Shar Oh, I see it now!
Break it! Break it!
Must smash!
Hand me that sledgehammer, wouldja?






Wipe that sweat off my brow.
I am so evil! Yeah!


yeah dad, that's exactly what i was thinking when i dropped that plate.
SomeoneElse Mother said I was bad cuz I meant to do this.
She says I always do this.
I say, maybe...
dls my castle comes crashing down; my knights have fled in the face of reason.

you refuse to kill me.

no matter.

you have robbed me of my dreams; death shall come soon enough.
Empress151 someone is a drama queen. 010425
Pink Paint Fuck Off 010522
Skalar Yes you little charmer,
you're the farmer of your own karma. don't you know, that every little action has a reaction? that every little action has a reaction..
i want to destroy everything,
passivel, non-agressively.
Pythagorus why destroy, when you can create?

Destruction occurs naturally in the form of compositional breakdowns.

So you need not bother wasting your time and effort to aid it along, it happens quite nicely on its own.

Life however is an uphill river. Challenges at every rapid current, every current rapid.

And life exists due to the powers of creation, not destruction.

If you want to please me, create.
If you want to satisfy mindless aggressions, then I guess it's ok to destroy...but it will never get you anywhere but broken.
<><> The sound, total destruction 020729
*silent screams Break me down, I gave you the power oh so many years ago. Use everything ever said agianst me. Destroy me, you know you could. Smash your fist right through this lil world of mine, you know it'd bring a smile to your face... 030131
Bizzar I want to do something drastic. 030411
... "So, you want to destroy the universe?"

"No, just change the universe into something different...

I'm not CRAZY!"
blister nothing that i hadn't managed to do one thousand times before. Dig deep enough, and there is always something you break down, unknowing, as you move up. The old makes way for the new. 040620
rage i destroy every thing i touch
and anyone who loves me
extacy seeing you so pale,
so weak,
in a loss.
weeping, begging, thinking


i destroy. you make it all better.
what's it to you?
who go