sage not me, i don't think. 980827
yellow why deny it? 980903
jeff we are all our own. to deny this is to deny one's logic and reasoning. on the other hand, do not overestimate - there is no special significance to deifying one's self. it only means that you are responsible for your own existence. why pray to a higher god who, if he/she exists, doesn't seem to give a damn about you? remember, the smallest unit of anything is one. 980905
josh You are too a diety Sage. If I didn't know better, I'd think you invented Perl. 981013
Emma to quote my perl for beginners book, "We owe it All to Larry Wall." 981015
demi monde there are only two deities that reign supreme: con, the god of order, and de, the lord of chaos. these two entities are at constant war with each other, but since they count on each other for definition, they are also in a state of perpetual intercourse. 990301
meli Shhh, they are sleeping now.

They can't be screwing ALL the time. Let them alone for a few hours.
MollyEllis This word makes me think of something silvery. Something that can do the cha-cha. Something that lives in Saudi Arabia, maybe. 000404
funkun pumpy frumpy douche 000830
grendel eyes open
empty as halos
misstree you were
not human,
the first
angel that i met,
and kissed,
and tasted,
and loved.

you were
deific flesh descended
into tained mortality,
trying to figure out
what went wrong.
Sol transcendant, translucent, turbulent, terrible, truthful, timeless, toppled, trespassing, torpid, troubling, terrifying 010422
god diet deity 011202
deathwasp hell is to sustain
heaven is to release
flyonthewall your all so blind,
think about how the world,no
EVERYTHING was created.
it dident just pop out of no where,
something had to have created everything, but what i dont know,
Although i do know that it wasen't no
big bang
baldmunkee diety and humantity are fancy etymological words to define a species and its role 040223
naughty blather spell check human titty 040223
smurfus rex fly sounds so certain, you'd think s/he was there to see the beginning...

I don't know enough to know that I don't know anything.
andru235 it's not a he,
it's not a she,
it's a deity!
what's it to you?
who go