deb omigod i am still sitting here in shock
for i cannot believe the answer..
finally, two weeks, and i shall move away from this
that is here
and out out out to a happier place :)
because the apartment place finally said
jennifer away from the evil
to the evil that is

the girl that looks at fish
deb glub glub

but they're so... pretty....

glub glub

oh wait, you didn't mean me, huh?
::grins:: my bad~
(she's the one who always orders water...perhaps she wants to drown?)
ducki will never work
you're always going to be here
endless desire "with a world i try so hard to leave behind
to rid myself of all but love
to give_and_die."
rid me of all but love.
i want a love_blanket
to cover my body
the way brilliant white snow
covers the icey ground.
the way dew-covered grass
envelops the soft hill tops.
the way your arms
take all of me in a loving kindness.
warmth, home, love.
yes i want to rid myself of all but love.
all but love.
rubydee "gotta get rid a those termites lady. they'll eat yer shit up." 030630
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