sillysheryl I grind my teeth
bad habit
I don't realize I am doing it until I wake up in he morning
and it pains me to open my mouth
badbad habit

the more I grind the tighter it gets
it's really tight now
I've been grinding it all night
it feels really good
the pressure
really good
and since I can't sleep
I have nothing better to do
then grind grind grind

to break the habit I put my tongue btwn my teeth and bite on that instead
it usually works for a few weeks, until the habit is broken, and since I am no longer consciously try to break it, it starts up again
but I don't realize I am doing it until my jaw starts making crackling sounds and I can hardly open it
then I say
oh shit

I'm going to break my jaw
acidshank damn. i grind my teeth alot too. its proven to cause toothache. like me. omg it hurts aweful sometimes.
stupid grindgrindgrind. at nite especially
what's it to you?
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