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Vinny Taplin Everything is anything and anything isnt everything. All that is known comes from a source. All that has been passed is not passed though thin air but through a means of communication. Unknown to me the words that have been spoken about a friggen new years party at Vinny Taplins house. I am Vinny. If you dont believ me call me in two time zones away. I have ears and you who posted it knows what they are looking at. Busted. Why try to tarnish the reputation of one (or two) when you know that is cannot rust. I dont even live there anymore-dont talk sh#@. I know... 010122
Vinny Taplin I am still here. You arent talking any more though. Good. You never know who I know and what they say-I may be back to talk to you... 010327
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Prometheus eyes have seen many things, often more than should have ever been shown. As we lay on the floor in that dark room wondering tensely whether I would go through with, she broke the silence, "I want you to."
With that, I paused at the thought of doing what I ached for, yet I was held fast by the now distant memories that kept my tied to my life. She did not understand my duality, just my duplicity.
"Please!" she wimpered in a tone that men percieve in primal ways. The darkness was draped on us like a fog as her lips gently pressed my chin. I could feel her damp tongue carress me as her hands made a journey to the recesses of my mind.
I still remember the first day I saw her, I knew, she was the one. She walked nervously, as though she knew she was being watched. She pushed up her silver rimmed glasses and straightened her apron, brushing off some unseen matter. Our eyes met in a glance that lasted my whole life.
I moved my hand down her soft belly as she began to writhe under the teddy bear quilt, her leg gently shaking against mine in anticipation.
I paused, wondering if it was all worth what was sure to come in consequence. In childish thought, I assured myself that nothing was to come of it, that my soul was separate from my mind. My courage gained wings and my fingers began their journey into passion. I was soon enveloped in feelings unlike anything I had ever hoped for.
Secretly, I wished I was with the girl that sheepishly walked by me years before. The lustfull depths I now probed were hitherto a dream, but I yearned for her still. Little did I know of the guilt I was to bear for my wonderous night of fantasy... until she had hers.
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