A Haha! This topic is called "topic". I made this topic. Who, me, stoned? Nah! 031201
me so you wish you knew, again. topic, topic, topic, topic. we can never be offtopic, for the world IS our topic. the dog sleeps, achoo, achoo, the boy comes up the stairs. the dog gets up, and good night. 060203
epitome of incomprehensibility It is a subject worth considering, the wise ruler admitted.
But his subjects would not listen, and traded him in for a protractor.
The protractor hired a contractor, and began architectural plans of the castle, but he could not continue without a ruler. They both wanted a second opinion. The protractor went to Aristotle, who suggested sage, but the contractor went to Sappho and she suggested oregano.
The wise ruler, now exiled, traveled to a lonely mountain, where he found a steaming cup of herbal tea.
In the stream of consciousness, the pebbles began floating freely.
what's it to you?
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