me? we will have fun tonight.
yes you and me and all the rest.
sitting on the little crest
of a hill looking up at the stars
thinking really, they are so far
be we are close and warm and near.
and there is nothing to fear
from the world tonight.

i am cold tonight.
a jacket lying in the distance
making point from this instance
to remember to remember all
the things we did and said and call
me when you are sad or lonely
think of me when feeling pronely
talk to me tonight.

leave me tonight.
i am always up for games
but this torment shames
my mind and makes it hurt
i cringe and grovel in the dirt
the grassy crest has burned
and all that i have learned
has left my on this night.
phil time 020719
Strideo I need an explanation on what all the buttons do. I've never played this game before
Skeleton Queen Explanations are never needed. 070104
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