amy a kiss on the temple of your face. 000202
ikon like a mythological witch with flaming hair and an open book, i predicted this. didn't i? once upon a time, i might have smiled at your pain. but it makes no difference now, and i'm sorry that i spoke those words. 010103
moonshine Cause and effect 010109
tourist Good?
It Was All My Fault.
kx21 A better version...

It Was NOBODY Fault.

The best version:-
It Was KARMA Fault.
tourist Correct version,
It is all our own choice.
kx21 Only for GOD... as Only GOD got the power that is free to choose its own choice(s).

It Was All My Fault. "

is valid only when
i) you are totally independent of everybody and everything else except youself.

ii)You are the only cause of those unfavorable effect(s) or so called fault(s), mistake(s), error(s) etc.

iii) You are fully aware of the possible effect(s) for any given choice(s), action(s), etc.

Your choice(s) are always beyond your abilities and span of control.

Do you have a choice of your Father,
your Mother, Your GENES, your Birth, etc...and especially to be YOUSELF completely?

KARMA is useful in the sense that help
you to see that cause(s) and effect(s) are connected, interconnected, interrelatted, and interdependent. And thus, It possibly can be served as a reference to evaluate and choose a wiser choice, action, etc for a given situation or context.

It is also good to note that cause and effect relationships in Complex Systems, like Nature, Human, YOU, etc are not sequential and linear. Effects can feedback and subsequently influence prior causes or choices, and may possible be ended with a situation or state so called DEADLOCK, e.g. CHICKEN and EGG issue. These phenomena are possibly, the magic and beauty can be found in the Nature or UNIVERSE.

And You are just a mote of dust, rather than a STAR in KARMA Space or Universe.
kx21 How to nullify its effect:-


we all want to know kx21, just be real for once. who the fuck are you? where do you live? just be real for one damn second. 010326
chameleon i come and go 010326
kx21 Somehow / somewhat related to
Ignoramus KARMA isn't Real it's just something they told people so they would not commit crimes. If it were real, all powerful sience would know about it! 010814
Aimee Scientists were born to force us to question everything that we are... After 20 mins of questioning... i still believe in karma 010814
TalviFatin One good turn deserves another. One bad turn deserves double. 010814
black-dyed gel product this is my currency 010814
Sonya the sullen feline The reality and plague of my limited life. Mine isn't just bad, it's beyond catastrophic.

And yet it helps me to explain the unexplainable, and attain the unattainable. It's my guide and my critic. It's the core of my thoughts, the weight of my heart, and the provider of my choices.
sphinxradio i don't know if or why it would work, realistically... but something in me keeps me conscious about the things i do. 011209
jon I always think about Caramel when I hear this word.
Karma corn
Karma nougat
Karma frosting
Kat karma is as real as you and me.
for those that don't believe, i respect you.
but i also know that if you did something against your conscience, and if something against your wishes eventually happened to you, you can't help but think it is because of your previous action.
you know what it is?
you know what it does?
it's a way of keeping your conscience clear.
and it's real.
as real as you and me.
jon "Can I take the karma?"
"Well, just be careful ... and don't stay out too late or your father will get upset ... you know how your father gets ... and bring it back with a full tank. Oh, and since you'll be out anyway, why don't you pick up a few things at the grocery ... here's the list ... just make sure you don't get anything besides Parkay ... you know how your father gets when he doesn't have his Parkay. Say, you won't be picking up Marcia's daughter by any chance will you? Such a sweet girl. I promised her mother I'd let her borrow my large casserole dish. Here. Be careful with it. It's been in the family for ages. Oh! I almost forgot. Your father wanted me to tell you that his Lodge buddies will be inviting you to join them for golf this Saturday. Isn't that wonderful? Of course, you'll need to have a nice haircut. They don't allow these modern hairstyles at the lodge. I've made an appointment for you at Mr. Dresden's. He'll take good care of you. Now don't give me that look ... you're father will be upset if you don't get a nice haircut. What would he tell his Lodge buddies?


Ant Does everything happen for a reason? Does every action I make effect someone else? We are all in this earth together, why can't we help eachother? Why can't we just accept people for who they are? 011230
ClairE It rhymes with dharma. 011230
Toxic_Kisses if you Help_save_the_world it will do your karma good, and hey it couldent hurt your mood eather ^.^ 020227
bethany freaks me out waaaaaaaaayyyyy toooo much 020227
yummychuckle once upon a time, I kicked this guy in the eye. I was on the stairs slightly above him (I'm not THAT flexible)...
anyways, the week following had much in store for my right eye (I kicked the guy in the right eye. Might I add I didnt REEEEEAAALLLY mean to kick him....that much...). I went through such wonderful adventures as having my eye splattered with nailpolish remover, hit by a ceiling fan (on a bunkbed), poked with a sharp twig, and "accidentally" scratched by someone spinning around fast (me being beside them while their arms flailed).

also theres the whole be a bitch to a guy and get it thrown back at you thing. and make out with your boyfriends close friend and have your bestfriend go after your boyfriend.

that works.
birdmad 20 karma pileup un the transcendental expressway 020228
Arwyn i know people may very well hate me for this comment.. but.....

karma karma karma karma karma chameleon....
distorted tendencies Karma Police, Arrested Me... 020228
clyde it'll get you every time 020327
phil disproves karma 020725
phil today 020729
little idiot joy.
one more thing not to believe in.
oh joy.
when you mess with us this_is_what_you_get 021113
coldmeshach Latin is Plu-Perfect 021218
trixie i've been mad at the karma police before, but they do actually do justice. 040122
Philosophistry my karma ran over your dogma 040307
pete slowly over many lives the buddha gained the karma to wake up. he was born of maya, and tempted by temptation itself. the karma of the buddha is the karma of past actions allowing every individual to have the chance of being born to never be born again.

to kill a cousin if it is your dharma does not produce negative karma, especially if you dedicate the karma produced by fulfilling your dharma to your ishtadevitar, and krishna, who is vishnu, would like you to dedicate it to him, though if you want you can give it to any abstract form of god in sincerity, as krishna knows he will get it in the end. so says the great song of the lord from the great india. the bhagavad gita from the mahabharta.

karma in the west is a corruption. it assumes one birth. it removes the concept from its context and turns it away from the oppression it supports. karma tells those in horrible conditions to be the best damn street cleaner they can to be reborn as something better in the next life.. not to have rewards in this one.

or perhaps i am wrong, trying to interprete something i don't have the world view for and then the problems compound themself in a new contradiction, a dichotomy of thoughts, passing in the silence showing the human condition to be absent of rationality, which is posion.
ethereal if i had good karma.

i would give it all away.
reue my karma ran over your dogma 040420
kx21 OOps...


Smurf Kharma is one of the most misunderstood words in the world. And so far I havn't seen an accurate description.
Don't believe everything you read on the 'net
Smurf And Yes, I realise I spelled Karma wrong. 040421
Ant It will come and bit you in the ass! It happens everytime, so just work with it 041014
misstree sometimes
someone gets under your skin so much
that you really want to step in and be karma's hand
but you know
you get dirty that way
and so instead
you gypsy_spit under your breath
and remove the protection
of the goddess_of_stray_cats
and turn your back
so you can't see what happens
or doesn't.
Doar karma_coma 051007
Snook jamaica and roma 051007
unhinged i feel like some of mine ripened rather quickly in the past two years; i learned something important from him. something that people have been trying to tell me for years. maybe things would have been different between us if i would have been more forthcoming with my feelings. i built the friend wall and then was mad at him for pointing out it's existence. only I am the architect of MY reality. I have built the reality of alone, lonely, miserable. i have no one else to blame. that everytime someone tries to reach out to me i push away, but then turn around and complain that no one is reaching out to me. i have reaped what i have sown. what i have built is inescapable, but i can always build something new. i can always make the new choice to take this wall down one brick at a time. i just have to find the right person to start with. 051007
misstree start with a random stranger
everyone is lonely
even the lightest touch enlightens.

nothing deep,
but a smile and a hi
and some idle banter
can be powerful medicine.
stork daddy i must've been really good in a past life to justify all the crappy underhanded shit i've gotten away with in this one. 051007
stork daddy two steps forward, one step back. 051007
phil feminine deity? 051007
They call me Truth A poem 070319
They call me Truth Karma
I charmed her
I whispered slow
Above her Ear lobe

I gave to her that surety, that calm,
that thought
I wish she knew I was lying
I glided my tongue down her throat
I sent my words to her soul

I commited to months of letters and phone calls and making her think that I cared
My soul was cold
My game unfold
Unto her, she died slowly
She cried
Eyes smudged against my shirt
Hand curved inwards wrapping my sleeves between the fingers and palm
Screams muffled by lack of space
I laughed inside and cried in her hair

I charmed her
I let her see the numbers
I let her hear the voices on the phone
Sometimes I put it on speaker
She would just stare
Her tempered flared and sat beneath her
She stifled it so it wouldn’t go
I wanted her to hate me
She gave that instead
I would laugh at her on the inside
Drop a couple tears in her hair

I hit her
I bruised her eyes and she wore sunglasses
At night
I taunted her and made fun and I commented on her oversized forehead
I left her and wouldn’t answer my phone
I gave her the pills to kill herself
I sat there as she took them
I sprinkled some tears in her hair
I went to hospital and talked down to her for not doing it right
I wronged her, When will you come for m
merrr meerrr....
where are you?
Too many coincidences... Loosely interpreted, I can no longer deny the existence of this force. 071025
Witness I believe in karma. 071025
unhinged isn't all bad you know; literally just cause and effect. good and bad. 080327
unhinged i don't remember how the conversation started but she said 'it's like karma or something....'

i treaded lightly on the conversation but she seemed confused; she said something that made me realize she thought karma was a name, not a thing. she's only eight after all.

'karma is a thing jaden, not a person.'

'oooohhh. that makes more sense now.' and then she said that most amazing thing: 'karma is my lamp'
unhinged more literally and accurately translated:


for every choice we make
the universe plants a seed
that sprouts back into us
smurfus rex people think it doesn't exist, but it does.

maybe not in the most overt and obvious sense, but it's there.

just because science can't explain it with a formula doesn't mean it has no effect on the world
what's it to you?
who go