Quintessensual It's not here yet, but it's coming soon in beautifully slow, soft white blanket after blanket as surely as the star of the solace system rises every morning at an easterly point. 991122
Allison craaazy. It just snowed on Lubbock. just like how i just smoked like a bitch. it's so not me, but it is someone. i don't look sexy smoking, i'm better left chilln, nothing to do. but it did snow today, and i still smell like smoke. 991209
Tess i do want to white ski with you. 000103
Q I Do Crave to Know

You still have not told
Why you love winter.
Is it because I did cut you off?
You are right then to withhold.
I do crave to know.
Is this why?
You know I want the same.
I do crave to know.
Do you want it as a new path
to walk down, explore?
You know I love your paths.
I do crave to know.
Whatever the why's,
I love them like you the white snow.

Copr. 2000
morose please? 000120
apr!l first snowball fight i threw chunks of ice that i found along the sidewalk. my friends laughed at me...and told me to use snow next time....

i really must get used to this whole snow concept.
Tiffa innocence the pure
white snow falls upon my blue
lips. my eyes do close.
tweedle is a weather condition.
not an event.
god A YEAST WILL BE WORM! 010129
Sintina I love the snow. I love the sun.
I love it outdoors.
But I'm stuck in here.
Megan Rochester needs more snow..... It all fucking blows over us. Plainview is 10 minutes away, and they act like they're having a catastrophic meltdown every time the skies open up. I bet those kids have half the school time we do. It's just not fair. 010130
god i got a cat named squillo. i am allergic to cats. i eat pudding for a living. i got tiny apes the size of ticks all over my face. 010130
pipergirl I made love in it for the first time yesterday....he sat on my big green jacket and leaned against a huge pine tree and I got to be on top.

Funny how cold it was walking in the snow but not cold at all fucking in it.
Snow White when i was born it was snowing, and ever since then it's snowed every year on my birthday, i love the snow and i can't wait for it to get here,

have you ever stood outside while it began to snow, and as you stood there you watched as this glitter that falls from the sky hide all of the ugliness and blanket all of the chaos of the world? and have you ever noticed how peaceful everything seems when it's snowing? it's this ulitmate serenity, i love the snow, and i cant wait for it to get here
Snow White when i was born it was snowing, and ever since then it's snowed every year on my birthday, i love the snow and i can't wait for it to get here,

have you ever stood outside while it began to snow, and as you stood there you watched as this glitter that falls from the sky hides all of the ugliness and blankets all of the chaos of the world? and have you ever noticed how peaceful everything seems when it's snowing? it's this ulitmate serenity, i love the snow, and i cant wait for it to get here
ClairE Dude, it's snowing. Lately all been blowing across, not even like white_fuzzies, which at least stick, but like little paper dots. You can't even lick them up. 011229
ClairE Now it is really snowing. I need something to blame today on, and I refuse to pin it on someone. That is just wrong.

It's really all my fault. I can't even pretend it's because it's Monday.

But those swirling white dots outside don't even try to mock me. I'm not important enough to them. I think if the snow touches me I really will scream.
noway as silence as dark but bright as your eyes 020206
CatsMeow meow 020319
Cats Meow meow 020319
The Cats Meow meow 020319
winter should die

the winter

wait for
the hot weather
bencvt she was born among snowflakes, with coal-black eyes, and I would sooner die than see her melt in the hateful thaw of spring. 021014
Rhin my baby niece (Taylor) and i decided to go for a walk, and it began snowing (our first snow of the year). it still is snowing as a matter of fact. last year, my niece could have cared less about the snow. however, this year she is 29 months old, and she was mesmerized by it. she screwed up her little face at first, and tried to brush it off of her, as if it were bothersome. then, she stuck her tongue out in an attempt to catch them, and began running in circles trying to catch them. :) omg, she's so cute!!! 021126
Rhin it's snowing!!! ::sigh:: my house is warm, candles are glowing, and Nat King Cole is singing to me. it's a lazy Wednesday... but i want to create something with my hands! i just have this urge to... 021204
girlnamedlover its snowing.
not the pretty kind.
its the kind that is going really fast and sideways and the flakes are really little.
and its so cold.
Rhin i need to go shovel the rest of my driveway. i have already put an hour into shoveling today as it is. i had to come inside because my neighbor was laughing at my 'amateur' shoveling, as he called it. he said, 'i'm from New York. this ain't nuthin'!'. #@%@#$%$ New Yorkers! that's 'aight, he's new. come spring when the farmers begin spreading manure on the fields near the city limits, he'll be gone. they always go. 021205
minnesota_chris Mmm. Nothin says country like the smell of fresh cow poop. 021205
p2 what's new?
past tense of snow
p2 snowing like crazy here
hope i don't
start my vacation
with another car accident
going home early
whats_in_a_name i love it when it snows
i love how it falls so gracefully from the sky only to land ever so softly on your face
everything is beautiful in the snow

so why cant i be?
does he not see me standing there
he must be distracted by the extraordinary ice crystals all around me
i must not come close to their beauty
ferret beautiful crystals falling down
dancing, swaying, not making a sound
in the lake, though they do drown
i catch them everywhere they're found

cold and biting
ever smiting
your hands were cold as ice
and though i tried to bring you down
i was defeated thrice

snow falling all around me now
melting when it hits the ground
never making a single sound
throught the cold my heart is found
a thimble in time Snow Poem I

snowflakes are nature’s diamonds
more precious than the pearls of queens
they float through the sky as the peace dove
touching the eyes with silence and hope,
blinding a patient heart,
forever waiting
to elope

Snow Poem II

Snowflakes are nature’s diamonds
They out-sparkle the gems of queens
so much more beautiful, glorious, and pristine
If you happen to search eternity
you will never find two alike
So admire these heavenly bodies
Before they melt away
as ice
suspicious fish oh-oh-oh!
but not in London.... it's like mud.
Mud that hurts your fingers.
In forests, rivers -
that's where snow belongs.
The sugar plum fairy.... that smell
the frightening light that wakes you up in the morning
muted, almost....
take me back there
Annie111 I braced myself against that marked snow
Wandering, whited-out
Blinking flakes away from the straw

Finally I convinced you to fall
Down into it with me
Laughing in the snow makes ones limbs

Heavy and certainly
The inky quality of dusk

I was pushed and rolled
Flattening this wondrous powder
Heaven sent, under all of my joy

Laughing, purple and fat face
Coughing and choking
Towards me, beautiful

Under the increasing white
Of sentineled streetlights
Fell, cushioned, unimagining

The dark concrete underneath
To my knees I looked up
Naively, wonderfully

I proposed, a future time
And that lovely salt, warmth
Rivuleted towards me in your gratitude

The silent evening closed in on our togethered
Aloneness, and even though it was all white
I had never felt less blank

In all our threatening, shadowy impulses
This remains my private favorite
A dark, wintry substitute

For more common choices
thestoryteller COLD
pansy it was supposed to be
intermittent snow but now
crystals like needle
pierce my skin
through and slowly
reach my heart
that becomes cold
and fragile
slowly scratches appear
on its surface
water sinks
my heart falls apart
divided into thousand pieces
that united with my blood
circulate through my whole body
now I feel it with
all my muscles
leaving no place for doubt
no place for hesitation
it is time to act
- again when there is time -
slight drifting snow at ground level
pansy Imperturbable she was
Never losing her sense
Of reality
Till she saw something,
That shook
the fundaments
of her façade
petal by petal
they fell
andie did you see me walking behind you?
were these footprints left for me?
or were they haphazardly placed
as you stumbled through the snow?
feel as though i'm running after you
the air burns my lungs
my breath stings the air
your legs are longer than mine
i take smaller strides than yours
lost in the white my tears
become diamonds strewn on my face
still i don't feel like an ice queen
the cold seeps in under the door
my words freeze before i say them
and i don't know what to do

copyright 2004
Eowithien March 9, 2004.

It started snowing last night and ended during school. My father warned me that we would have one last snow before spring comes and I kept that in mind but its still kind of sad. We're all so ready for spring to come, after being trapped in this New England blackhole of weather. Well, thats New England afterall.

Don't get me wrong, snow is beautiful, I love it, but I'm so incredibly ready for the warmer weather.
iam andie, my heart aches for you,
yet under the copyright, my cock is swollen in anticipation of your majestic royalties. beyond that, we have nothing to share
? Wildfires 040504
... Or to be precise:

Time & Causality of Bush Fires...
celestias shadow it was the first snow of the season, two nights ago. everything was glistening in the dark, everywhere I looked it was glittery, and the daytime sky was the same color as the ground. it was like being in a globe of soft grey, with an e.

snow makes me so happy
snowman snow slow on a ho
go go go
don't eat the yellow snow
that's where the doggies go
ho ho ho
() ( crash ) 041122
[~SLAYER~] Why does snow make people drive like complete morons? 041212
Forming Mind It's a beautiful scene. When my eyes open and squint at the bright sun and clear sky. Light blue with the white clouds scattered like lost pebbles. And as I stick my tongue out I taste wet. Snow is falling softly, and all day the sun won't stop shining. Helping the snow fall with the glint of sunlight reflecting off each flake. They've called it truths, and now work together. 041213
simplicite expression laying on the white ground
staring at the white sky
wondering how long it will take
before the snow stops melting upon
contact with my face
and starts piling up
falling_alone out of the 287 odd inches of snow the nation has received, my lawn has only been graced with one of them. 050117
falling_alone perhaps i spoke too soon. 050122
emmi summer is getting old, i'm ready for snow! 050921
pete cold, and i like it. 050922
z i like snow when it is far away and happening to someone else. 050922
Q Then you must be happy now, z, 'cause it's happening to me and not thee. 051116
camille snow bunny does it better..

camille snow bunny does it better..

oooo is white 060322
no reason "we'll last as long as the snow" 060810
olive i want it to snow so i can sled.
and so i can push my boyfriend in the snow successfully.. unlike last winter.
i need to get even.
Emptyness_Alive I come from england and a place called Rochester and when it snows it is so beautiful es[ecially when the stars can be seen while its snowing its so beautiful like out of a dickens novel and just walking along the white path with snow crunching underfoot nothing tro worry about just walking along, the beauty of the newe snow leaves me breathless and for a moment all is as it should be... Beauty in a flake of snow 071016
Upper Midwest The first flakes of winter are falling here. 071114
pobodys nerfect "oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow..."

That's from one of my favourite songs from "white christmas". Funny, i never much cared for it (or winter, except for outdoor ice skating) when i was a little girl, and back then i used to relate the seasons as:
spring = birth/beginning
summer = life
autumn = dying
winter = death
but now i see the magic in what winter brings. It isn't death--it's a whole new beginning; an alternative way to see certain areas of the world before the common one (that most people like) takes over. It's Mother Natures way of showing us that things don't have to be colourful and flashy to be beautiful, and that there can be beauty in simple things that we often don't see in other seasons, such as footprints.
Plus, a new snowfall is like a sheet of paper where you can express yourself any way you want, limited only by your imagination (ok, and in some cases, gravity issues...). But it's really just something amazing. I wish i would've appreciated it more back when it would *definitely* come every year, but at least now i get excited about it, and in it's possibilities. I love snow. =0)
pete YES!

No long autumn this year :)
REAListic optimIST yes, finally a full and long fall in p-town! flying to the midwest gave me a glimpse of snow that stuck to the grass, but left the sidewalks clear. the joy of seeing the snow fall without the pain of dealing with it. 071122
pete I have the great pleasure of living in a small above-shop apartment this year, and therefore also no shovelling. I get to enjoy the snow with very little of the hassle. 071122
auburn autumn is not dying.

pete it's always strange to see someone walking down the road with the snow falling around him as he eats a giant ice cream cone. 071231
no reason i always enjoy drinking slushies in the winter.
slushies in the slush, if you will.
pobody up to her eyeballs in snow Auburn--sorry, but to me it feels that way. =oX

Ok, so i wanted snow this year. And looonnnng before the weather people were saying this would definitely be a "snowy" winter, i was wishing for it. Like, i actually closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and made a wish for it to "be snowy like when i was a little girl".
And i'm happy about it and all (i really am), but holy crap it's a LOT of snow! There are snowbanks that are about as tall as me! Plus, snow shovelling makes you hurt all over, and it's exausting--I'll seriously be lucky if i can crawl out of bed tomorrow. =/

I know with the environmental stuff going on, that this could be the last time that this kind of snowfall amount could happen in my lifetime, so i really do appreciate it and mostly see it with those kind of eyes when i look at the snowbanks... but um, mother nature is going a little overboard... =P
past even though yesterday, when the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the air was crisp i made myself hide in a room, with all the curtains down (white curtains, turning the light in the room a brilliant gold) to work away the day without temptation, today when i can breathe that early spring air it's full of snow, falling steadily on the last day of March, claiming another month as its own. 080331
Who knew? I did. 110124
Who knew? We did. 110124
minnesota_chris The snow falls on the new grass. Craziness, we say. It's the end of April! And we feel abused somehow.

The growing grass doesn't mind the snow. The people who study such things, call April snows "white fertilizer." When the snow melts, it waters the rooting grass slowly, slowly
The water doesn't run off but is conserved, making for a lush green spring.

We frown like the snow is some glitch.
And not we, with our calendars and our work deadlines and our capacity for reason, a brief flicker, a dusting on the surface, a flash in the pan.
lostgirl i catch consistent hell for loving winter.

the 'winter storm watch' calling for MN to get 3 fresh inches gave me an actual pang of jealousy...

in any case, right now in PA there are trees everywhere sporting white blooms...and though they'll all be green soon enough, the illusion of snow makes me smile.

enjoy winter's last hurrah for the rest of us:)
unhinged fucking knock it off already 110420
in a silent way nostalgia dust. best kept at a distance. 130116
Memphis Tennessee We got that fresh uncut shit. Wanna lick? It'll lite up yo night baby 220511
what's it to you?
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