ali What are we all really climbing toward, anyway? 990903
just me surrounding me are things I've struggled to hold with my weak little arms from room to room, from house to car; and I'm wondering how I'm going to get them up four flights of stairs 990904
deb i am the only person i know
who has successfully
fallen UP the stairs on
many occasions....

why i admit it, though,
is beyond me

then again, that was in highschool
daxle something odd has happened
it was listed that I had an entry under stairs
I look and there is nothing
vedy mistedious
nahuatzel where i am chased by things i cannot see,
up, down the hall and down another set,
until there is a hole to hide in,
or the stairs slant into a slide,
or the alarm goes off
~gez~ apart from elevators, instant teleporters, warp holes, worm holes, escalators, trampolines, jumping, slopes, ropes, chains, a helping hand, pulley systems and a large amount of eleastic these are the only way to get up stories in a building
this list is not comprehensive
SWITCH i climbed up the door, and shut the stairs.
i said my shoes and took off my prayers.
I shut off the bed and climbed into the light,
all because,
you kissed me goodnight...

ItGirl "Where do these go?"
"To the third floor. Noone uses it."
"OOO, can we go?"
"Sure..." "Uh, Sara did you prop the door open?"
"No. Why?"
"It locks automatically."
"Are you tryign to tell me we're locked in a stairwell?"


"You're carrying me up the stairs?"
"I thought that was obvious."
"So you are?"
"Yes. I am carrying you up the stairs."
"You... you ARE a sweetie."
emmi i had a dream that i was in a maze of stairs. and i had to get to the top quick cause i was about to be late for a presentation. there was someone shouting directions to me, but i couldn't hear him. 040718
badjonni do stairs go up

or down?
what's it to you?
who go