me? the diminutive form of testis, in latin 'witness'
little witnesses to so much.
what secrets will they tell?
amy don't ask, don't tell 000313
dean-bean Testicles.
The boys.
Horse apples.
( and my personal favorite:) Tea bag.
a look kinda like badly boiled eggs 000314
MollyGoLightly make me nervous. so, so nervous. 000320
girl fun 000327
magic mushroom Tough
Tea bags
Left hanging
no how normal is it?
how normal is it to have one undescended.
not even lower.
not there.
mixed up behind the pubes.
makes me feel like hitler.
been this way all my life.
and i never thought to tell anybody.
or show anybody.
fucking shit in a handbag.
hey now! are ugly 020224

An undescended testicle is a birth defect found in boys in which one or both of the testicles are not properly positioned in the scrotum. Sometimes the testicle will descend on its own by the age of one year. In premature and small birth weight newborns, the occurrence of one or more undescended testicles increases.

Individuals with an undescended testicle are at higher risk of developing testicular cancer. The major predisposing factor is an undescended testicle that wasn't surgically corrected in early childhood. The high risk factor 'could' be due to the fact that the urologist and/or physician may return with impalable (cannot be felt) results on an exam of the testis(s) in question. This problem would also manifest itself while doing a self-examination. If the testis remained in the abdomen or somewhere other than its supposed destination in early childhood, and corrective surgery was not performed, then a normal physician or self-examination will just not cut it to detect a suspected lump or other problem. In this case you would have to rely upon symptoms (which some men do not experience) or by an ultra-sound, which is the best course of action if you suspect any sort of abnormalities healthwise.

Testicular Cancer occurs most commonly between the ages of 15-35. It can also occur in infancy and late adulthood and is found to be more common in white men than black men. Most testicular tumors are discovered by patients themselves--either by accident, or while performing a self-examination on each testicle. The usual presentation is of an enlarged, painless lump, however there can be pain. The lump is typically pea-sized but can be larger. Besides lumps, if you notice any other abnormality--an enlarged testicle, a feeling of heaviness or sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum, a dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin, or enlargement or tenderness of the breasts--you should discuss it with your physician ASAP!. These symptoms can be caused by conditions other than cancer, but only your physician can tell for sure. Note: even with Metastic disease (stage 3, when cancer has spread to other organs) only about 25% of patients experience symptoms prior to diagnosis. So, regular physicals/examinations are important. Make it a part of your life guys. Get those check-ups!

Testicular cancer often is completely curable, especially if found and treated early. The disease is rare with an excellent cure rate and an overall survival rate of 92-95%...if caught early. However, a late discovery of this particular type of cancer is not a death sentence...about 70 percent of men with advanced testicular cancer can be cured, according to the National Cancer Institute. Advanced = beyond stage 1 into stage 2 and 3. Stage 1 is localized (confined to the testicle). Stage 2 spreads to or attacks the lymph nodes. Stage 3 spreads beyond the lymph nodes to remote sites in the body (ie. attacks other organs...lungs, liver, etc.) Remember, even if Testicular cancer attacks the lungs, it does not become Lung Cancer. You would still have Testicular Cancer in stage 3 and its cure rates still apply!

Guys, I know that this may seem like some sort of medical lecture, but please become very familiar with your testicles if you are not already. The better you know the exact shape and feel of them, the better to detect any abnormalities. Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable cancers out there...if caught early. 'Some' of the young men between the ages of 15 and 35 (prime targets) who do die of this type of cancer do so because they were too embarrassed or in denial to say anything to anyone. OMG, if you suspect anything, don't be a baby...just get your fucking ass to the doctor!!! Girls, you also have a role to play in your guy's life. We know how stubborn they can be, and how they hate 'going to the doctor', but if you suspect anything amiss with your guys testicles, then fucking make him get an examination!!! If he makes you promise not to tell anyone if he has symptoms or swelling or threatens you by saying he will leave you, then call him on it. Tell his family, threaten to leave him, whatever it takes! He may become quite angry, but at least he has a chance to survive if it is in fact Testicular cancer that he may have. I'm sure he will thank you later. Guys, please don't put your girls into this position, because you are in fact ultimately responsible for you well-being. You should find your health just as important as your girl does!

You see, I still blame myself and even two years later I still feel as if I had a hand in killing my husband. He died of Testicular Cancer in 1999. He was 33 years old. His family still routinely tells me that I murdered him, and that he would be here if not for me. They are mostly right. I still believe that it's partly my fault that he's not here today. My husband never blamed me, and his love for me never wavered even up until the end. He had only had a slight swelling of his testicle and no pain at all. He felt great! We just thought it was one of those 'things' that happens with testicles...or I did anyway. Cancer never even entered my mind. He was still abound with energy...coaching baseball, playing golf, fishing, whatever... However, as the symptom progressed and he began feeling it, he didn't tell me. He kept it all from me, and when his testicle suddenly just began swelling larger and larger, he fucking made me promise not to tell anyone. He threatened to leave me. He was so embarrassed about it. I kept my promise for two months, then we had the worst argument we have ever had and I told him I was leaving. He promised to see his physician. He made an appointment for 1 week later. From the onset of the initial swelling until this point, approx. 9 months had passed. 2 weeks after his appointment, they scheduled surgery for removal of his testicle and after his surgery he was given 6 months to 1 year of life left to live. The cancer had spread to his lymph nodes, intestines, stomach, abdomen, lungs... It was everywhere. He had 3 types of Testicular cancer by now, and while 2 were still totally curable with treatment, the 3rd one that had developed had no treatment being available to cure it. He was able to live that 1 year because his urologist was able to keep his markers down by treating the other 2 types of Testicular cancer agressively. We were still so optimistic. Omg, were we ever. We were actually the only ones that were. Everyone else was walking around grimly and still we were charging through life like we always did. He never once was not optimistic. He continued on as if nothing was amiss. He died one year later almost to the date. I miss him so fucking much! Fuck! You have no fucking idea! I loved him so much, but I should have loved him more. I just fucking blew it off, thinking the swelling was nothing. He told me that he had suspected all along. Not me though, I was so ignorant. No one who was close to me in my family had ever had cancer, and growing up my parents sheltered my sister and I from the 'ugly' things in life. Jesus Christ! How could I not know something like that!!! I should have known, and he should have not been so fucking scared! Oh God not that I'm blaming him. Because of his stubborness and my ignorance his son no longer has a father. Forgive me. Well I'm really crying now and I need to not think about his 'torture'. I need a nap...

Guys, please...self-examine your testicles regularly and fuck your pride if you suspect anything!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine any of you having to go through what my husband did in his last year of life, and I can't imagine your girlfriends or wives standing beside you during it, when it all could have been unnecessary in the first damn place!

I'm sorry. I just really needed to say all of this.

nanny Drama! that kinda killed an entertaining topic. i will never look at testicles in the same way again. 020609
... im sure rhin has swell testicles. 030822
ferret i'm so familiar with mine that i named them. the right one is sam and the left, thor 030823
misstree actually convinced someone of this pro. "testiclees", an ancient greek hero. his sister was the famous seductress breasticlese. 030823
Death of a Rose omg misstree, you kill me one day. 031027
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An uncracked egg
is the best egg
what's it to you?
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