched the maid walking down the corridor in front of her shriek. The maid was Clarabelle, one of her old nannies. Emera covered her ripe breasts with her hands and wept with shame. The nanny stepped back, then put her hands to her chest and smiled.
"My goodness Emera, you frightened me! I'm sorry I screamed. Oh, and by the looks of you you're not Emera any more. Suma..."
Emera watched the old face split with a wistful grin. She was aware of a liquid feeling, of the dragon's sperm escaping visibly out of her soaked crotch, running down her thighs and forming a little pool on the floor. She could smell its pungent odour clearly, knew her nanny could as well.
"No, I'm still a human!" the princess cried back.
Then she felt a large shape coming from behind her. A gnarled claw slipped between her thighs and cupped around her crotch. Clarabelle curtsied gracefully.
"Amas, your Grace," she said as she watched the dragon extend his centre claw up Emera's' vagina. Emera wailed and tried to move as the cruel, curved talon and paw-finger was buried to the last knuckle inside her, but her crotch tugged whenever she tried. The rough scales on the foot long digit scraped wonderfully against her insides, as his bumpy knuckles pressed against her sopping labia. He lifted his hand, and Emera squealed as she felt the not unpleasant sensation of all her weight being supported on her cunt. Her feet lost contact with the floor, and she tried to stretch to regain it. The tip of his claw slipped easily past her still open cervix and into her womb, as semen ran off his digit and onto the ground. Amas bowed to Clarabelle, hugged his hand puppet to his chest and turned around, tail sweeping in an arc, carrying away his pet human. Emera wept and cringed into Amas' solid, scaly skin. Her vagina started to clutch and squeeze at his thick finger.
"I was impressed with your willpower, Suma," he murred genuinely.
Emera felt oddly proud of this. She felt her reserves all drained, and she simply, almost happily let him take her back into the shower, then drop her gently under the direct, fresh feeling burst of water droplets. He pushed her to her knees as he slipped free his claw, then stood proudly over her.
"I... tried," she said as resignation and awe as she watched the great creature, a monster she could not stop loving.
He dropped as well. She watched him slide closer, then grip her head with a great paw and caress her mouth with the end of his snout.
"You don't need to run away from me any more, or refuse any command I make. You are not shaming human females, or humanity as a whole, because you are going to become neither. All you will shame is yourself, and I will make sure the shame is great and tearful. Humans' and dragons' worth are measured by their achievements, Suma's are measured by the humiliation they earn..."
Searanex Leathered wings of crimson fury slash effortlessly through the wind, carrying a creature of rage. His claws have been stained by the blood of endless foes, his scales have been battered by the blades of limitless armies. Yet, he knows no defeat. He has the blood of generations of warrior drakes coarsing through his veins, and his bloodline will not be tainted by defeat. 050308
never trust a dragon.
dreamer Alfred had slain the Evil Dragon King (EDK) with love... 050309
the nights child ok, now surely someone else is going to own up to totally masturbating to that story? 050309
Lemon_Soda I will. 050519
LS thnx for the link off of bored, "we". 050519
nick all the bad reasons
all the painful memories
misunderstood praise

a rotten pile of old newspapers
soaking wet in the basement
so we burn some incense

apologetic love is worse than apologetic hate
spending the days wishing life was fair
spending the nights wondering what will go wrong
who will get mad
who will break under the unseen pressure

open the windows to let in the light
cleanse this house in every corner
we have to live here
the trash must go out

not a day goes by that you don't realize that your beauty is fading
and I am blissfully unaware
in your mind I leave you for greener pasture
but with you I am alive

you mind whirls
searching for the imperfections
that will drive me away

your words stab here and there as if looking for a chink in my armor
I wonder if you know that I'm naked

all cannot be bliss because that is unnatural
the pain of the day is never enough
I wonder how long can we stretch it out into the night

I think you see my love for you through a fun house mirror sometimes
its twisted image horrifies and disgusts you
when in truth it is the best love I have ever given

don't envy me
I give you everything I ever have

I wont leave because of time
because you bleed un erringly whatever I do
because you bleed in the meantime

I promised many times
and again

Love always
Dragonia Mmm... 070607
the lights child ooh, this still gets me 090622
Ryakoth I'm not sure what I'd do without dragons,

as a DM i friggin love them for gaming

I often experience my dreams in a draconic body

and yes dragons are sexy(owning up on that story....)

interesting how the dragons of a culture reflect the culture, in Europe they represented the insurmountable boundary at the edge of a map, in asian culture they often represent justice, or the balance of nature, this shows European ego of human accomplishment vs Asian awareness of balance,
thistooshallpass Dragons are awesome.

Dragons are the embodiment of fear:
Sharp teeth. Sharp claws. Impenetrable scales. Huge muscles. Winged death from above. Gouging horns. Cunning catlike eyes. Powerful magics. Snake like bodies. Lounging atop a treasure hoard, the very image of greed and gluttony and pride. Representing devious sin and damnation. Red hot destroying breath. Everything a human fears wrapped up in a deadly package.

Dragons are the very embodiment of wonder:
Sinuous. Elemental. Massive. Awe-inspiring. Mysterious. Primitive. Intelligent. Magical. Powerful. Majestic. Mystical. A thousand other descriptions; each one unique.

Dragons are Awesome.
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