Amya Sora Silly, pointless, fun! Usually thought of as useless but really is what the best parts of life are. Childhood is thought of sometimes as the best part of life because of innocence, and ignorance. Seeing as ignorance is bliss childhood is paridise, Where I love. Childish is what I crave to be, to be able to depend on someone else. That is why people strive to have friends and family right? To have others to rely on or others to rely on them and surround them with their childishness. Beautiful ignorance, not just something silly. Its light and free from rules 050306
andru235 the whims of children are sometimes the loftiest of notions;

whereas the practicalities of adults seem, in the great scheme of things, to be inane and childish
stork daddy don't ever let them tell you it's not a snake swallowing an elephant. 050308
Syrope i didn't expect that from you.

arguably it's not your fault, you were just trying to be a friend to him...but friends don't ruin other friend's lives, you see? so after taking that wrong first step, i think it might have been better if you just left it all alone. and for as much as you claim to be his friend, you were certainly ready to let him go get in his car and drive. he couldn't walk straight, and you just laughed. and thanks for the 0 help in getting his keys from him. scariest car ride of my life, but i'm still glad i was there to stop him from getting killed. twice. and while i'm half hoping he just fucking crashes and kills us both, he's telling me all the things you never did. and yea, of course, i'm pissed at myself for the irresponsibility of it all, but i only need to be responsible when i care about what happens to me. what's your excuse?

i kept waiting and hoping that he'd come back in from the porch and stop me from even starting the conversation. but once i did open my mouth, i expected...i dunno. an explanation? excuses? apologies? denial? anything but curling up into a ball and silently looking at me from under your eyebrows like that. are you 3?

so at first i was like "my idea of what constitutes an adult, mature relationship, or shit, even friendship, must be way fucked" but twice in the same night i cried at the kindness of strangers. it just seems that after you get to know me, there's no reason to continue to care about my feelings or respect me. and that's a problem with me and just how i AM, inherently. not with you and your horrible decisions.
u24 so that's how it is? we stand up for ourselves and you just walk out on us? you're a really childish person. it's pathetic. have some balls and admit you're wrong once in a while. it's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of maturity... and you're not showing any at all. 080630
unhinged girlish

when my imagination could take me to another place, one that wasn't filled with sadness. way back in my early childhood, but always serious. never took the teasing well.

how does a little girl get so sad she forgets how to eat? oh my poor poor student. the last time i saw her mother, i told her that i saw much of myself in her little girl, to give her a big hug for me. the great and horrible thing of being a teacher is recognizing the bad parts of yourself in your students and trying to help them. or, your students helping you realize the bad parts of yourself, where they started, where they came from. and the miracle of teaching kids before they get sad, fucked up. but, it happens younger and younger these days. gotta go to tennis, soccer, dance, violin, acting....all when they are like seven. no time for themselves, no life of their own, no time to dig in their heels and kick and scream. i think a lot of my students will have ulcers and anxiety disorders by the time they are teenagers.
hsg even worse though, they probably will not. to perpetuate the misery out there is a crime. we must develop ourselves professionally by maintain a nature of "newness". all that will not last coincides with qualities that are unwilling to be playful. when ur constantly willing to play in any situation then you have a chance. play does not mean blowing off a responsibility but approaching it earnestly with enthusiasm. not all adults do this nor do all children.


Enthusiasm. Will. W.I.N.
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