SomeoneElse Is a smashing young fellow who never comes around anymore. 000406
johnathong is a big purple loser. he reads more than he types, which is good for the common man, but for him, it is deplorable. he has left us to drown in a sea of hideous words and shabby thoughts - pure logic and ill reasoning. all the while observing from his higher plane, and dipping his pinky toe in from time to time to test the degree of the water.

he is such a dips(y)hit, i'd like to smack him from his la la land, however, i'll just let him stew in his own po(verty)
ClairE His dog is the smartest, tiniest trim little bitch ever. I like to think she yaps for me. She loves Annie more but I meant it when I said to Elijah, "Can I take her to Poughkeepsie with me?" 011219
god tink walks amok 011221
littel_elf who in the world are you talking about???

tink's not a guy... it's a girl!!! And a pixie, too. Tinkerbell... ????

peter_pan, wendy, tink, never_never land... *shakes head and walks away muttering*
jane i am guessing there is a male friend with a female dog named tink... 020912
Tink It's me again. Tired. Dropping in after all these years. And I'm a strapping young lad, with a skinny dog. And I miss all of you who aren't reading this anyway. 040917
god walk amok any? 040918
...AntiqueClocks... I miss that little fairy girl... 040918
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