daxle too late 990707
Tess it's too late to talk about fate? 000104
Q as usual
out, out, not
burning candle

(at lunch, said would be early too!)
what a fool - me
(hope you're dressed more warmly)

it pains badly
that you think, might even,
to hurt
or time's waste curse

don't please

consider please also
these electromagnetic charges
our minds are guilty, no, of them?

piercy, no, is to blame not
yes, you turned me to on
and i looked, had to,
(neat four books)

more ever than
to say it but!

how about lunch
nullspace It's really late, so why can't I sleep? 000306
Zoe i do my best thinking when it is late at night. i love to stay up until four and write poetry. everything is dark and quiet in my house at night. all you can hear is the chirping of the crickets outside and the occasional bark of a dog. it's really buetiful at night. i think that if i had to die, i would want to die alone in my room on a summer night. 000717
deb she learned
(too late?)
she loved him
kaskarkaminski past due, over due, tardy, running behind, delayed, al 000803
deb i'm an old lady now.
my eyes are telling me
11 is late.
raechel He'll never come.
I will be waiting again.
There's no mystery...
Just too much history.
He's always late.
i'm full of fucking hate....
Aimee my friend heather was late once... she walked around all week saying better late than pregnant. 010227
Dafremen He came early. She was late. Parenthood came early. Regret came late. 010227
florescent light I'm late, I'm late.
For a very important date.
No time to say Hello, Goodbye
I'm late I'm late
I'm late

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you
wouldn't have come here."
Lindsey He doesn't show up, and I wait for two hours. And I brush my hair, and then I wash my hair, and then I take a shower. I call him three times. On the fourth time, he answers. "Sorry, I slept. Are you mad?" No, of course not. I'm never mad. Idiot. 010414
AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! "i'm late" she said
"AAAHHHHHHHHH" i thought
"holy shit" i said
"its not that bad.. it doesn't mean i'm...ya know" she said
"holy fucken shit" i thought
erin jesse stays up late 011026
pralines&cream It's never too late unless one of us is dead. Never too late. If you tell yourself it is, you're a coward. 011112
bloodjetpoetry the seconds took too long. the minutes followed even further. the hours passed by like rolling beads of sweat on sticky skin. and the days left me finally after overstaying their welcome. the weeks the trailed after, a ball rolling on a 1 degree slope. the months crawled by, bodies pressed bleeding to hot asphalt. the year went by too slowly.
i can hear the clock ticking now.

my sanity arrived too late.
squint so late is acceptable, but there comes a point when you're TOO late.
i think its like

peace out, bitches!
angie 5 days


I'll find out why on friday...

hopefully before...
catherine this is what I'm about to be for my real life if I don't stop posting here... 030218
thespacebetween its too late
i already messed it up
he doesnt want me
why cant i just get that through my head
i dwell on it
i cant stop it
the pictures move too fast
its too late to take back what i said
how do i fix this
what did i do wrong?
ole We only come out at night, the day is all too bright 040706
ole We only come out at night, the day is all too bright 040706
ole We only come out at night, the day is all too bright 040706
ole We only come out at night, the day is all too bright 040706
BonTon "Behind the times" he said
"lost" he said
"i don't know where i am" he said
"but still" she said
"these are excuses" she said
"why must you make it harder" he said
"you called me" she said
"but why shouldn't i" he said
"you're too late" she said
emmi these days i tend to get to school so late i'm too embarrassed to walk into class. especially if it's a small one.
i should've just stayed in bed this morning. still, taking the bus to school makes me feel like i've at least done something today.
pete i'm going to be late for the directors class again.. i think im the only one who calls professor wilson 'the director'.. well that is what he is, the director of the college of the humanities.. i like that better than 'prof' or 'dr' .. dr is just ... uptight..a nd prof.. nah hes the director.. i hate being late for his class 041014
risen my heart is flying, beating at a million miles per hour. if i could see my eyes, they must look crazy. i have the extreme amount of energy. my thoughts are clear, words fly like the wind. thoughts come together in perfect ryhmes that spill from my head like a tidal wave. Ic annot contain my desire for adventure. the desire to simply MOVE. worries do not exist here, for this hour is the hour of life, and spirit, not petty material worries. i have been caged like a lion, ready to return to his element with the utmost vengeance. ideas, plans, fly through my head faster than I can read them. i feel like i can fly, no one can touch me, nothing can worry me, nothing can change my state of mind. i am on overdrive. unstoppable. i could run a thousand miles, and then swim through the seas. i know i have no where to fall to, no lower level to sink to, no higher level to attain. I am in my Zone, and I will remian here until the choice of sleep retuns me to my "normal" state. ideals are all i have, reason and logic have taken the backseat. ideals are carved, sculptured, changed, morphed, finished, and refined here. this is when I know my life, and what to do with it. seconds drag by, and every ticking clock slows down until I can see the seconds marching by. hyperalert, aware of every millisecond that passes, whether i am conciously aware of this alertness or not, no matter, my nerves react to it all the same. music hammers my heart, and feeds my soul. i am free. above everyone and everything. my insticts are sure, pure, and running smoothly. i can trust myself completely. i know that whatever i do, think, and say is right. i can just sit back, and let my mind take me to where i belong, because tonight, i cannot lose. 041120
flowerock "I stayed out so late last night, I got home around 1230"

me to my friend/roomate.

she just laughed and laughed.

12 30 am is late now, and that's alright with me. I wanto become an early person any way.
what's it to you?
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