psyki int count=0, life = 1;

while (count = total) {
for (i = 0; i = 42; i++) {
life = count / i;
count += life;
gwen a long time 000627

a long time.................
psychobabe its been a while since i've could hold my head up high
its been a while since i said i'm sorry
its been a while since i could call you...
its been a while since i've gone and fucked things up just like i always do
its been a while, since i've seen the way the candels light your face
its been a while, but i can still remember just the way you taste...
and everylittle thing i cant remember..
its fucked as it only seems...
the consequences that are rendered...
you did your best to help me through...
its been a while since i could hold my head up high
its been a while since i said i'm sorry
easter candyless chanaka while i was gone, my neighbor stole my easter candy! why?!?! i am gonna cry. oh, my beloved scrumptious easter candy, where are you? i really am upset.
silentbob Your shilloutte in the stair case
you enter the room i smile you walk right past
finally you notice
you take one look at me and all our old times make your jaw drop
you hold your breath to conserve the image of this boy you havent seen in years
dropping out of the blue at your twenty first birthday party an act of spontaneaty i was notorious for. Your first instinct is to play Ketchup but we mae a pact not to play that superficial game. we had an undestanding. You are covered in the smell of second hand smoke
embedded in the sense of longing and nostalgia
Finally smiling you say the words, "It's been a while."
lovers lament while i sat contemplating your worth
you stared at her tits, lost in her
superficial beauty
dropped another level in my image of you
said goodbye, your jaw dropped in surprise so smoothly
you listen to Ani, spend time working pieces of your heritage
you've got a long way to go in life before you understand
the workings of a woman's heart and all the secrets behind her eyes
hiding everything from you in an attempt at the upper hand
there is no weakness allowed in this world anymore
i am hardened by a lifetime of maybe's and letdowns
so when you act so surprised and i still walk out the door
maybe that's just because i can say i've truly been around

for greg, as so many things are these days
gerard the night drove us home and pulled us over for not signalling.

the car arrested itself, it must've been mad.

later, the cab driver came into our church. you hid in the bathroom while i entertained.

we fought, and you went away.

the next time i saw you, i saw my sister. and i knew you loved me. you wouldn't kiss me, you wouldn't stay.
juxtapostal i spend my life dreaming about myself, all the while i'm living this dream i'm living about. surrounded by all of you dreaming about yourselves while i try find something real to say about this shit that doesn't mean a goddamn thing. it's beautiful beyond words.

hi mom!!
sugar and all
its been too long.
what's it to you?
who go