hahaha which came first huh? The egg or the chicken? The chicken or the egg? Couldn't they both have simultaneously willed themselves into existence at the same time? Huh? HUH? 000106
not really Two concepts, one solution. I say we have a drunken fight over it! 000106
loner splat 000114
Brad a word that begins to sound funny and look funny if you say it and read it enough times. Don't you agree? 000310
plastic mommy i love you! mommy why did you have to go away? what did i do? i love you momy! please come home. please don't be mad, i love you! mommy! please. come. home. 010706
casey I can't cook them very well, but cracking em, damn I'm good at that 010706
Barr....rrr..Gollum "Thanks Mom!" 010722
pernod.fille I am nearly round, when
You hold me in the curve
Of your hand
I form a smooth
And convex imprint
That fits in your palm just so.
You grasp me like that
For a moment
Feel the weight of my solids
Protein for your nourishment.
When you cut me open,
I reveal to you
A sunburst of yellow
From within my milky white.
The sulfur rises to your senses--
Inhale deeply now.
kx21 Form of virgin / virginity... 010824
kx21 Product or byproduct of Chicken... 011201
zenfishsticks every time we make deviled eggs, we eat them all in rapid fashion. (perhaps due to the spanish paprika. oh, spanish paprika, i sing your praises, and light roses on fire in honor of the delight that is you!) yum.

but if we didn't, i like to think that deviled eggs grow up into devilish chicks with fluffy red feathers and little black horns and perhaps an evil glint in their black-bead eyes.

and you would hear the 'cheep cheep' of doom.
ellen cherry charles and on that note:

galloping through fields of red poppies, wearing the pants_o'_doom,
we blissfully scarfed deviled eggs sprinkled with Spanish paprika
and wondered where the time fled to
User24 eggs taste nice but smell. 020410
etoiles oeuf-de-la-boeuf - n - Literally, "egg of the beef" or "egg of the cow". Slang meaning, as adapted by Leah consists of usage similar to "bollox" or "bullshit". Also as an
expression of mild disgust or as an attention-getter. Generally accepted to be
equivalent to the spanish "huevos", or testicles. From: French. Ex: "Oeuf-de-la
-boeuf! I forgot to get milk on the way home from work!"
Me Did you know that eating an egg is like eating chicken period? 040208
EGG EGG 040819
confewzd Egg is where the chicken came from.
The Egg was first! Always! think about it... the thing that made the egg was not a chicken but a reptile. Continue back up the evolutionary path and you end up with a single cell...just like the egg.
Egg was first, and is last.
kelc the yellow part was going to be the chick. And the white part is the ambilical cord. 050505
ANSwer833.33 You want an answer? You have to brake one. And that means YOU. 060502
story of eau an untimely release.

(I left my heart glistening at the bottom step. it's ok... it was an effigy anyway.)

vitamin C makes for a hostile environment. more than likely, it'll be free floating and leave unnoticed.

(time to feed the birds.)
thieums I ate an egg for lunch today
And this morning also
I ate an egg for lunch today
Does it matter? Don't know
I ate an egg for lunch today
I don't hate chicken tho
I ate an egg for lunch today
I'm feeling a bit low.
what's it to you?
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