psyki sometimes i just want to break something
smash the windows
kick the puppy
scream as loud as i can
throw lamps against the wall
and wine glasses too
i get these incredible feelings of rage

but i always suppress them, always
Joana. If I could break this wall of terrifying silence that has been built between us, I'd make you see what I'm going through...
God... I wish I wouldn't be such a bloody elitist... :-p
valis odd how people who ask you to give them a break, sincerely

have been broken too much already
Matt You can bend me but you will never break me. 000413
maruku that table couldn't stand for it, so it fell. and the girl walked off again into the distance. drunk as hell.
explain to me why you are sleeping on the couch yet you do not want to
Jon That's what my heart did. It broke. Why did I say the things I did? It's not fair. You're my friend. I never want to lose you. I love you. God loves you Never forget 001006
rollins the silent rage builds up like interest in the bank 001211
elana if i break something of yours, will you realize that i am here, world?!
i am here and i am alive, i know i am!
am i?
that doesn't make sence.
ok you know what?
forget it!
no one gets me!
Robin i want you to break me
I hate it
but i want it
i can't live without the pain
sadistic fuck
hit me, use me, break me
its all the same,
better than love
karmakazie what a woman did today.
Her husband died this morning...only 37.
They had no kids.
They had future ahead of them.
She will be brought tasteless food and stale flowers....people will surround her and say nothing that she wants to hear...I weep for her lonliness...for only she knows what hell feels like now.
blue star I feel like my mind is going to break right now. Right now. Too much going on. Too much going down. A girl... is going to break herself. And it's not gonna be me. 020120
pralines&cream Ravage me,
and break all my bones,
because you always leave me limp in end,anyway.
- sometimes things break
and hearts ache
and things fall down
like towers and
my own heart now
some things fall
does that mean i’m not worth
hanging on for
cuz we pick ourselves right up again
we pick ourselves up
wating on my friends to be there sometimes
my turn
i’m here for you, now..

--Tori Amos--
paulo what I break I ain't repairing. 020225
Im sorry please, please,
I need this to be a clean break for now.
You've done what you can to erase the memory of me,
you said goodbye,
now can you just stop saying goodnight?

Please stop following me.
You know I'm not coming back.
And I don't want to keep breaking your heart.

You're everywhere and I can't handle it,
please just give me some time,
some silence
on the bandwidth.

We'll talk again eventually.
I'll call on your birthday.
We may even speak before that.

But right now please leave me be.
You know I'm not coming back.
Im not sorry I know all these things.

How come you need a clean break? Why didn't you give me a clean break?
I'm not following, I have as much right to be here as you. Why don't YOU stop coming here?
You haven't broken my heart for a very very long time.
I don't care if you can handle it or not. You didn't care when I couldn't handle it.
Im not sorry but i'm a nice guy.
God knows that's my problem
so I'll try
Syrope i used to want to break. weeping and shuddering, all i wanted to do was crack so they could send me away...but now, its different. now im scared that i might, when i don't want to. everything is so precious and fragile right now. i've got to be careful 020703
Rickster Words that can pierce your soul,
words that drive a stake through your heart,
things you can't understand on the mind,
never knowing when to be mad or to be kind,
talking things amidst ourselves,
closing our eyes in disbelief,
showing us what it is we wish for,
wishing is but for dreamers I was once told,
it's something that should be left for the decreped and old,
young we are for life is but begining,
lessons being learned while we're doing our sinning,
teaching us the ways of life through time,
showing us the bell that echoes its chime,
hoping for the best and trying our hardest,
never getting what it is that we seek,
playing the game of the masters,
retiring ourselves so quickly it seems,
nothing appears to be normal for us anymore,
each act has a purpose,
not like when we were young,
actions without responsibilites showing us the life,
trying to get away with the same attitude now,
hiding our true selves behind these masks,
looking into our pasts and seeing our skeletons fill up our closets,
opening the door is pointless anymore,
the door is sealed and locked within multiple floors,
run out of space it has,
turning to others for answers we seek,
ignoring the signs and following the weak,
nothing to be gained from the failure of others,
time is but a label nothing relevant anymore,
expecting the obvious and receiving nothing,
wishing for my work to be seen,
the edge of my task is now keen,
the lights showing us the way burn out,
the others to break your spirit block your path,
achieving solitude is living among the wicked,
trusting others with your heart puts you on the line,
others judge you and show you the signs,
questioning yourself more then enough,
pushing the limits trying to be tough,
not wanting to lose that fight again,
hiding behind our reflections,
failure showing you the corrections,
nothing appears to work anymore,
packed your bags and ready to head out the door,
another smile had you took,
now your back on the same hook,
is it different now then it was before,
showing us the key to unlock the door,
taking the same path to find it still blocked,
life working against you it seems,
nobody understands the things I feel,
my reaction to life is so surreal,
ending around me as I go,
laughing at me putting on the show,
hating me loving me never to know,
is this place where I should be,
is this the place that will let me see,
am I blind to what is in front of my face,
or is it holding me back,
planning it out slowly for an attack,
ponder on this for an eternity,
life without action is nothing,
creating what we receive in the end,
the laughing matter is on its extend,
not a joke anymore it seems,
the harsh the cruel the not seen,
showing some care seems to hurt even more,
the times they take it and throw it out the door,
knocking on wood and trying again,
getting kicked in the face and thrown in the sand,
walked on or over its all the same,
used like a tool for pleasure to ease some kind of pain,
is it more then enough to make it stop,
or am I to hardheaded to see the top,
the light the answer the way to my salvation,
salvation is such a funny thing,
knocks on my door and flee's laughing,
opening the door to our hearts,
letting others have the keys to unlock the cell,
theres a reason its hidden away,
fragile indeed are the things we see,
the things we value are but a mirage,
teasing us with existence,
pushing the buttons that cause the fault,
pushing back with furious persistence,
oblivion calls out my name,
only to be heard then left alone in veign,
my soul burning among life's flames,
gaining nothing anymore its all the same,
I stare upon my reflection,
it brings me back into recollection,
nothing I want to see here,
the past is what tore me apart once,
mended back together over time lost,
the glow of those eyes don't seem to shine quite like they did before,
the sparkle that was once there has gone away,
gone forever or will it come back to stay.
Kristopher This was one of my favorite lines from the 1970-something version of Dune with Kyle McLaughlin.

Paul is with a band of Fremen soldiers, instructing them with the use of the weirding devices. An obelisk of their hardest stone lies before the soldiers. Paul calls one of them forward.

"Orato! (he moves forward) This obelisk is of your hardest stone. Kick it... (he does -- the rock doesn't move) Hit it... (he does -- the rock doesn't move) Yell at it..."

Which, much to the amusement of Orato and the other soldiers, Orato summons up all his might and yells,


I love that bit. *S*
Alpha_Shell A small breakdown, nothing to be lingering in the mind. But as I clung to my mother, felt her arms wrap around me in the way only a mothers can, and in a way I hadn’t felt for years, I poured my heart into the cold winters air.

As if it would solve everything.

I talked through a veil of mounting tears about my semi-manic-depression, my bouts of self-harm, my disillusion and desperation. My longing to be rid of everything I saw as an obstacle to me, and my inability to ever change even the single, most meaningless part of my life.

I could feel her desire to help me, coupled with her fears of losing with me, her greatly mystified state of simply not understanding. Even if I knew there was nothing anybody could say by this point that would right anything, I longed internally, hoping she’d find the words, to make it all go away by the morning.
coraline break and rot
a whispered faith
you can be my friend
you can be my dog
you can be my life
you can be my fog
please doctor please
i will feel the sun coming down
i wish i had an apple bed
tchiseen she was crying on the fone when she asked if she could come over she cried on the couch she said was hers becasue it was so good to us... she said she hoped i didnt hate her and i was broken inside forever 040421
scorpion heart my favorite part about work. 040530
x let that useless piece of muscle you call your heart finally fucking die 040531
jac and just so you know, if you ever need anything to break, i'm all yours. 040619
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