typhoid *snort* ;) 000617
The Schleiffen Man in less than one month, i will reacht he null spot that is twenty.... old enough to make your own choices... still young enough to be told "you can't have alcohol".... not that i want any... 000712
kim soon to be my past 000712
littel_elf I am twenty. Two decades old.
I do not want to go back nor do I want to go forward.

I have always wished Never_Never Land truly did exist.

But it doesn't... so life drags on and next year I will be 21. Peter_Pan need not apply.

Clap if you believe in pixies!
Anyone have a bit of pixie dust? Where are you when I need you Tink?

But even then I would still need a happy thought.
fuggin mcbiscuit sandwich twenty penises. 020912
Staind_And_Souless Twenty times I asked you to stay. You don't think it was that many? No, every time the knife cut my flesh, I was asking you to stay, not to leave me. you saw them. you told me I wanted attention.
I wanted you. I've lost you. And now I have twenty little silver slivers, twenty reminders of you, that will last my entire life.
And you never stayed.
Candy Twenty is the crappiest age to be. You are not an *adult* and yet you have no excuse for being stupid because you are no longer a teenager. 20 sucks. 20/20 sucks. Whatever... less than a year until my 21st birthday and then I will be free! 040218
mikejohnson Candy, that was scary to read as the clock ticks toward midnight and my 20th birthday. I can't say I'm sad to leave my teen years behind, and in the great white north we are legal at 18. Do you feel any different now that your *crappiest* year is (almost?) over?
Hopes being 20 is SWEET!
endless desire twenty = yummychuckle 061020
Bespeckled On 08-19-2018, it will have been 20 years since the first blathe was blathed. One of the longest relationships of my life (albeit very off-and-on). 171205
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