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Machiavelli70 define: v./vt.
To give a definition.

Sundari Raine define_yourself_in_1_word
I hope I wrote that right
pSyche How do you define a person?
Is it by what they wear, what they eat, how they look, act, talk, or is it who or where they are from?

How do you take that which is as complex as a galaxy ages old, and compress it into ideas and emotions so small- such as love, hate, beauty, and ugliness.

How do you define_yourself_in_1_word- or is a rose by any other name truly as sweet? Are we not all syllables of stories written long ago? When our name is uttered at that final call, what then? Does our true nature become revealed, do we burst forth in splendor, or cower from the Light?

How can I be defined, so meaningless, so small as I am, in contrast to this grandeur?
I looked up human in the dictionary, and it told me "wise man," but in my heart I knew I had no wisdom. Merely shiny trinkets of smooth words. It seemed meaningless to try and find out what I was by asking myself. It is like being a fish in the water and asking what water is. It is impossible to fully understand the picture when your face is part of it.

So I ask you to define me. These bones are frail, my blood is red. "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" Why then, sister, do you look at me in such contempt. Why are you so ready to tread upon my submissive soul?

I bled for you, and you scorned me. I gave you my body, and my soul, and you took them as a stray cat snatches food from an outstretched hand- eager to devour, and reluctant to return. I begged and I pleaded, and you said I wasn't what you needed. Define me. Tell me what I am to you. Do not leave this gash between us.
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