Jim smooth rounded corners
evidence of life's use
smooth hearted woman
evidence of life's use
unhinged "that was so pseudo-smooth it wasn't even funny." 010224
Buddy And his warm hands traveled the length of her smooth legs as they pondered everything that could happen.
She was older somehow, but not different, just right.. insanely right!
"Is B- heaven to you?"
She sipped the raspberry cooler, listening to the hmm of the air conditioner while she made up her grocery list in her head..
"Eggs.. no not eggs, egg beaters.. and some milk, skim.."
Her size 4 skirt should really have been a size 6 to hide all that that she shouldn't be showing..
But it didn't matter like that to him.. he just ran his warm hands the length of her smooth legs..thinking about nothing in particular
Norm Porky Pig was smooth. 011124
Skie is the way your skins feels on mine 080928
what's it to you?
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