Quintessensual there is no distance to be discerned between people in love with each other 991122
marjorie I took three giant steps back
I looked again
Everything was getting smaller
It must just be me.
I am tired.
And in the distance
You look a lot like that person.
the one I was always afraid of
But everytime I saw, I ran
And never really got close enough to see
It wasn't a monster at all.
I think it was me.
vicious I'm allowed to lie in his arms
but only on his time
he holds me
but not when he wants to dream of others
so I lie
not comforted
while he contentedly sleeps above
the bed we once shared
just a few short minutes ago
we cried
and held
and reviewed life's promises
( my_promise )
huddled in the cold
now, colder now than then
I lie
and not comforted
i watch her worlds
from way up here,
sad and sighing
for the distance
i keep letting grow.

i miss you.
ive been there can't get there from here 001126
god opel 010105
star* you told me i live a million miles away
it sure feels like it
why can't you be here
and we could be happy together
but no,
i'll see you next weekend
and then.....who knows?
how can we find out
if we were meant to be
if we can't see each other?
you're so far away
Quiggz I'd like to say something profound, but I'm too tired. Sorry, maybe some other time. (As if you wanted to listen to my incoherent ramblings in the first place) 010105
Sintina it seperates me and so many people I care about. My best friend visited me recently and now she's gone back away. And she misses me. my old boyfriend said it was the distance that broke us up. I guess it was... but not entirely. Me falling in love with another guy didn't help much. Damn. That sounded bad. sounded like I'm a bitch or something, but it's not like me and that distance boyfriend were close. We saw eachother 4 times in our entire lives, for a total of 15 days.
Distance wasn't the only problem.
kx21 d1) What are the possible connection(s) / interconnection(s) /
relationship(s) between DISTANCE and TIME?
Special K What is the harm of a little distance? You are never any further than my nearest thought, and thoughts of you are plentiful, indeed... 010504
kx21 What is the distance between:-

d1) You and Me,

d2) You and God,

d3) Hell and Heaven?
Powder* We met at last
it happend so fast
I looked in your eyes and knew it was true
I thought love was fake, thought it was a lie
and then I lie next to you
our tangled arms form a new world
and then
like always
you leave
and Im alone
but more alone than before
because now i know that love is not fake
i know what I am missing
do you ache like i do?
are you watching the road?
each minute turning to distance
from me
from love
from life
from a lie?
lost if the love is true distance cant touch it. if the love is only one sided than the distance breaks all ties in the end. 010815
daydream believer she holds the fragments of my mind in gently cupped hands, without touching them. even with her, i am alone. 011006
Casey No matter now much distance I put between us, you're always still there in the back of my mind. 011007
---- closer, further away

grow fond of my absence
Sonya Distance is the curse of my life that just won't end...it simply won't relent. Everyone says 'true' love can endure any distance, yet I wonder if that's really accurate. For if two people love each other, yet remain apart, what good is any of it? If only he was at the bottom of a cliff so that I could reach him in one effortless swoop. 011011
whitney in the distance, she saw a place where she did not hurt.

but she couldnt tell if she was looking ahead or behind.
HL ...is such a crock of shit. I know you are real. I know we are real. I think I am in love, I do not doubt this feeling that God gives me. something is right, I don't know what, but I refuse to fight it anymore. You are what I need, you are what I want, you are what I am. I've waited my whole life for you, now that you are here, I will not let you go. Please don't let go of me.... 020827
Its_Just_Me if love is true
all the distance in the world can't destroy it

if love is absent
all the closeness in the world can't
revive it
inlove he lives so far away. so far away that i can only see him once a month. that drives me crazy because i long to be with him every single second. i want him to hold me close every night and tell me he loves me. why does distance have to be such a problem for me? why cant everything just fall into perfect order? 021220
delial it's what keeps me from you.
sometimes i wonder what things would
be like if there was no distance
not the kind we have now
miles and miles
plane tickets or car rides that stretch on into forever
i tell you i miss you more than anything
and just to see your smile
just to hear you speak next to me
just to walk beside you
well i could do that all of the time
if there was no distance

but there is.
i don't like it.
no use for a name such an ugly cruel word. A word that tears us apart. I feel you standing behind me, whispering my name. But i know that will never be. The distance is keeping us apart. If we could only conquer it then we can be together, again. The fear of not knowing what will be in our future is piercing my heart. Making my soul cry in just the thought of never seeing you again. If something happened, to you, i would die. Maybe not physically but inside. I would become empty. A useless body with a dead interior. 030102
lisa the first time we met and looked into each others' eyes, i planned to say "no".
he planned not to ask me.

he asked me.
i said yes.
Lemon_Soda between me and my comfort.

My arms still ache to feel...

the touching was like a warm bed on a cold night for every level of my being...

things felt right...
but now their gone...

and I'm left holding a dream that writes to me.
zeke distance=resolution/pixels 040220
mockingbirdgirl cursed distance
i hate distance
pete "and all that remains
are the faces and names
of the wives and sons and the daughters"
love & hate distance is what keeps us apart, keeps us from fighting, keeps us from trying. Without this distance, would things be any better? Would life be easier? Would things change? Would you love me again? So many questions because of this distance which we have now. If only distance didnt exist, then there would be only closeness and love and the world would be a happy place. Inevitably, this will never ever happen as the world is diseased and swarming with so much hate and pain. Something which will never be able to be cured, like my head. 040819
who i am doesnt matter anymore fucking sucks 040824
andru235 though it seems so far away
in time it finds the present day
m1lty how can I stay around for you
when your not aronud for me
Dont see you but once a month
yet things are supposed to be the same?
How the fuck is that sane?
You call me crying cause you miss me
Yet never want me to be upset at you
This whole things just bullshit
and now im just fucked
Dragonflye he's leaving in three weeks
moving across two states

sometimes it feels
like he's already gone

we sit facing away from each other
a wall between us, solid enough
to block out the light;
a space so wide
the 5-hour bus ride
seems like nothing.

i stare at my hands
lying motionless in my lap
i want to touch him,
to break through this distance
before it's too late:
but i can't make them move.

what good is love
if we can be this close
and still be this alone?
Isaou It's back 071103
no reason "i have a feeling the person you should be with is at a distance"

big fucking surprise
who isn't at a distance
hsg ursf 080107
unhinged i thought i had something poetic to say, but the thoughts flitted away deep into the distraction that is my brain lately. even when we're close enough i can feel his breath, it's not close enough. i need touch. he might as well be the voice on the other end of a telephone. i want him to hold me but i am afraid to ask. why am i so afraid lately? my job, my health, my life making me afraid lately. my cellphone is a glorified watch. my heavy heart pulls me away from people right next to me, like looking through a telescope the wrong way. it was time for him to leave for the airport and the tears just started to tumble right out. he tried to make fun of me because it hurts him that when he leaves it hurts me. (so then of course i feel worse) and he wrapped his arms around me and he squeezed and i held on and neither one of us wanted to let_go but i let_go first because he had to leave. he had to leave. he is happier that way. i had been waiting for that hug for months and months. one was not enough. he had to leave. everytime i think of it, i cry. i wait months and months for a hug like that. winter makes me sad. knowing the sun is right above the clouds doesn't really mitigate the lack of sunshine. 080108
no reason i think i know what i need to do
i think i need to distance myself
.: between those sought and this self
is too much space
too much void, too much place

light: too slow
to illume the darkened mind

i think,
there must be some way quicker,
as my sanity begins to flicker
misstree run_away_closer, some advice says,
ignore the cat so it will
leap into your lap.

but i already shoved once, and
it's not in my nature to be cold
and i'm not comfortable pretending
with matters of pulse and warmth.

it's all in my own head.
it's okay to nuzzle. really.
it'll be alright. don't forget to
hear that advice as well.
niecespieces They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
I hope that saying holds true.
In reality, I know it might make it weak and difficult to be what I want it to become.
In reality that might be why he wants those jobs.
lovekilledlove beware my fellow traveler
for you ask,
what does distance do to the heart?

at first it creates a feverish, scandalous martyr and defender of ..love.
in all impossibility,
it will first bleed itself -
before it forgets.

but then, as the days pass by
and the weeks take turns
into months
and months into fragile
of yesterday...

yes, it is snowing outside
and yes i am free.
and the possibilities of our lives?

why have i not heard from her?
and why does it hurt
if we are both free?

indifference man,
the bitch wife of solitude.
unhinged we have been so far apart for so long that the time we get to spend together seems like a fantasy. that fantasy is the only reality i find myself looking forward to these days.

(this year i didn't cry when we parted ways. maybe it was because i was leaving first. maybe it is because my heart has grown accustomed to the huge crack at it's center.

there's thousands of people in this city. everywhere i look they are coupled. but for some reason, i can't seem to find the hand that fits in mine)
In_Bloom It is what you make it
Some people step up and others run and sulk
Who needs a bitch like that?
Might be good for emotional fiction but not much else- you can keep her.
Soma It's comfortable, not being in your bed. The distance puts me at ease, because I don't have to think about complicated things like if it's ok to love you but not make love to you. But I could never tell you that.
So I miss you because I love you? Or do I just miss having someone who loves me?
The distance is a blessing and a curse.
unhinged im an urban hermit now. i embrace the aloneness. the legal pot helps immensely. 170811
nr has never not been an issue in my life 190824
unhinged always seems like a good idea in theory 190824
nr yet again

i don't think i even have anything else to say
what's it to you?
who go